10 Best Fitness Apps for Android

Downloading and following any of these 10 best fitness apps for Android will assure that you lose some weight and get fit. Not only these apps would suggest you what workouts to do and track your daily activity, they would also help you control your eating habits so that you do not end up putting on more weight.

1. Endomondo Sports Tracker PRO

Endomondo Sports Tracker PRO

This is one of the most popular apps available on the Google PLAY Store. This app is more than just an activity tracker. Apart from keeping a record of the distance you travel in a specific period of time, this app would make you to compete against your friends so that you can stay motivated and do not lose your inspiration to stay fit.

2. Instant Heart Rate – PRO

Instant Heart Rate – PRO

This app is the best one if you want to track your heart activity. Not only this app measures your heart beat rate, but it also keeps previous records so that you can cross check whether you are progressing or going down the level. It works by checking the color change in the fingertip when you put your finger against the camera of the phone.

3. Moves

Moves android app

If you do not want to spend money on a fitness app, this one would be a great option as this app comes for free. This app is just like a pedometer and it would keep track of how many steps you have moved. Also, this app is able to differentiate between various modes of walking and at the end of the day, you can view as to how much you have travelled and at what speed.

4. SleepBot


As the name of this app suggests, it would track your activities while you are sleeping, the duration of your sleep, whether you walk in your sleep or how much you move around while sleeping are all checked by this app easily. Also, you can set alarm in this app if you think that you should not sleep for more than a specified period of time.

5. Zombies, Run!

Zombies, Run

When someone tells you to run because it is good for your health, you might ignore it, but, if zombies are behind you, you might not resist running. This app just does that for your good health. You can also choose from newer challenges available in the app.

6. MapMyRide+


This app would track everything related to your health, the routes you travel, your speed, distance travelled with you, the calories taken by you and much more. Additionally, there are audio alerts so that when you forget, the app itself reminds you of your new challenge.

7. Noom Weight Loss Coach

Noom Weight Loss Coach

This app is not focused on keeping you fit by making you run and walk all day long. Rather, this is a different kind of app which focuses on your dietary habits. There are also a number of health related articles from where you can get more information about health and fitness.

8. Workout Trainer

Workout Trainer

This app works just like its name suggests. It is a complete workout trainer and if you have this app on your Smartphone, you would feel fit without even going to the gym. The trainers in this app would train you through audio and video lessons.

9. Nike+ Running

Nike+ Running

This app works by comparing you with your friends, so that you can see how much your friends are running and how much you are lacking behind. You can add friends as per your choice. It would also keep a record of when you ran last time and how much.

10. Calorie counter

calorie counter app android

This app is focused on making you slimmer. There are more than 350 exercises included in this app from where you can choose your exercise. Additionally, you would be able to keep a track of how much calories you have taken. The excellent combination of diet plus exercise is what led to the addition of this app in the list of 10 best fitness apps for Android.

Best Fitness Apps for iPhone

This list of the best fitness apps for the iPhone helps you find time in the busy day and keep yourself healthy. Not only these apps would help you reduce weight, but you would also be able to boost your performance with their help. The apps would also make sure that you do not deviate from your goal and keep going till your overall health is fit and under control.

Charity Miles

Charity Miles

This app for your iPhone lets you earn a corporate sponsorship when you run a mile, or walk, or even go via bike. Now that sounds very interesting! You just have to download this app from Apple’s App store, install it on your iPhone, choose a charity from the list displayed in the app, and press start. It depends on your stamina as to how much you can earn. While bikers would earn 10 cents for each mile they travel, runners as well as walkers would earn 25 cents for travelling a mile.

Peer Pressure

Peer Pressure

No matter what your fitness goals are, this app would help you to achieve them. Even if your goals are kind of weird, you can trust this app. But keep one thing in your mind about using this app, your friends and family would be watching you. So, if you make a commitment that you would run 5 miles every day, be serious about it, else everyone would know. If you think that you can fool your friends by telling them that you have completed your task, forget it! This app would post what you do on social networking platforms of your choice.



This app would help you to get out of the house and start exercising. It also works as an activity tracker. This app would also suggest your workouts as per your mileage and time to time, it would present you a report of your progress. There is a “Challenges” feature in this app, which enables the users to create challenges and complete them. There are also many pre-included challenges in this app for the users to choose. For each challenge you complete, you would earn a badge or a medal.

