Supplements vs. Steroids

Athletes and bodybuilders all around the world reach a stage where they start to ask themselves certain questions. One of the most prominent questions is whether to stick with natural supplements, or go enhanced.

The thing that can make it be a difficult decision is the fact that both have their upsides and downsides, although the risks involved with using enhanced supplements are far greater. First of all, finding out where to get injectable steroids is a complex process for newbies. There are a number of genuine providers available, but there are also tons of sites selling fake and diluted products.

Evaluating the kinds of goals you want to achieve is vital. You may not even need steroids, as many goals are attainable by staying natural – it will just take some persistence to get there because the process is slower. In other cases, to reach a higher level of athleticism or musculature, anabolic products may be the only option.

Supplements vs. Steroids


The obvious upside to taking these supplements is the astonishing results. Not only are they incredible, they also come fast. However, the only time when you should even be considering using them is if you’ve done absolutely everything else possible.

Anabolic items should be the last thing left on your list to try out. The negative impact that users have encountered in the past can pose a serious risk to your health. But, it all depends on what ones you take and how sensitive you are toward the compounds.

It’s impossible to say how each individual will react because we are all unique. You can give two different people the exact same doses and one person may endure the negative responses whereas the other is reaping the rewards.

If you find that you can keep the side effects to a minimum, you’d benefit greatly from the outcomes. Products like dianabol or trenbolone work to put muscle on within weeks!

Natural Supplements

Supplements considered to be natural do not contain anything that provides an unfair advantage. Many athletes and bodybuilders like to stay natural to ensure they abide by the rules put in place by the establishments running the competitions – a lot of them ban enhancing substances.

Those with a desire to compete against others and who want to remain as healthy as possible should stick to natural items. The risks and unwanted reactions are minimal, but they can still help you progress. It just requires you to have more patience, as the positive outcomes you’re looking for take longer.

It’s unrealistic to expect any insane outcomes by using whey protein or creatine. Think of natural supplements as tools helping you on your way to reaching your fitness goals.

The Final Judgement

Natural supplements will not work anywhere near as well as steroids – that’s a fact. However, there’s a chance that using enhanced products puts a strain on your health. There’s also a chance that you can take them and not worry about the downsides…

It’s a gamble, and not one that should be taken lightly. Natural supplements are more suitable and safe for most people, but if you’re going to use steroids, don’t rush into it. Carry out your own research and learn everything involved before making your purchase.

Avoid animal product to become healthy

An animal product is any material derived from the body of an animal. Examples are fat, flesh, blood, milk, eggs, and lesser known products, such as isinglass and rennet. The term “animal product” is used to describe foods that are very high in caloric content, as opposed to very low nutritional value. Many people try to avoid or limit the consumption of this type of food, since they involve great risks for health; and specialists often instruct people to choose healthier options. So we should avoid animal products to become fit.

This term was coined in 1972 by scholars of the Center of Sciences of Public Interest, who sought to make consumers aware of those products with excessive caloric value and low nutritional intake. For manufacturers, however, producing such foods has great appeal, as they are often cheap and easy to make, and generate large revenues.

Foods that fall under the definition of “animal product” can be varied, and depend on a large number of factors. Snacks such as potato chips, bagged snacks, sweets and other goodies are universally placed in this category; and many people also name fast food like hamburgers, pizza and fries.


Animal product is by definition rich in caloric content and low in nutrients. This means that it contains high levels of calories, coming from its fatty components and sugars; while providing few proteins, vitamins and minerals. Frying and pre-cooked, processed or packaged foods are often considered junk.

Many meals such as pizza, hamburger or tacos can be considered healthy or junk depending on their ingredients and preparation methods. In general, the more processing your items have, the more “scrap” food will be considered. On the contrary, fresh and poorly processed ingredients will make a dish healthier.

Another factor that influences the choice and characteristics of food is the social stratum of the consumer. The healthier and higher income people will have a wide field of animal product to not consume. On the other hand, people with lower incomes will see less food like junk.

