Easy 10 Minute Metabolism Booster Workouts

With age, the metabolism of your body decreases that affects its overall functioning. However with these 10 minute metabolism booster workouts, it is possible for you to maintain a steady metabolism rate which ensures a healthy and fit body.

Plank Walk Tuck Reach

Plank Walk Tuck Reach

By standing with arms raised overhead and feet apart, you need to hinge at hips so as to bring your hands to floor. The legs should be kept as straight as possible. Then, you need to walk to plank position and jump with feet towards hands so as to land in tucked position. Then, you are required to jump again back to plank before walking hands towards feet to stand up.

Standing Row

Standing Row

You need to stand with some weight in your left hand with the palm facing the body. You are then, required to lean forward and step up your right leg in front with the body bending slightly and right hand on right thigh. The weight should be lifted towards left side of ribs with the elbow close to body and head in spine line. Ten sets should be carried out and repeated on other side also. This is a highly effective metabolism booster workout especially recommended for women.



You need to stand with your legs apart at shoulder distance with a weight in your hands in front of the stomach. You are now required to bend your knees into squat position by pushing out your bottom. Then, again push back to the original stance. This needs to be repeated fifteen times in row.

Bear Crawl Escape

Bear Crawl Escape

You need to get in plank position so that the wrists remain in line with your shoulders. You are then required to bend your knees and bring the knees under hips without lowering the heels. The knees should be kept off the ground and you need to move quickly from one side to the other in this position and even front to back. This metabolism booster workout needs to be repeated for at least thirty seconds in a row.

Pelvic Lift

Pelvic Lift

In this exercise, you need to lie down with your face facing upwards and knees bent. The pelvis needs to be lifted off the ground, while squeezing abs and glutes. You should keep in mind that, the body should remain in straight line. You need to hold your body in this position for at least two seconds and slowly lower your body to the ground. If you wish to get the best results then, this exercise should be repeated ten times with duration of sixty seconds.

These 10 minute metabolism booster workouts ensure that the metabolism rate of your body in increased significantly all the while providing your body with the necessary workouts to keep it fit, healthy and strong for a satisfied and happy living.

5 Muscle Building Tips to Aid Weight Loss

Some effective muscle building tips to aid weight loss can help a person keep away the extra pounds from creeping in and develop a good physique. The most common reasons for weight gain are unhealthy eating and reduced movement. Right food along with right exercise will prevent fat accumulation and help in the building up of muscles.

1. Yogurt at breakfast

Yogurt at breakfast

Yogurt is one of the secrets of maintaining a fat free body. In fact, the food has been integral to both Indian and French diets since long. Yogurt is a rich store of calcium, proteins, and carbohydrates. It is a perfectly balanced meal and a true energizer. Some of the Yogurts that are commercially available contain added fats and sugars. Those should be avoided. It is better to take Yogurt with breakfast as it balances calorie intake. The food being highly nutritious and low in calorie is a standard food for burning fat and developing muscles.

2. Cycling


One of the most effective ways of developing muscles while keeping the fat at bay is by cycling. This exercise has a number of advantages, the most important among which is to aid weight loss and to strengthen muscles. Cycling regularly for at least sixty minutes each day will help a person against unhealthy weight gain. The exercise helps to develop muscles while burning away the unnecessary fat. Cycling strengthens the muscles of thigh making them shapely and tighter.

3. Including salads in the diet

Including salads in the diet

Fresh green salads have a very high nutritional value. Salads are a very rich source of fibre, while containing negligible calories and fats. Besides they are a power house of nutrients like, vitamins, minerals, and proteins. Salads are prepared from fresh vegetables and therefore aid in a faster reduction of excess weight when taken on a regular basis. They can be taken along with main course or in the form of snacks. Either ways they are helpful. The greens in the salads generally contain spinach, lettuce, mustard, coriander, cabbage, and mint leaves. Some of such salads are supplemented with boiled turnips, tomatoes, cucumber, carrots and sprouts in slices. Using a low fat dressing in seasoning the salads is a great way to fight fat and develop muscles.