Tempo Run

Tempo Run

Music can prove to be a nice companion when you want to work out and have a control over your health. But, if you do not pick up the right songs, you might lose your spirit. The choice of right tracks would provide you enough motivation and energy. This app would work like a magic and when you would run fast, it would play faster tracks and when you walk slowly, it would select slow songs from your library and play them.

Smartphones are made for the betterment of your life. iPhone can be a powerful tool when you want to stay healthy and if you choose the right one out of the best fitness apps for iPhone listed above, you would have no pains in staying healthy.

Top 10 Fitness Equipment Brands

Getting fit is everybody’s dream in today’s busy life. But while trying to be healthy and fit, most of us make important decisions in a haste resulting in both the wastage of time and money. But what we do not always notice is that we are unknowingly causing harm to our health by buying the wrong products which is too bad for our good health. Go through this list of the top 10 fitness equipment brands and decide which one suits your interests in the best possible manner.

1. Precor


For those who want high end commercial fitness equipment in their homes, such as treadmills, elliptical trainers, climbers, etc. Precor is the way to go. The quality of its products is unmatched and people all over the world prefer this brand. The mark of quality of this brand is indicated by the fact that it is associated with Amer Sports.

2. Life Fitness

Life Fitness

This fitness brand was created to help athletes and trainers to live a healthier life. There are around 12 cites of this company throughout the world and approximately 1700 people are associated with it. Stair climbers, exercise bikes and treadmills of Life fitness are of top quality. This company also provides Cardio equipment.

3. Star Trac

Star Trac

If you are keen on cardiovascular equipment, you should go for this brand. Recumbent bikes and weight training stations of Star Trac are world famous. The best thing about this company is its after-sales services.

4. Cybex International

Cybex International

This company produces exercise equipment for commercial use as well as consumer use. Various equipment offered by this company include cardiovascular equipment, complete body training and strength equipment, treadmills and much more.

5. Nike


With some innovative products such as FuelBand, FlyKnit and others, Nike has come into the scene lately and is on the verge of becoming the world’s most preferred brand as far as fitness is concerned. The innovation of this company is unparalleled and it has been making the dreams of athletes a reality.

6. Zombies

For those people who want something extra in the game of fitness, this brand is the most preferred one. It has moved on the technology part and apart from producing many fitness related equipment, Zombies is on the verge to create Smartphone apps to keep people healthy.

7. Soul Cycle

Soul Cycle

This brand came into existence when a studio concept was transformed into a lifestyle brand by it. Each and every product of this brand is awesome, from hand weights to rock and roll, and hence, this brand is expanding day by day.

8. Elliptigo


This brand became famous recently when it designed a machine for keeping the joints healthy. This hybrid machine took 5 years to be completed. This machine’s sales reached to $10 million in 2012 when Americans got attracted to it. Additionally, this machine has been used by Olympic trainers; this increased the popularity of this brand even more.

9. CrossFit


This brand believes that everyone deserves to be trained like an Olympian and it is not like that only Olympians wear great quality products. The United States’ fastest growing chain of sports and fitness equipment, Cross Fit is set to break all records very soon. The sales are booming, which is a clear sign of its expansion.

10. Green Revolution

As the name of this brand suggests, it brings the athletes and environment go hand in hand. This company has built an interesting environment friendly technology, which would convert the power applied by human beings when they do exercise, into electricity. In the United States, more than 100 fitness centers have been fitted with this equipment and that is how, Green Revolution got on this list of the top 10 fitness equipment brands.

Best Yoga Poses for Your Trouble Spots

For those who want to reduce weight from some particular parts of their body, the knowledge of the best yoga poses for your trouble spots would come handy. Not only they provide health benefits, but they also make you beautiful and slim. If you do not get enough time to join a yoga class, you can try reducing weight from the desired body parts at home. Just take care of the rules.

Dolphin pose

Dolphin pose

This pose would let you lose weight from the upper arms. For those ladies who want to wear sleeveless suits but are not able to wear them because their upper arms look fat, this pose is a must. Start by lowering down your elbows and make them reach the floor, then tuck your toes and interlace your fingers. Stay in that position for a second and then press your hips up. This would create a line between your butts and your elbows. Now, you need to squeeze that portion of your arms from where you want to reduce weight. Now breathe heavily and repeat.

Boat pose

Boat pose

This pose would help you to lose weight from abs and lower belly. To perform this, sit straight and put your hands on the underside of your knees. Then, gradually, tighten your abs. Finally, lift your feet from the floor and bend your knees, make sure that your legs are at an angle of 45 degrees. Then, breathe slowly and lower your body. Keep on repeating till you have stamina.

