Most Prominent Fish Oil Vitamins Benefits for Women

Scientists have come up with several fish oil vitamins benefits for women who have recently started to trickle more into education and mainstream information sources. It has also allowed more and more women to reap the health benefits of this amazing supplement.

1. Prevents cervical cancer

Prevents cervical cancer

Nearly four thousand deaths in women are reported every year due to cervical cancer which results from HPV or human papilloma virus. Researchers have already proved that omega 3-fatty acids available in fish oil are extremely effective towards inhibiting the growth as well as progression of cervical precancerous cells which are mutated by HPV.

2. Prevents and treats breast cancer

Prevents and treats breast cancer

In US, breast cancer happens to be a common cancer among women and has been a major reason behind the death of women from ages 45 to 55 suffering from cancer. A big benefit of fish oil vitamin is that it contains omega-3 which prevents cancer to occur during the in pre-menopausal as well as post-menopausal women. Fish oil’s combination with propofol treatment helps in slowing down cancer cells while spreading and even inducing death of the cells.

3. Relieve pre-menstrual syndromes

Relieve pre-menstrual syndromes

Even though most women experience physical changes during reproductive ages because of their menstrual cycles, sometimes symptoms get severe enough to interfere with daily life. Few common symptoms are abdominal cramps, headaches and fatigue. Omega-3 fatty acids available in fish oil vitamins can help in increasing muscle relaxation, alleviating pain and reducing menstrual cramps. It has also been proved by studies that women taking fish oil supplements tend to have less symptoms of PMS than women who don’t.

4. Prevents heart attacks, strokes and atherosclerosis

Prevents heart attacks

Although, atherosclerosis is prevalent among women and men, atherosclerosis induced strokes are much more common in women especially when it comes to women who are in post-menopausal stage. It happens mainly because of the fact that such women have greater chances of having higher cholesterol and blood pressure. EPA which is a vital ingredient of fish oil is known for its anti-inflammatory actions which reduce atherosclerosis in women. Cardiovascular health is also promoted by EPA and DHA which helps in increasing the blood circulation, lowering blood pressure and reducing cholesterol and triglyceride levels in blood.

5. Clean and youthful-looking skin

Clean and youthful-looking skin

EPA, the crucial component of fish oil plays a crucial role towards the youthful and healthy look of the skin. Generally, majority of fish oil supplements contain EPA which can help to reduce different types of symptoms for different skin conditions like wrinkles and acne problems. The oil production within the skin is regulated by EPA which prevents the production of excessive oil and is known to contribute greatly towards acne problems. Women who take supplements rich in fish oil tend to have a clearer and youthful looking skin.

These are some of the fish oil vitamins benefits for women that can actually help them to lead a healthy and a happy lifestyle.

Top 10 Ways to Burn More Calories

Those who wish to get a lean and a slim body without spending extended hours at the gym should follow these ways to burn more calories as it is much more effective and less painful.

1. Consuming green tea

Consuming green tea

Several health benefits are offered by green tea and it also happens to burn more calories on a regular basis. The antioxidant content in green tea is quite rich that protects against free-radical damage which can lead to diseases. The green tea can be served with lemon instead of sugar to avoid extra calorie intake.

2. Protein-rich diet

Protein-rich diet

Metabolism can be easily boosted by diets that are rich in protein. More calories are being expended by the body for breaking down food rich in proteins. Thus, including protein-rich diets is an easy way to increase calorie burn instantly.

3. Hot peppers

Hot peppers

The addition of some hot peppers in the diet is considered as an effective way to burn more calories. Chilli peppers as well as hot peppers contain capsaicin which helps in expending more energy from the body as heat which in turn increases calorie burn.

4. Include carbohydrates

Include carbohydrates

Intake of carbohydrates has links with thyroid gland function and if carbohydrates are not included sufficiently calorie burn is decreased substantially.

5. Utilizing leisure time

Body weight exercises in short bursts

Body weight exercises in short bursts can help with daily calorie burn as well as strengthen the body muscles. Whenever there is time, one can do bodyweight squats, push-ups, crunches and pull-ups.