4. Walking


Walking is an easy and effective way to trigger weight loss while shaping up the muscles. Walking burns down the calories and causes the body to liberate more energy. It not only strengthens and builds leg and thigh muscles but also helps in keeping the belly toned up.

5. Weight lifting

Weight lifting

Weight lifting is another way known to aid weight loss. It develops and strengthens the cardio muscles and the muscles on legs and arms. They burn down the excess fat gifting a shapely physique.

Right exercises when coupled with the right diet can aid weight loss and development of muscles.

10 Tips to Stop Weight Loss Failures

The idea of knowing the tips to stop weight loss failures is simply to get behind the truth of weight loss failures. Because the bottom line at the end of the day is in getting a healthy and fit body, these tips show the reasons why an individual’s fat loss and weight loss efforts failed or succeeded.

1. Binge eating

Binge eating

Issues related to emotional eating need to be strongly dealt with. It can be as easy as identifying the alternative activities or as rigorous as seeking professional assistance.

2. Strict diet

It is quite difficult to get along with a diet that relies on only one kind of food or demands one to cut themselves out from all food groups. One infamous example is the grapefruit diet. But the diet has to be followed sincerely if one is looking for a healthy and fit body.

3. Cutting back too many calories

The key element in losing weight is calories in and calories out. But cutting down too many calories shall result in weight loss failures due to the ‘starvation’ mode of metabolism.

4. Doing it all alone

Everyone needs fellow individual to discuss about the dilemmas related to weight loss. This requires the creation of a support system in real world or online that will help in getting over the rough patches. It has also been proved many times that peers have a positive impact in your weight-loss regime.

5. Skipping breakfast

Skipping breakfast

One of the key tips to stop weight loss failures is to check the breakfast intake. Breakfast has always been the most important meal and there’s no second opinion on that. It gets the metabolism rate going and helps one from getting too hungry and thereby overeating in the process.

6. Not keeping a food diary

It is next to impossible to know where one is headed to if they fail to keep track of their past “achievements”.  To stop weight loss failures and instead get a clear view of this performance, a food diary needs to be kept for a minimum of 10 days.

7. Setting unrealistic targets

There are certain goals in the world that even the most dedicated of dieters fail to achieve. It is impossible to cut down sodas if someone is accustomed in consuming 2-litres every day. Also, running down the track 3- times a day is not a doable task if someone has just started walking a week earlier.

8. Weighing in every day

Weighing in every day

This is the best possible way in giving up one’s diet even before giving the diet regime a chance. Weight fluctuates every day for various reasons that have very little to do with one’s own efforts.

9. Too much exercising

Overdoing this will lead one to burnout and therefore, increasing chances of injuries by exercising more rigorously or for a lengthy duration. To stop weight loss failures, few minutes of exercise every alternative day is the perfect to start things if one’s been sedentary.

10. Going cold turkey on favourite foods

Swearing off the favourite foods can be a definite pitfall. Because doing so sets one up in overdoing things and leave feeling too frustrated, therefore leading them to give up their diet completely. Things can be taken in moderate quantity which shall eventually be keeping the cravings at bay.

10 Tips for Natural and Organic Weighi Loss

Obesity and overweight has become one of the primary health concerns in many countries. Demand for fast and convenient weight loss is the cause why many programmes do not consider diet and are thus ineffective. These 10 tips for natural and organic weight loss focus on a diet plan that contains entirely or mostly natural food. As the body is deprived of conditions that are suitable for weight-gain, exercises and workouts begin to show effect.

1. Drinking water

The first thing to enter the stomach in the morning for natural and organic weight loss should be water. Water should be taken first whenever hunger is felt throughout the day, if it persists, then meal or snacks is the option. Water also improves digestion and removal of waste.