Downward dog split pose

Downward dog split pose

This pose would help you to reduce weight from the legs. You would need to start from hands and knees. Let out a heavy breath and push your body down to get into a downward dog position. Keep your legs straight and lift your butt and hips from the floor. Get your hands relaxed and keep your arms straight. Now exhale and lift your leg one by one in the air as high as possible.

Cow pose

Cow pose

If you want to reduce fat from your hips side, this pose would prove to be the most beneficial one. You would need to apply more effort for this pose. Again, you would need to start in the down position. Touch the floor with your hands and knees, then move your right leg over your left leg from behind, then sit back on your heels, but don’t rush, keep it slow so that you do not feel pain afterwards. You can also take the help of a rolled up towel or something to provide support to you in case you find it difficult to lay back.

Stay in this position for some time and when you feel that you cannot do it more, switch legs. And after switching legs, again stay in that position for at least 5 minutes. These yoga poses for your trouble spots can relieve you of the stress and pain if you really want to try them and feel the difference.

10 Diets You Should Avoid

While there are a lot of diet plans for a good health, there are some diets that we should stay away from if we want to stay healthy. Here are the 10 diets you should avoid so that you know which foods are better over the others and which foods you should give preference to.

1. White and brown bread

White bread and brown bread

White breads are void of essential nutrients because the manufacturers remove bran and germ from the bread so that it stays fresh for a longer period of time. Along with the bran and germ, essential nutrients such as iron, fiber and Vitamin B are also removed.

2. Cookies, cakes and crackers

Cookies, cakes and crackers

Never eat these foods when you are on a diet or you want to reduce some weight. These foods are full of calories and would do no good to your body, instead, they would make you fat. They do not even consist of any minerals and nutrients. Do not forget to read the label of these products in case you must have them sometime.

3. Ready-made juice

Ready-made juice

The fruit juice available in the market is not pure, even if it is marked as 100 percent pure. Although you would get the advantage of vitamins and minerals along with the juice, but you would also get a large number of calories along with that.

4. Soft drinks

Soft drinks

If you want to stay away from fats and calories, do not consume soft drinks on a regular basis. They would also disturb your goals of keeping healthy and losing weight.

5. Butter and oil

Anything that contains trans-fats should be avoided in case you want to stay fit and lose some weight. Not only they are a cause of obesity, but they also increase chances of heart diseases. However, you can consume olive oil or canola oil as an alternative. Always go for less saturated oil and do not forget to read the label before buying anything.

6. Dairy products

Dairy products

Dairy products that contain full fat, for example, milk or butter should not be consumed directly. Instead, go for skimmed milk. You can also choose non-dairy products such as soy milk or almond milk. As an alternative, you can also go for Greek yogurt instead of dairy yogurt.

7. Cream based soups

If you want to fill your stomach with something healthy, cream based soups are best. But, the calories you take along with them are beyond the limit. Try broth based soups instead and read the label to check out that the soup you have picked up has less than 3 gm of fat content.

8. Frozen meals

Frozen meals should be avoided at any cost by those people who are on a strict exercise schedule. Although they are convenient, they do not contain any healthy ingredients.

9. Alcohol


Alcohol would have devastating effects on your waistline if you cross your limits. One or two drinks per day is fine, but if you go beyond that, the results might create havoc for you.

10. Nuts


Doctors recommend eating nuts as they are full of vitamins, minerals and all other necessary nutrients for the body. But, roasted nuts must be avoided at any cost. Processed nuts contain high content of fat in them, eating raw nuts is a nice option though.

Keep in mind the 10 diets you should avoid listed above if you want to stay healthy and do not want to put up weight.

10 Awesome Post Workout Snacks

You must realize the importance of 10 awesome post workout snacks as they would make sure that the hard work you have just done for your body does not go in vain. These foods also help in muscle gain and wouldn’t spoil your taste as well.

1. Chocolate milk

Chocolate milk

This is an excellent snack after a workout because chocolate provides you enough carbohydrates and the milk provides enough proteins and casein so that the body works well.

2. Berries and yogurt

Berries and yogurt

Since berries have high antioxidants present in them, they make a nice post-workout snack. They not only prevent inflammation but also offer relief from muscle soreness. Additionally, if you consume them by adding them in yogurt, you would be able to enjoy some proteins as well.