6. Avoid sitting idle

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An easy way to burn more calories is to get up and start moving. Total calories burnt as well as metabolism rate is lowered when a person sits idle for long periods of time.

7. Sports activities

Sports activities

Games like football, soccer, hockey or basketball are ideal for blasting those calories and increasing the body’s metabolism rate. In the process the coordination and muscle strength is also increased.

8. Reading better than watching

Reading better than watching

Instead of settling down to watch some late night TV shows, one should always opt for reading. Apart from enriching the mind, calories get burned up as the brain remains active during reading.

9. Prioritize sleep

Prioritize sleep

Sufficient sleep at night is essential for the body’s active metabolism. On top of that, glucose tolerance is also increased which helps in easy handling of carbohydrates. As a result of that, gaining body fat is highly decreased.

10. Use diet breaks wisely

low calorie diets

Those maintaining low calorie diets should overcome the problem of decreased daily calorie burn by implementing diet breaks at every 4-6 weeks which helps to tackle the problem in an easy way.

The top 10 ways to burn more calories help people to speed up their weight loss program and allows them to burn those additional calories in the best possible manner.

10 Cardio Based Bodyweight Exercises

No equipment is required in performing these 10 cardio based bodyweight exercises. But before doing these cardio based bodyweight exercises you should make sure that you are having a minimum level of cardio.

1. Power skip

Power skip

Gone are the days when skipping was intended just for kids. One needs to raise their right knee and reach for their left arm overhead. Now, one needs to land on the left foot’s ball and then perform similarly with the other leg and arm. 10-15 skips need to be performed at a stretch.

2. Stair climb

Stair climb

Stairs can be used as a great cardio device. A nice way to start is by briskly walking up and down the stairs until one starts sweating. Now, if one is “too busy” to do that, they can always skip the elevator at work.

3. Inchworm

inchworm exercise

Here, one should be standing tall and bend over until their fingertips are touching the floor. Next is to make the hands walk forward until one reaches the push-up posture. The move can be finished off by taking small baby steps towards the hands. This can be repeated for 4 to 6 times.

4. High knees

High knees

Cardio based bodyweight exercises can be fun too and here is one such example. By keeping their feet shoulder apart, one needs to raise their right knee as much as possible and then place it back down. Now, one simply needs to alternate their legs and pick up a healthy pace. This jig needs to be carried out for thirty seconds at a stretch.

5. Butt kicks

Butt kicks

In this exercise, one should be alternatively flicking their legs backward so as to touch their backside. A slight stretch will be noticed if one is having tight thighs.

6. Tuck jump

Tuck jump

Keeping the knees a little bent, the person should be jumping up, bringing both the knees towards the chest while keeping the arms extended. Arms should be lowered once hitting the floor.

7. Basic burpee

Basic burpee

Here, one should be sitting in a squat position with their hands down. Next is to kick the feet back so as to form the push- up posture and then return quickly back to squat. 10 strong repetitions can be performed here.

8. Push-up burpee

Push-up burpee

This exercise is quite similar to that of the previous move with a minor difference being that one needs to be performing an actual push-up once reaching the said position.

9. Lateral step over

Lateral step over

This exercise might look simple but is one tough nut to crack. First, one needs to find a bench and then need to stand right beside it. Next is to lift one leg and bring it over the bench without stepping on it. Soon, the other leg needs to follow the cue and join the previous leg and continue the process alternately. The step needs to be repeated 15-20 times.

10. Box jump

Box jump

Here one is required to keep a sturdy box in front, just high enough so as to land on top of it safely. Then keeping the feet hip wide apart and bending the knees, one is required to jump and explode on top of the box. Stepping back down, one can repeat the process for 6-10 times.

9 Tips to Avoid Stress Eating

Stress eating is a concept which has emerged quite recently, as people have become conscious towards their health. There are several tips to avoid stress eating that can prevent one in harming themselves both physically and emotionally.

1. Identify the triggers

The first and foremost step is to identify the personal triggers. The places, situations and feelings need to be listed which makes one reach for food at first place. Common causes can be stress, boredom, feelings of emptiness, stuffing emotions, childhood habits and social influences.