2. Eating partially

Meals should be just enough to satisfy hunger. Numerically, 1/4 to 1/3 of stomach must not be filled.

3. No liquid at meals

Drinking any liquid during or immediately after meals is really bad for natural and organic weight loss. Thirst can be quenched by drinking adequate water immediately or a few minutes before meals. Just a gulp or two during or after the meal to swallow or clear throat is fine.

4. Eating regularly

Meals should be delayed until the stomach starts burning due to hunger. If hunger strikes often then water followed by healthy snacks are best combat options.

Tips for Natural and Organic Weight Loss

5. Eating fresh vegetables

Fresh vegetables must be included in every meal. Mixing of starch food with protein food should be avoided. Uncooked or lightly cooked green vegetables are especially helpful in natural and organic weight loss.

6. Eating fresh fruits

Fresh fruits are the best friends of people for a natural weight loss programme. Fruits are all-round beneficial. They can be best used as snacks between meals. Eating fruits is more beneficial than drinking fruit juices because of the fibre contained in fruits. Eating fruits also fills the stomach and prevents taking extra meal or unhealthy snacks.

7. Limiting animal protein intake

Meat and eggs should not be consumed more than 4 – 5 days in a week. There should be 2 – 3 days of totally vegetarian meals.

8. Animal protein substitution

Legumes are great substitution for animal protein. Beans, peas, lentils, etc. can be used to fulfil the protein requirement of the body. However, the shift should not be abrupt. Meals containing animal protein should be gradually reduced and replacement protein items should be gradually introduced into the routine.

9. Less desserts

Desserts are ought to be had after meals, especially at party buffets. The best way to avoid spoiling all weight loss effort is to taste desserts rather than eating them. A bite or spoon from a few will satisfy the desire without affecting the body.

10. Workout

Short distances that can be covered by walking or bicycling should be covered so. Using stairs instead of lifts or escalators and swimming routinely are better workouts than sweating at gymnasium.

The Top 10 Benefits of Eating Protein

Proteins play a crucial role towards the nutritional requirements of the body and the top benefits of eating protein not only make the body stronger and fitter, but also help in leading a happy and healthy life.

1. Endless energy

Unlike carbohydrates, protein rich diets do not cause energy crash. A diet rich in protein keeps a person energized and alert for hours. As a result, the body does not become fatigued even after a few hours of extreme hard work.

2. Weight loss

Studies have already proved that proteins cause temporary metabolism boost and even suppresses appetite. Proteins help with the normalization of blood sugar levels which keeps the insulin balanced and ultimately assists with reduced fat storage.

3. Cell repair

Repairing damaged cells of the body can be considered as a major benefit of eating protein. They are regarded as the body’s building blocks as every cell within the body is constructed with the help of proteins.

Benefits of Eating Protein

4. Chemicals creation

Proper functioning of the body depends on different types of chemicals and protein. Protein assists with the creation of some of the most essential chemicals in the body like antibodies, enzymes and hormones.

5. Proper movement of fluid in the cells

Water flows from the mouth to the stomach through the oesophagus which is basically a tube. However, cells do not have tubes and makes use of protein to attract water through the walls of the cells.

6. Improved muscle tone

Even though, protein alone does not assist with muscle tone, it can certainly boost resistance training effects. Increasing protein consumption, improves the tone and appearance of body muscles to a great extent.

7. Increased muscle mass

A significant benefit of protein is that it helps in increasing muscle mass. During workouts, the muscles of the body can get little tears which are easily repaired by protein which strengthens the muscles.

8. Enhanced immunity

Consumption of proteins increases the glutathione levels within the body. This is basically an amino acid complex which improves and supports the immunity levels of the body.

9. Improves mental ability

Studies have shown that dietary changes help with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) symptoms. When protein is consumed, the blood sugar release is reduced which improves the nutritional profile and in turn, concentration levels tend to increase.