In some communities, ethnic “takeaway” food such as fried tacos, fish and chicken, various types of Indian curries and so on are also often considered animal product.

Avoid animal product to become healthy


According to experts, for optimum heart health, you should not consume more than 1,500 milligrams of sodium per day. Excess sodium increases blood pressure and risk of stroke and animal product has high contents of this element. One option is to choose low-sodium packaged foods, or to cook with more spices and less salt.

Another danger of a diet full of junk food is weight gain. Consuming foods with many calories and few nutrients does not quench hunger, and keeps us eating almost without notice. The snacks we eat should not be packages of packaged food, but fruit or whole-grain crackers.

High-sugar junk food (such as soda, candy, and candy) also attacks tooth enamel, breaking down and producing cavities. This can be avoided by eliminating sugary foods from the diet, and replacing soda with other sugar-free varieties. Frequent tooth brushing reduces the risk of tooth decay.

Finally, the usual intake of junk food can lead to serious gastrointestinal problems. This type of processed food provides very little fiber to the diet, which prevents bowel movement and leads to constipation. Fruits are a good choice, as they help contain the taste for sweetness, while providing fibers to regulate the body.


Previously, we have seen how many problems can lead to junk food intake. Notwithstanding such categorization, the consumption of this type of food commonly does not cause serious and immediate health consequences, and is generally safe, as long as it is integrated into a balanced diet.

The idea is to regulate the consumption of this type of food (fast food, packaged and processed) to the minimum, or indulge in it very occasionally. And always being aware of the need to include in the diet large quantity and variety of nutritious and healthy foods like fruits, vegetables and legumes.

New Year Cycling Goals and How to Stick to Them

Fancy making 2017 the year you learn to ride a bike, swap four wheels for two on the daily commute or complete a road race? Then prepare yourself for successfully completing those New Year cycling goals with these tips on how to stick to them:

Set Yourself Up to Succeed

Don’t just set yourself a random challenge, choose something that’s meaningful and give yourself the best chance of success. What’s your motivation for doing this?

Whether you want improve your fitness, save money or broaden your cycling horizons by taking on a new terrain, your cycling goals should be built on something that will inspire you to get out there, not just for the first few weeks in January but for all the weeks and months that follow.

And – if you set a short-term goal and complete it, set yourself another challenge, a lot can be achieved in 12 months!

New Year Cycling Goals

Come Up with a Plan

Once you’ve got a good idea of what you want to achieve in 2017 you’ll need a proper, well-thought out plan that makes reaching your goals possible.

If you want to complete a triathlon, you’ll need a weekly training schedule, a budget for buying any competitive racewear or equipment and information about the dates, times and entry requirements of upcoming race events.

If you want to get off the beaten track and explore some new terrain, you’ll need an appropriate bicycle and some safety accessories.

This is a great time of year to look out for things like mountain bike sale offers or ask your loved ones for Christmas gifts that will help you work towards your goal, so start planning and getting everything you need together now.

Enlist Support

This might mean getting a friend to take part in a cycling challenge with you or simply telling someone about your goals so that they can ask, tease and bully you (nicely, of course!) into sticking to them.

When it comes to taking on and sticking to a new challenge, peer pressure can be a very positive thing.

Manage Your Expectations

Choosing goals, making plans and getting support will all help you achieve great things in 2017 but a big part of your success lies in the way you think about your efforts and your progress.

Even the most organised and motivated individuals will face set-backs so accept now that things may not pan out exactly how you want them to and make peace with it.

You might only cycle to work three days a week instead of your targeted five. You might only lose 10lbs instead of 14, but if things don’t go to plan, for whatever reason, be kind to yourself and recognise any and all efforts and achievements that you do make.

Pat Your Own Back (or Get a Treat!)

Lots of people think about how their life could be better but very few get up, go out and take action to make it happen so when you do, give yourself a pat on the back and get a little reward for your efforts.