2. Find alternative ways to feed the feelings

When one is feeling lonely or depressed, they can call someone who makes them feel better, look at a cherished memento or a favourite photo or even play with your pet. If you are anxious, you can expend the nervous energy by squeezing a stress ball, dancing to your favourite tunes or take a walk. If exhausted, you can treat yourselves to a cup of tea, light some candles or take a bath. If bored, you can always read a good novel, explore the outdoors, watch a comedy program, etc.

Tips to Avoid Stress Eating

3. Pause when hit by cravings

Stress eating is virtually mindless and automatic. Before a person realizes what they are doing, he or she would have reached for an ice-cream tub and polished half of it. This can be prevented by taking 5 minutes before giving in to craving. These 5 minutes are considered as the ‘decision making time’ when one can make an alternative decision.

4. Accepting the feelings

Next thing a person can do is learning to accept the feelings, in particular the bad ones. Feeling powerless over the emotions gives in to stress eating. Opening oneself emotionally can also make them feel enriched. Moreover, feelings act as a window to the interior world. It helps the person to discover and understand the deepest fears and desires, the current frustrations. Becoming mindful allows one to tighten stress and repair the emotional problems that often initiate stress eating.

5. Exercising regularly

Regular exercise does wonders for the mood and boosting up the energy levels. This is one of the essential things which need to be kept in mind when it comes to avoid stress eating.

6. Getting 8 hours of sleep

It has always been believed that plenty of rest helps in controlling the appetite and minimises food cravings.

7. Relaxation

Every day, a person should keep at least 30 minutes to relax, decompress and unwind. It is their time to take a break from their daily responsibilities and recharge their batteries.

8. Connecting with others

Social activities and close relationships play a big role in reducing stress eating. Spending quality time with positive- minded people helps an individual in protecting themselves from the negative aspects of stress.

9. Practise makes perfect

The world is filled with numerous people who are offering tips to avoid stress eating. But few actually work. Thus it is upto you to practise the above mentioned tips seriously if you want to witness any kind of improvements as far as stress eating is concerned.

4 Tricks to Control Your Fat Burning Hormone

Burning excess body fat is directly related to weight loss. However, most weight loss programmes available on the Internet are based on experiences or presumptions, which may or may not be applicable to you. The focus of your weight loss regime should be the hormones that burn fat because without internal assistance deprivation or injection from outside cannot yield result. Fortunately, there are simple tricks to control your fat burning hormone and achieve the desired result. However, you must commit yourself to it and not seek some shortcuts to success.

Before you learn any tricks, it is important to understand that weight loss cannot be achieved by sheer deprivation of food or mindless calorie reduction. The tricks to control your fat burning hormone are rather inter-related and not only what you don’t eat contribute to fat-reduction but what you eat also plays a significant role in it. Indeed, fat can be reduced by eating certain things and changing the manner in which certain things are eaten.

Tricks to Control Your Fat Burning Hormone

1. Right breakfast

Breakfast is the first meal of the day and acts as the starter for the digestive system of the body. The gap between dinner and breakfast empties the stomach, readies the bowels to expel the waste and makes the digestive process for the freshly-eaten food. Thus, inappropriate breakfast sets the tone for the rest of the day. Your first trick to control your fat burning hormones is to have breakfast that is rich and healthy in carbohydrates and protein. These two nutrients kick-start the metabolism and can provide energy for the rest of the day.

2. Regular eating

Skipping meals either increases longing for delicious foods or starts hibernation, which slows down metabolism. Rather, eating at short intervals instead of timely full meals is a great trick to control fat burning hormones. Consuming the meals in smaller portions at regular intervals keeps hunger checked and prevents craving for food. Besides, the body optimally absorbs the small quantity of food as it is taken after certain period and the body needs energy to fulfill daily activities. This significantly reduces the chances of food getting stored as starch within the body as the hormones that breakdown foods extract every potential out of it.