3. Chicken and rice

Chicken and rice

This is an excellent diet for those who want to build up their body. You can also take it in a combination with vegetables or cashews. The good thing about this snack is that you can prepare it and store for weeks.

4. Quinoa


You can take this protein-rich snack with cereals, chili, lemon or anything you feel like. The taste of this meal would be as per you and you would get a lot of energy from it.

5. Tuna and Crackers

Tuna and Crackers

For those who are inclined towards taking protein rich snacks after workout, nothing would be better than tuna. Crackers, on the other hand, provide carbohydrates. So, tuna and crackers would make a great combination.

6. Kale banana

Kale banana

Kale is something that would not only provide you proteins, but also a great taste. The color of this snack would also make your mouth wet. You can add vanilla powder or banana to it to further enhance the taste.

7. Chia seeds

Chia seeds

This food might seem weird at once but it would make a great post workout snack. You can add them to water, which would then form a gel like substance. You can also add it to puddings. Though this would seem tasteless for once, adding orange juice or lemon water to it would make it tastier.

8. Egg white omelet

Egg white omelet

If you want all the vitamins and nutrients in your diet just after having a workout, nothing can compare with egg white omelet. It would also give you necessary proteins for your body.

9. Lentils


For those who do not want to spend much time and energy preparing the post workout snack, lentils are a nice option. You can avail pre-cooked lentils in the market. There are enough fiber and proteins in this snack.

10. Sweet potato

Sweet potato

When you do not want to go for those heavy snacks, sweet potato is a nice alternative which would provide you a perfect combination of proteins and carbohydrates and along with that, it would also provide you a nice taste.

The next time you go for a workout, do not stick to the old snacks which are healthy but do not provide you a taste. Instead, try one out of the 10 awesome post-workout snacks discussed above and make your day.

Ways for Couples to Exercise Together

There are many ways for couples to exercise together and it is said that those couples who exercise together have a better chemistry between them and get to stay together for a longer period of time while staying fit and also helping to stay fit. Get into shape together with your partner by following these tips.

Join dance classes

The best way for you and your partner to stay fit together is to join a dance class. If one partner knows how to dance and the other partner doesn’t know, it would be an even better thing. Not only this would be a nice method of workout, but it would also give you an edge over your friends and at the next party, you would definitely rock. You can go to salsa classes or you can take ballroom lessons. These would be beneficial is there is a wedding very soon. No doubt this is the best way to spark up the romance as well.

Learn martial arts

This might sound funny at first, but think of the advantages this task is going to offer you. Not only you would be able to punch your husband for all the fights you have had in the past, but it would also make you fit and healthy. All your frustrations would be gone and you would be like a happy couple once again. Side by side, it would be a great work out strategy and when you would return to home, violence would be left behind.

Ways for Couples to Exercise Together

Take kids to park

If you have kids, this would be the best way to exercise together. What you have to do is to take a stroller for your kid, make him sit in that and move out to the park. You can share the load so that you do not have to push the stroller all through the way. When you are in the park, you can run and play games. If your child is small, you can also let him/her sleep for some time and meanwhile, both of you can jog around in the park. If your child is big enough, you can play games with him/her also. Playing cricket or football is the best option.

Cleaning the house together

For those ladies who have to clean the house themselves, there is no better method than this one. Ask your husband to help you in the cleaning the house. This way, not only your house would be cleaned easily, but you would also get more time to spend with your partner. Additionally, it would indicate that husbands care for their wives and the romance would spark up in their lives once again. It is really a fun way to stay fit together and get the house cleaned in no time.

Choose your way out of these ways for couples to exercise together and stay fit for life, and keep your partner healthy too.

Fitness Tips for Busy Parents

Those parents who are very busy taking care of their kids must follow some fitness tips for busy parents. Such parents have to take care of a lot of things. Apart from taking care of their kids and doing various activities with them, they also need to do their work and take care of other household activities. The tips given below would help such parents to take care of their health along with taking care of their kids.

Sleep in workout clothes

Sleep in workout clothes

Sometimes, parents sleep at night thinking that they would go for the exercise next day. But, when they wake up the next day, they get busy feeding their baby and all other stuff. To prevent this, when you have a thought in the night, try to be firm on it. The best thing you can do is to sleep in your workout clothes so that when you wake up in the morning, you are even more motivated to go out and have some exercise.

Take your baby to park

Take your baby to park

Though most of the parents find it easy to sit comfortably on their couch with the baby and watch TV shows, it would be a nice idea if you get out of the house and take your baby to the park. With this, not only your baby would enjoy, but you would also get time for yourself to have some exercise. You can also bring weights along with you to work out. Make it a habit to spend at least 4 hours daily in the park.