If you stick to a training programme for a month, treat yourself to a cycling fitness tracker so you can monitor your progress. If you cycle to work every day for a week, take yourself out for lunch using the money you would have spent on petrol or public transport.

The odd reward here and there can be a real motivator so indulge yourself, you’ve earned it!

Remember to Enjoy it

If you only take one piece of advice from this article, let this be it: remember to enjoy it.

As soon as your goals start to feel like chores, the chances of fulfilling your ambitions starts to decline so any time it feels too challenging, take a breather. Take a day off, go off plan or change your goal altogether if necessary.

Regardless of what you set out to achieve, enjoying every cycling adventure that you embark on is what really matters.

If you need a new bike, cycling accessories or just some general advice or ideas for challenges that you can take on in 2017, get in touch with the friendly and knowledgeable team at Formby Cycles.

Smart tips to toning your arms – Who says biceps curls are only for guys?

Well-shaped and well-defined arms are the perfect accessory for achieving your dream body and not only so they also make tank tops and sleeveless dresses look much better. So, all you girls out there, don’t shy away from curling heavy and hard as your arms are never going to rip out of your sleeves like they sometimes do among men. Women usually don’t produce sufficient testosterone to make quick gains to their body and every guy knows it very well how tough it can be to build muscles. For getting symmetrical figure, it is very important to have shapely biceps and triceps but if you’re a girl shying away from doing your regular arms workout for women, here are few tips that can motivate you.

Smart tips to toning your arms

  • Try to bring a change to your grip: Of all your arm muscles, your biceps are the strongest and they make a nice curve just above the elbow. So, don’t forget to perform bicep curls by performing 3-hand positions, palms down, palms up and thumbs on your side. Continue this by performing 12 continuous repetitions to the front and then again to the side. This will gradually change your grip and tone your muscles.
  • Allow the ball to engage your core: If you have been to the gym, you should be aware of the stability wall which can help in engaging your core and enhancing the results which you can get from your chest exercises. If you wish to tone your arms, it is vital to work out your chest muscles too in order to boost stability of your shoulder joint. How about the single-arm chest fly on the balancing ball? Keep lowering one arm to the side, pause and again return to the center.
  • Tone your arms while resting in traffic: Did you know that you can utilize the time you’re stuck in traffic as well? Just place both of your arms on the steering wheel at 3 and 9 and press your fist inward to strengthen the chest muscles. Once you do this, place your hands within the wheel and try and press outward to tone down your rear delts. Hold on to the position for 20-30 seconds and repeat whenever you’re stuck in traffic.
  • Swimming rigorously tones your arms: Can anyone argue about Dara Torres having the greatest arms? If you can swim the butterfly style or freestyle, these can be great exercises. But in case you’re a non-swimmer or you think that swimming is extremely monotonous, there are few exercises for you too. Deck press is something that you can try at the shallow end of the pool. Place your arms on the deck, bend them and try to lift the whole body and hang along the edge of the pool. If possible, try 15 repetitions.
  • Practice yoga: Yoga is always a great option for increasing flexibility but it even helps toning and shaping your arms. 2 of the best postures are side plank and downward dog. In the downward dog, stand and bend on your waist. Try to take the position when your hips are pretty high and press your heels on the floor, thereby allowing your shoulders to relax. Side plank is another variation of plank which helps a lot.

The best part about training your triceps and biceps is that you don’t require spending millions of hours on them and you don’t require any costly equipment. Follow the above mentioned tips if you wish to tone your arms and flaunt your sleeveless tops with confidence.

The 10 Easy Ways to Cut Down Salt

“Good things come in small packages” is a commonly used reminder to not overlook something that may be small in size. But despite its good taste in a small package, salt should remain overlooked when it comes to mealtime, simply because of its high levels of sodium.