3. Eating raw

Processed or cooked foods lose some or most of their nutrients. As a result, you will need to eat more to get the required energy. Raw foods such as salads and chats made of fruits or vegetables can be highly effective. Similarly, nuts and dry fruits can be added to the daily course.

4. Research

You can surf medical, health and fitness websites to find out as to what food items affect which hormones and then include the items that excite fat burning hormones in the body. You can take food items rotationally according to their capability of controlling fat burning hormones.

5 Few Simple Steps to Make Exercise as Habit

Every person in this world wants to look healthy, happy, fit and adopting some simple steps to make exercise as habit will definitely help towards achieving that dream. The main idea is to remain comfortable and relaxed without putting too much stress on the body.

1. Keeping it simple

Many people tend to think that exercise programs are way too complicated and not their cup of tea. However, the basic idea is to carry out any favorite physical activity at a specific time of the day. Beginners should always keep the program straightforward and simple so that they do not get frustrated. One can start with evening or morning walks with friends or partner and even incorporate some jumping jacks and stretching exercises with it.

2. Timing is essential

The workout time should fit the schedule of the person in order to make exercise as habit. Although, there are many people who prefer to exercise after their office hours, there’s always an uncertainty as sometimes there can be too much work or social engagements to attend. Therefore, the ideal time is in the morning when the body is free from stress and the exercise energizes the body for the day ahead.

Simple Steps to Make Exercise as Habit

3. Thirty days commitment

It has already been proved that creating a habit takes around thirty days for a human being. Although, this does not mean that a person should exert physically every day but should repeat the simple exercise program devised for thirty days. After that, it becomes hard for the person to stay away from the routine even for a single day.

4. Log the exercises

Technology has brought some amazing gadgets which can help with easy logging of the activities being carried out. The main idea behind making exercise as habit is to record the progress which is critical towards motivating a person. Simple things should be recorded on a day-to-day basis like duration, time and kind of feeling during working outs. The progress can also be shared with near and dear ones which keeps a person enthusiastic about carrying on with the regime. It also inspires a person when people close to them start appreciating for the efforts being put in.

5. Enjoying your exercise routine

Exercise benefits the body in many ways. Enjoying every workout being done is essential to continue with the fitness regime. When a person enjoys the workout and yearns desperately for a healthy and fit body, motivation comes automatically without the need to do anything extra. Therefore, the key is to enjoy even the smallest of workouts and stay focused without stressing on getting results instantaneously.

These are some of the simple steps to make exercise as habit which can uplift the enthusiasm and motivate a person towards maintaining a healthy and fit body. It becomes more than essential in the world we live today. The work load and the commitments are way too much which can only be carried out when the body is fit and healthy.

10 Metabolism-Boosting Super Foods for Weight Management

There are numerous advices available online for weight-loss and maintenance. However, naturally effective measures such as the use of metabolism-boosting super foods are fewer than any. These foods catalyze weight loss or prevent weight gain by improving the metabolic system of the body. Hence, it is the most natural and safest means. Moreover, they are easy to prepare, delicious and affordable.

1. Beans


Black beans especially contain high fiber and the leanest kind of protein. Beans can be used to introduce diversity in daily meals as well as can be munched as snacks.

2. Cereals


Fibrous cereals are essential metabolism-boosting super foods. Just 5 grams of fiber complimented by 8 grams of sugar is sufficient for a single day. People may include both hot and cold cereals together or prepare them alternatively.

3. Chicken


Who could have thought that rich food like chicken will be suggested in a weight-maintenance regime? However, grilled chicken can be a perfect constituent in a meal but only when coupled with frozen wild salmon filets. Such meal provides Omega-3 fat, which is very beneficial for the body.

4. Eggs


Eggs are great amino-acid providers for the body. They are unhealthy, inappropriate only in weight-loss gimmicks that can actually fail to show natural effect. Moreover, eggs can be prepared in numerous ways and can be eaten as many styles too. Also, they are available everywhere for less.

5. Fruits


Fresh fruits are amazing super foods for metabolism boost. At least two different fruits should be included in the daily meal for completely natural weight-loss or prevention programme. Fruits have multiple nutrients that support various functions in the body. Apple is readily available and does not have to be peeled off, hence, it is highly favorable among the all.