10. Growth in children

Proteins are crucial for growth and development of children. Along with growth and building up of muscles, protein assists with proper eye vision and even improves the immune system of the body. Protein is necessary for every growing child to make sure that growth is unimpaired.

Protein can be considered as a vital constituent of every diet and these benefits of eating protein clearly indicate that, in order to have a fit, healthy and lean body, protein should be included in proper amounts with the diet.

Holiday Eating Tips for Weight Management

The holiday eating tips for weight management would aid in preventing the odds of gaining weight when holidaying. People are more vulnerable to putting up weight when they are in a holidaying mood. However, it is possible to keep away those pounds while on holiday like you would have done at home.

Try to be on your foot always

The most important and effective way to reduce weight or stop the extra pounds from creeping in is by getting into aerobic activities early in the morning. When holidaying, it is natural that people would move out of their routines and schedules and also out of their diet plans. Regular movement would help in burning down all the extra calories that goes in unhindered. The idea is to increase the normal period of workout when on holiday. Going out for a walk in the morning is also a great idea as it would be fun to discover new lanes and streets besides burning the extra calories.

Eating Tips for Weight Management

Controlling the temptations

Another very effective way to reduce weight is by controlling temptations. Holidays do call for having a party with foods. However, it should always be remembered that such tempting foods only end up causing a weight gain. Foods with extra fats and calories should be avoided. One of the ways to avoid such temptations is by keeping the stomach full when moving out. Taking a packet full of low fat snacks is helpful too. Munching at it when hungry will keep you fuller and help you control the temptations while aiding in holiday weight management.

Avoid gorging on sweet foods

Sweet foods contain the most number of calories and are prime culprits causing weight gain during holidays. The desserts should be avoided most importantly. Desserts contain double the number of calories and double the amount of fat as contained in normal food. However, there is no reason to be depressed as there are other low calorie choices available as well. There are delicious fruit salads, pudding, and unfrosted mini muffins that can be unhesitatingly taken. Cookies are unavoidable, irrespective of the number of calories they contain. The point, therefore, is in limiting the cookies to one in day.

Travel short distances by walk

One of the most effective ways of holiday weight management is walking always. It is a great idea to walk through short distances and stoppages rather than getting on a vehicle. There are a number of advantageous sides to this.  First, it saves the cost of communication to a great extent. Second, the city can be discovered better through the alleys and streets that are otherwise unreachable through vehicles. Third and the most important of all advantages is that it keeps up the metabolic rate and helps in burning calories and melting fat.

Holiday weight management does not call for a strict routine, but requires the travellers to be a little cautious as they eat.

How to Eat to Reduce Stress Overload?

Many ponder on how to eat to reduce stress overload and fail to find the right answer. Stress takes a toll on the quality of life and health of people. An effective way to overcome it is by taking the right food. Some nutrients contain stress busters that help in reducing stressful conditions.

Eat foods rich in magnesium

While the conditions of stress are normal in people of the present century, studies show that there are certain deficiencies in such people. While every person is stressed to a certain extent, stress overload results from nutritional deficiencies. People who are stressed out always have been found to be deficient in magnesium. Low magnesium levels aggravate stress conditions. Deficiency of the nutrient in the body hinders the transmission of muscle and nerve impulses while resulting in nervousness and irritability. Foods rich in magnesium include brown rice, almonds, apricots, apples, spinach, leafy vegetables, and salmon.

How to Eat to Reduce Stress Overload

Prefer tea over other beverages

There is no doubt in the fact that tea is one of the most common beverages in the world. One of the most important reasons for this large scale dependency on consumption of tea is that it has the power to reduce stress overload. People who drink black tea at least four times in a day can fight conditions of stress better than those who do not. A person taking black tea will develop less Cortisol after some stressful work than others who take caffeinated beverage. Green tea also consists of stimulants that have the effect of relaxing the body against stress.