Watch out, if you are consuming too much salt than necessary, your kidneys maybe at risk. Excess sodium in your diet damages the functionality of the kidneys and wreaks havoc in your body. Apart from this, you may also be subject to high blood pressure, which isn’t a very good sign either.

Although salt is THE taste maker in all kitchens, its usage must be limited. Sometimes you may not even notice that you are consuming excessive salt, but you may be doing it all the same, without your knowledge. Here is a list of 10 easy ways to cut down on salt:

Pass up processed food.

You have no idea, how much salt that jarred you eat daily contains. Especially it is the frozen food, which contains almost one-third of your daily quota. Therefore, choose your processed food with a lot of care.

Beware of dressings and sauces

If you think a little bit of dressing and sauce won’t add much salt to your intake, then think again. Always prefer to take sauce on the side, rather than owning the entire bottle.

Easy Ways to Cut Down Salt

Use less salt to cook

There are other close alternatives to salt, as the tastemaker, Herbs and spices. Decrease the amount of salt you use for cooking, instead replace it with herbs and spices to make it tasty.

Choose food with potassium

Potassium outdoes the effect of sodium and helps with the blood pressure.

Avoid vitamin supplements and pain killers

Well the vitamin supplements and pain killer pills that you pop, may not exactly have direct side effects, but they contain I g salt per pill. So the next time before you take one, just pause for a moment to rethink.

Shop for low salt foods

Compare the nutrition labels of the food you intend to buy at the grocery shop and do the math. Example: Prefer reduced salt, unsmoked bacon, tinned vegetables without added salt etc.

Forgo fast food

It may be available easily, quickly and also for less money. But you pay in terms of calories, fat and salt. Pizzas, burgers, tinned wafers, Mc Donald’s are a few you may want to avoid.

Limit the amount you pour from the salt shaker

Stop reaching to the salt shaker, even before you have reached your plate. Try and taste the food once before, instead of topping it with a shower of salt. And practice the habit of sprinkling salt on a spoon, instead of directly adding to the plate.

Go for dry fruit snacks

Dry fruits are a boon to those trying to cut on salt. They have no sodium content and are equally delicious. So the next time you see a dry fruit snack, go ahead and pick one.

Cut back on condiments

Always dress your sandwiches and burgers yourselves, thereby controlling or avoiding those     condiments high on sodium. Choose mustard, balsamic vinegar, pickle relish, horseradish.

7 Easy Indoor Workout Ideas to Try at Home

There are days when it is just impossible to go out for your work out like during winter months, rainy days etc. if you don’t have modern work out equipments and a gym membership, you are going to lose your one day work out. Therefore, it becomes necessary to have a few ideas on indoor work-outs for days like this, when you can be with your family, watching television, listening to music and carry on with easy and innovative work out techniques. Here are a few indoor work-out techniques:-

Jump Rope – If you want a good cardio within a few minutes, there could not be a better exercise than jumping the rope. Jump rope might remind you of your school days and you might also think that it is for small girls, but jump rope is the easiest cardio work-outs you can ever find.

Jump Rope

Stair Stepping – Even if there isn’t a set of stairs in your home, get the biggest book you have (or a sturdy chair), keep it in front of the TV, and step up and down while continuing to watch your favourite show. You may not sweat as much as you would like you would with a jump rope, but your body will be active.

Stair Stepping

The Plank – If you are short of time, but you want to build up your core muscles, this is the best exercise for you. Get into a push-up position, then instead of bending your arms and moving down towards the floor, hold this position with your arms extended. Start off with holding this position for 30 seconds, and add an additional 10 seconds every day. See how long you can go for – it’s definitely not easy! This is a very challenging exercise, but it’s also one of the best.

Dancing – Dancing is an excellent work-out to burn calories and get your heart rate going while you can keep having fun. If you are in the privacy and luxury of your own home, there is no need even to impress anyone, you can just release your body and move in whatever way you like.