6. Green tea

Green tea

Green tea is super metabolism-booster. It is the perfect alternative for regular caffeine drinks. It provides the necessary energy required to overcome the energy tides at home or at work. Brewed green tea is especially good for enhancement of moods.

7. Nuts


Nuts, especially almonds, are perfect alternatives for the protein that is otherwise gained from potato. Almonds fulfill the protein-demand of the body without adding starch to it. They can be taken as snacks or included in snacks or meals. However, less than ½ a cup is sufficient for a day.

8. Spinach


The cause of Popeye’s matchless strength is a super metabolism-boosting food that is good for all. One cup of spinach contains 5 calories and that licenses its use anywhere anytime for people on weight-management programmes.

9. Tomatoes


The salsa form of tomatoes is especially energizing. They can be used in multitude of ways and in many recipes. From homes to offices to restaurants, tomatoes are used abundantly. Spicy recipes can raise the flavor multiple times.

10. Yogurt


Yogurt is delicious, available everywhere, can be taken quickly and mixed with numerous items. People must read the ingredients to avoid brands containing high-fructose corn syrup.

5 Best Tips for Walking to Lose Weight

Following the best tips for walking to lose weight, one can easily lose weight while ensuring that all the calories are not getting drained off. Obesity is a disorder and the harmful effects of the condition can be treated if a person undertakes regular walking. Fitness walking is as much potent to reduce obesity as are routine workouts.

1. Interval walking

For a person who does not have a continued stretch of time in hand for walking to lose weight, breaking the walk into parts can help. Researchers all over the world claim that walking is the best form of exercise that treats obesity. It aids in a sustained weight loss. The walking regimen can be broken up into intervals of ten, twenty, or thirty minutes. Advanced technology brings forth the pedometer that calculates the number of steps taken and the amount of calories gone down. Continuing the exercise can help the person adapt his body to the walking habit.

2. Choosing an eating plan that is sensible

In order to cope with the increasing loss of calories in walking, one can take fresh fruits and vegetables in sufficient quantities. This would help to combat the loss of excess calories. It is better to quit the idea of anything that seems delicious. The diet should strictly be portion controlled. It should be remembered when walking to lose weight that a large number of calories are worked up. In order to cope with the loss of energy, the body should be supplied with the essential nutrients.

Women walking in park

3. Snacks with low calories

While walking, a person should have access to snacks that contain low calories which contributes for satiating hunger instantly and harmlessly. The small mandarin oranges and cheese wedges with low fat can be taken. These snacks contain less than a hundred calories.

4. Monitoring the weight

The weight should be monitored on a regular basis. It so happens in most cases, that people become complacent after losing weight in the first instance and stop monitoring their weights. Keeping a regular reading of the weight can help not just in keeping a track of how much weight the person is losing on an average, but also keeps the person stuck to the initiative.

5. Avoid high calorie drinks

It is better to opt for plain and simple water than going for synthetic fruit juices and other soft drinks that contain a bag full of calories, capable of getting back all the calories that were lost in a week’s walking. Black coffee can also be an option. As for the beer and wine, they are better saved for non-diet occasions. In case plain water at all times sounds boring, one can add flavor or take seltzer water.

Walking can actually help lose weight and a person can undertake walking to lose weight by abiding the above tips to see good results.

Learn How to Get Six Pack Abs in 5 Simple Steps

Getting a toned physique is perhaps every man’s dream which brings him to ask the question how to get six pack abs. Unlike the common perception, building six-pack abs without going to gyms or using any instruments is very much possible. There are certain exercises that help achieve the desired body.

1. Sit-ups


The sit-ups for six-pack abs are performed while lying on the ground. It involves the soles to be on the ground as the knees are kept bent upwards. The exercise has to sit up completely such that his back no longer remains in contact with the ground. While doing this, the hands can be laid crossed over the chest or touching the temples. Touching the back of the head with palms has no relevance and should not be observed. This is different from crunches as the person has to sit up completely while his feet still remain on the ground.