Foods rich in calcium relieve stress

While magnesium is an important nutrient that relieves stress, a proper balance of calcium is also required in controlling stress. Calcium has the effect of reducing stress to a great extent. The foods rich in calcium include kelp, kale, cabbage, broccoli, asparagus, almonds, sea foods, sesame seeds, salmon, oats, and mustard green among others.

Eating the right fat

Fats do not always add pounds. There are certain kinds of fats that are useful and the deficiency of which can cause illness and ill health in a person. The surge of stress hormones can be controlled by taking in foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Apart from reducing stress, they can also treat and reduce mood disorders like depression. They are important in functioning of the brain. The ability to think right and proper is one of the ways to reduce the building of stress. Foods that can reduce stress overload include salmon, wild tuna, pine nuts, flaxseeds, almonds and walnuts.

Include complex carbohydrates

Carbohydrates stimulate the brain for the production of serotonin in more amounts. Taking in complex carbohydrates will cause slow digestion and therefore keep blood sugar at low levels. High fibre pastas and breads, lentils, beans and oatmeal can control stress.

Important Tips for Long-Term Weight Loss

The process of weight loss differs for obese, overweight and people who are out shape. However, there are certain fundamental rules that are always applicable to weight loss schedules. In addition to those, obese people may have to go through the most rigorous plans followed by overweight and so on. The general tips for long-term weight loss are only efficient when they are abided in the most disciplined manner.

Limited fat consumption

The extent of fat consumption differs according to the three categories of people mentioned above. For obese and overweight people, diet plan prescribed by a certified dietician should be the preference. Otherwise, people should ensure that they do not binge on fried food items throughout the day. Besides, there are various smart phone applications that can calculate and track calorie intake exclusively according to user’s condition.

Tips for Long-Term Weight Loss

Fruits & vegetables

Anyone who wants to lose weight or maintain fitness should have as much fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. Juicy fruits like oranges, berries, tomatoes, etc. are especially beneficial in a healthy weight loss regimen. Besides, fruits and vegetables are great sources of fibre, vitamins, anti oxidants and various nutrients that improve immunity. They are filling, stay longer in stomach and contain no fat. Such all-round benefits cannot be found in any food items.

Healthy snacking

Everyone needs and wants to snack. Dry fruits and nuts are much favourable snacking options than fast food, chips, etc. They provide high degree of energy without depositing much in the body. They are highly beneficial for brain and many organ systems as well. However, such binging choices are not favourable for obese and overweight. They may have to content themselves with other low-calorie snacks.

Drinking enough water

It is said that water can treat half of the digestive disorders, which could be major cause of unexplained weight gain or fitness uncertainty. Drinking ample water is one of the ultimate tips for long-term weight loss because water helps to clean the body and flush waste.


There is no better workout than swimming and bicycling. Besides Yoga and aerobics freehand workouts should be given preference over gymnasium. Moreover, exercises must be done on empty stomach. They are meant to burn stored fat but cannot prevent storage of fat. Thus, inappropriate lifestyle renders them ineffective. When eating and drinking habits are set right, exercises start to show effect.


Focus is crucial for long term weight loss. Partying one night and depriving oneself of essential nutrients the other day makes the body susceptible to weight gain or fluctuation.

Obesity and overweight now figure among the major health concerns, especially in the developed countries. Consequently, weight loss and fitness programmes as well as products have boomed in the market to exploit the emotional desperation of affected people. However, following these tips for long-term weight loss, people can not only reduce weight naturally but also get independence from expensive and deceitful products.

All Natural Vitamins and Supplements

There are various kinds of all natural vitamins and supplements available that can be brought into effective use for warding off various infections and diseases of the body. These supplements and vitamins work as natural remedies that can be used instead of medicines. They are very safe and at the same time they can also be used for a very long time without having to worry about any kind of side effects. Vitamins and supplements should always be taken but professional guidance is also very important while taking them.