Cleaning – Cleaning can be a very physical exercise, especially vacuuming and mopping. If you can’t go out one day to ride your bike or running, clean your house instead. That would be killing two birds with one stone.

Water Bottle Weights – You can make weights by filled up water bottles for doing arm, shoulder, back stretching etc. If water bottles seem too easy to you, try using milk jugs. You can adjust the exercise by filling the jugs to the weight you feel comfortable with. For a greater challenge, keep increasing the water or milk amount by small amounts each time you workout.

High Knees – The people who love running can run places in their home on days when the weather is bad. While it’s great that you can keep your body active, running in home becomes very awkward.

Instead of running in places, you can try high knees. It can really get your heart pumping, especially if you go double time. To do this exercise, march in place or down a hall, and bring your knees as high as they can go.

Choosing the Right Bike for You

Cycling is a great way to get and stay fit, but it is important that you buy the right bike for you and maintain it properly. Riding the wrong bike can be very bad for your health. This is because it puts unnecessary strain on your joints and muscles, which can lead to serious long-term injuries.

Follow these guidelines to avoid these issues and buy the right bike for the job.

The right bike for your sport

If you are going to be using your bike to pursue a sport, it is important to buy one that has been designed for that particular pastime. You will not get very far mountain biking on a road bike. In fact, you are highly likely to injure yourself if you use a road bike on a mountain track. It really is worth buying the right bike for the job.

A bike that matches your abilities

When you are starting out in a sport, it makes sense not to spend too much money. After all, you do not really know if you are going to enjoy that sport and want to pursue it in the longer term. Going out and buying a top-end bike is pointless if you end up riding it only a few times then end up stowing it in the garage. A far better approach is to buy a bike that matches your current riding abilities and work your way up to a higher spec machine when you are ready.

Right Bike for You

The right size

Many new cyclists make the mistake of buying a bike that is not the right size for them. This is a big mistake because riding a bike that is too big or too small for you can easily lead to unnecessary strain being put on your body, which can lead to long-term injuries and health issues.

Before you buy a cycle online, you need to establish what is the right frame size and type for you. What is the right size depends on the type of bike, the sport it is being used for as well as your height and weight, so you need to do your research carefully before buying. Get someone to measure you properly, weigh yourself and take it from there.

It is also important to make sure that you buy a bike that has enough scope for adjustment. The more you can adjust the height and angle of your seat and handlebars the better.

The right handlebars

Nearly as important as buying the right size and type of frame is buying the right kind of handlebars. If you buy handlebars that are not set at the right angle, eventually, you are likely to have problems with your back, neck and shoulders. It will also make it harder for you to perform well at your chosen sport.

A comfortable seat

You need to be comfortable on your bike and the only way you will be is if you buy the right saddle. It is possible to buy padding to add to your saddle to make it more comfortable, but it is not ideal. Padding that is retro fitted to a saddle tends to slip around, which can make it hard to stay comfortable on your bike and avoid chaffing.

Top 5 Good Carbs for Weight Loss

For proper body nutrition and growth, carbohydrates play a major role, and that is why you should know about the good carbs for weight loss. The energy that we build to do any physical or mental task has been derived from the carbohydrate. Our body simplifies carbohydrate and our cells generate energy from simplified carbohydrates. Now, when it comes to a balanced diet, we generally omit the high percentage of carbohydrate. Well, this is nothing but wrong perception of dieting. In order to gain energy for the body and to lose weight significantly, you need to have carbs or carbohydrates in adequate percentage on a daily basis.

1. Sweet potatoes

Sweet Potatoes

When it comes to good carbs for losing weight, you should consider including sweet potatoes as rich sources of carbohydrates. Sweet potatoes do not contain vegan fat and furthermore, it consists of tons of fibers as well as water. The best thing about sweet potatoes is that they taste good and thus it is not at all difficult to consume them by incorporating them in daily meals. Regular consumption of sweet potatoes will keep you fit, energetic and slim. It goes well in various contemporary recipes and furthermore you can always produce innovative foods with sweet potatoes.