2. Crunches


Crunches are the most common method to get six-pack abs. The performer has to lie on the floor with his knees bent upward (like in the previous case). The hands can be held crossed over the chest or touching the temple. Now, the torso has to be lifted towards the knees just enough to make shoulder-blades leave the ground. Exercisers should exhale while lifting the body and inhale as they lower their back until the shoulder-blades touch the ground. The head should be kept away from the ground.

3. Leg lifts

Leg lifts

There are few ways to perform leg lifts depending upon the strength and development of the individual. The person has to lie down flat on the ground with hands on either side. The legs have to be raised without bending at knees until they are at right angle with the ground. The legs should lower slowly until they touch the ground. The method can be repeated.

Another way is to bend the knees towards the chest while the calves touch the thighs. Third technique is to bend the knees until thighs are vertical. Now, the knees have to be raised so that it attains horizontal position. Certain object can be tied to the feet to increase the level of difficulty.

4. Pull-ups


Pull-ups are one of the exercises that have many benefits. It not only builds six-pack abs but biceps, triceps, pectorals, etc. The rod is held in two ways – first, when the palm and the face are in the same direction, second, when the palms are in the opposite direction to the face. Both types should be tried whenever performing pull-ups.

5. Butt-ups


Butt-ups are one of the most interesting techniques to obtain six-pack abs. You have to attain plank position, i.e., support the body on the ground with only forearms and elbows and toes. The buttocks have to be raised as high as possible and back to plank slowly.

10 Steps to Prevent Weight Gain at Work

Desk jobs are horrible for health and most likely to create tendency of gaining weight among workers. However, those who are concerned about the deteriorating fitness and growing belly can follow some simple steps to prevent weight gain at work. These steps simply ensure that the body remains active throughout the day and intake of unhealthy food is checked.

1. Use stairs instead of lifts

Use stairs instead of lifts

Using stairs instead of lifts in the office for a few storeys up or down is infinitely better than using lift every time. Every step prevents weight-gain at work by working out the muscles and joints of legs, which demand blood-flow causing increase in heartbeat and breathing.

2. Cycling to the office

Cycling to the office

If the distance and the local traffic norms permit, there cannot be a healthier way to reach office than by bicycling. Apart from being the healthiest option, bicycles are the cleanest mode of transportation too.

3. Use public transport

Use public transport

Using public transport facility to reach office instead of private car is a noble step to prevent weight-gain. Walking to and from the station/stop ensures that body works-out and demands energy.

4. Walk during breaks

Walk during breaks

Workers at offices that are not well-connected with public transport can walk in the campus or a park, if available nearby, during breaks. Walking hastily to and from the cafeteria with the lunchbox daily is definitely better than having meals at the desk.

5. Meals prepared at home

Meals prepared at home

There may be varieties of food items available in and nearby the office premises but they are not prepared by dieticians who care for people’s health. Carrying lunchbox from home can prevent weight gain at work by curbing the temptation for food when hunger strikes.

6. Bring snacks from home

Bring snacks from home

Different kinds of snacks can be quickly prepared at home and carried to office. Fruits are great alternatives for oily snacks. Whole fruits, fruit-salad, fruit-chat can be had in various ways. Similarly, baked and salted nuts are ideal for munching.

7. Drinks

fruits and juice

Soft drinks and other forms of sweetened drinks tempt but affect fitness as well. Avoiding sweetened drinks is an essential step for preventing weight gain at the office. Coffee or tea is rather better but with little sugar and not too often. Fruit juices are the best drinks.

8. Water


Drinking water often does not let the desire for other drinks rise in the mind. Moreover, ample water is integral to healthy and fit lifestyle as it plays a vital role in the metabolism of human body.

9. Using short times wisely

short physical activities such as stretchin

Time required for things load up on the computer can be utilized for short physical activities such as stretching.

10. Restlessness

tapping the feet

Every restless child is taught to become calm. However, restlessness that does not disturb others such as tapping the feet, moving sideways, bobbing the head, etc. are great for desk-job workers.