Natural Vitamins and Supplements

Omega 3

This is one of the most important fatty acids that help in bringing about a reduction in the symptoms of various kinds of skin diseases like eczema, skin inflammation and skin dryness. Fish is considered to be a rich source of this fatty acid and therefore it is recommended that fish should be included in daily diet so that the body is able to get proper supplements of this fatty acid. Some of the well known fishes that are said to contain rich quantities of omega 3 are fresh tuna, trout and mackerel.


Probiotics are available in the form of gut bacteria that is considered to be very beneficial in stimulating the enzymes and the digestive juices that help in proper functioning of digestive organs of the body. The overall health of an individual can be improved by the intake of probiotics that is also very safe. There are probiotic supplements that can be taken regularly and even probiotic foods like dark chocolates, yoghurt and kombucha tea can be taken for better health.

Oil of evening primrose

Oil of evening primrose consists of gamma-linolenic acid that works as a building block for the molecules of body. This oil nourishes the skin and also corrects skin lipid which helps in relieving edema, inflammation and itching.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is an antioxidant that heals the body of different types of infections and diseases. The immune system of the body is improvised, skin health is also corrected and development and the growth of entire body are stimulated by the intake of vitamin A.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is also known as nature’s own protective nutrient that works very efficiently in the healing process of the body. Fruits such as guava, oranges and strawberries can be taken along with various vegetables that are considered to be rich sources of vitamin C.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is also an antioxidant. It protects the tissues of the body from the damages that are caused due to substances known as free radicals. The immune system of the body can also be kept strong by the intake of this vitamin. Broccoli and spinach are considered as the most effective vegetables that contain vitamin E that help the body fight off bacteria. These are some of the all natural vitamins and supplements that can be taken on a daily basis for proper health conditions.

The Most Advantageous Weight Loss Equipment

At present, there is no such individual in this world who would not prefer attention through the physique that he might be possessing. People always wish to feel and look good and it is only because of this reason that many people put in efforts towards reducing obesity. A healthy and fit body also renders great confidence and security. There are people who practice weight loss sessions for this purpose but they are not able to emerge successful because of incomplete information about the various types of weight loss equipment. Proper weight loss equipment should be chosen for better results and some of them have been enumerated below.



Treadmill is considered as one of the best equipment for weight loss. Treadmill offers great scopes of cardio vascular exercise and it helps an individual in burning at least hundred calories an hour. Any sort of fitness goals can be achieved perfectly well by the use of a treadmill. A treadmill can also be used for workouts other than those that are meant for weight loss. It can be used for warming up the body before workout sessions. The treadmill features include heart rate monitors, intensity level monitors, and they also monitor the display of stat and calorie count.

Exercise bikes

Exercise bikes

An exercise bike is also known as a stationary bike that is used for the purpose of working out indoors. This equipment is also considered to be very helpful in weight loss because it involves carrying out cycling activity and requires a lot of effort. An exercise bike helps in reducing considerable amount of weight within a very short span of time if it is used consistently.

Stair climber

Stair climber

A stair climber is also considered as one of the best exercise equipment for weight loss. Movements that are low in force are used with the stair climber equipment and it is only because of such movements that the intensity and the flow of working out with this equipment can be maintained.

Exercise balls

Exercise balls

There are exercise balls of different kinds that also assist an individual in burning calories and staying fit. Medicine balls and swiss balls are some of the exercise balls that have been found to work wonders in burning off calories. These balls are also of good help in building the muscles of buttocks, thighs, abdomen and back. Good physique can be built very efficiently by the use of such exercise balls. These balls are quite affordable and they can be used very easily.

Hoola hoop

Hoola hoop

Hoola hoop is a machine that is very cost effective and can be used specifically for burning off fats from the body. This machine should be used for short sessions and for at least ten minutes during the entire day for best results. The hoola hoop is considered as the best weight loss equipment that can produce great results within a very short span of time.