2. Brown rice

Brown rice

Brown rice is another rich source of carbohydrates, having plenty of water percentage to offer. Like other whole grains, brown rice is also a good source of rich fibers. Like white rice, brown rice does not contain starch and thus they do not induce any vegan fats in the body. Brown rice gets cooked easily, though due to lack of starch they remain a little chewy. It has a unique taste and you shall surely gradually start loving it.

3. Whole wheat pasta

Whole wheat pasta

If you are a pasta lover, then good news for you – whole wheat pasta comes at the rank three of our list. Whole wheat pasta contains a high percentage of fiber that comes from wheat obviously. It satisfies your cravings perfectly, and at the same time does not deliver any sorts of fats to your body. Whole wheat pastas taste good and thus they can be used for consuming regularly to curb body fat.

4. Popcorn


Probably we all love popcorn, but have you ever though that they can help you with weight loss? Well, popcorn in a rich source of carbohydrate, having good fibers that are required for the body. It does not contain fats and thus it does not induce fat percentage of your body. You can satisfy your hunger with popcorn and can save yourself from the fats enriched foodstuffs. For effective weight management, you should try popcorn, when you feel hungry in the evening or afternoon.

5. Watermelon


Inclusion of watermelon in this list of carbohydrates may be a little surprising to you, as only a few of us know that it is a carbohydrate. 93 percent of watermelon consists of water and rests are carbohydrate fibers. It helps in weight reduction, keeps water balance of our body intact and delivers some of the necessary minerals to our body cells. Thus, a list of good carbs for weight loss will remain incomplete without watermelon.

How Is High Volume Training Beneficial to You

High volume training is one of the well known fitness programs. As we all know that to maintain proper fitness, we opt for various forms of exercises and various diet charts. A perfect combo of dieting and exercising will help us to maintain a high level of fitness seamlessly. Now, when it comes to high volume program, the exercises get more extensive. If you want a compact physique, flaunting powerful muscles, then this kind of fitness training is suitable for you. High volume programs can be defined as an intensive form of exercising. The method is based on the higher number of sets as well as reps for exercising.

What is high volume exercising?

Before understanding the concept of high volume exercising, we should understand the concept of volume in exercising programs. Typically, volume has been defined as the number of reps or sets that you do while exercising. In other words, the intensity of your exercising schedule can be understood by the volume. This number will tell you whether you are exercising as a pro or as an amateur. In case of high volume exercise mode, a person’s exercising ability increases day by day. For example, you start with a volume of 5, and then you generally achieve 10, 15, etc., respectively.

High Volume Training Beneficial

Understanding reps or sets of volume exercise

So, now it is an obvious question that why should one adopt high volume exercising schedule or program? Well, with the increasing number of volume or reps, your body will acquire different levels of fitness. To sum it up in a simplified manner, you can have a look at the following points.

  • 1-4 reps per set – Building stamina, strength and getting accustomed with several exercising formats
  • 5-8 reps per set – Helps building muscles and increases fitness level
  • 9-12 reps per set – Helps building muscles extensively
  • 15+ reps per set – Vigorous muscle building and it also enhances stamina

It has to be noted that the above chart is just to provide a basic idea to the users. Following the above chart, you will understand how numbers of reps and sets influence your exercise program and why they are so important.

Benefits of high volume exercise

High volume training programs are obtained or adopted by those who want to make their training schedule more extensive. You have worked on your fitness for quite a long time, now you feel that you must go for some muscle building programs. In such case, you need to adopt such training programs. So, one of the biggest benefits of high volume is that it helps in achieving better fitness level. The second benefit is that high volume exercise helps in muscle empowering. It enhances overall body strength, stamina and fitness level. The muscle fiber of the body becomes more prominent and more powerful.

As you go for high volume training, you have to ensure balanced dieting too. Without proper dieting, fruitfulness of high volume exercising would not be obtained.