Play with the kid

kid boy and mother playing together with cup toys

The best thing you can do when you do not have even a minute of relief from babysitting is to play with your kid. You can play indoor as well as outdoor games which involve little bit running and moving. If you know how to dance, you can also teach dance to your kids, this would let you spend time with your baby and simultaneously, you can have workout advantage.

Have some workouts

Have some workouts

Most of the time, when parents have some time to work out, for example, when their baby is sleeping, or when their child is in school and they have nothing to do, they tend to take a nap instead of spending some time taking care of their own body. To prevent this kind of situation, the best thing you can do is to be prepared for the workout well in advance. You must keep your weights ready if you have a plan to go to the park, or you should keep your DVDs ready for you like to do aerobics.

Organizing and planning your workout is the best way to keep yourself healthy and get some time to work out. Hence, keep in mind these fitness tips for busy parents so that you do not end up being overweight or unhealthy.

10 Best Fitness Gifts to Give this Holiday Season

Fitness gifts are always welcomed by people who love to stay fit and healthy. No time of the year can be considered to be inappropriate for giving away fitness gifts because people try to remain fit all round the year. Shopping for fitness gifts can always be a tough task to do and at the same time the budget also has to be kept in mind. The 10 best fitness gifts to give this holiday season have been provided below.

1. Healthy applications

Healthy applications

If health enthusiasts are found using smartphones then it can always serve to be a good idea to gift them certain applications related to fitness or health. Such applications include goal tracking and setting, nutrition information, exercise demonstrations, workout tracking and weight-loss guidance.

2. Fitness magazines

Fitness magazines

Healthy magazines can be subscribed to and given away as gifts because they provide tips, recipes and information related to fitness and health. There are a large number of popular fitness magazines for men and women that can always be used as gifts.

3. Fitness monitors

Fitness monitors

Fitness monitors are gadgets that can be worn and they help in tracking runs, rides and steps. They also have the ability to chart courses, monitor the heart rate, monitor the amount of calories burnt and even identify elevation lost or gained.

4. Exercise equipment

Exercise equipment

Exercise equipments such as free weights, soccer balls, basketballs, yoga equipments, resistance bands, elliptical trainers, jump ropes and treadmills are considered to be the best gifts that can be given to people who love to stay fit and healthy.

5. Healthy treats

Healthy treats

Healthy treats also serve as good fitness gifts that contain baskets filled with healthy goodies excluding sausage, cheese and buttery cookies. Another basket compiled of fresh and dried fruits, nuts and chocolates can also serve as a great nutritious gift.

6. Products that relieve stress

Products that relieve stress

Relaxation is considered to be very important for good health and therefore products that relieve much stress from the life of an individual are considered to be the best fitness gifts. Such products include room sprays, eye pillows made of lavender, essential oils, personal massagers and music are great gifts for comforting and soothing the body.

7. Classes and lessons

Classes and lessons

Experiences serve as great and memorable gifts that can last for a very long time. Classes and lessons such as fitness classes, sessions with a personal trainer, dance classes, yoga sessions, cooking classes and lessons related to various other fitness related fields can be subscribed to and given away as gifts to fitness and health enthusiasts.

8. Water bottles

Water bottles

Water bottles that are reusable come in a variety of colors and they are also very inexpensive serving to be the perfect fitness gifts for people who like to stay healthy and fit.

9. Books


Books on health, health foods, different types of exercises and several other fitness categories can also serve to be good fitness gifts that are also very interesting.

10. Kitchen gadgets

Kitchen gadgets

There are various kinds of gadgets required for the preparation of healthy and nutritious meals and snack in an easy way and such gadgets might be considered to be the perfect fitness gifts for people.

The 5 Best Presents for Runners

When it comes to presenting or gifting runners certain things that might be required by them, many people go through various kinds of difficulties because of the fact that they remain unaware of the things that can turn out to be perfect gifts for runners. Running is an activity that does not involve the use of maximum gear, but it is an activity that supports the use of several gadgets and accessories that make running an enjoyable activity. Here are the 5 best presents for runners that can work out some magic and even make running easier.

1. Running shoes or sneakers

Running shoes or sneakers

Running is an activity that is very enjoyable, but it should not be considered to be easy and especially for those people who do not have those perfect shoes meant for running. Running shoes or sneakers are made exceptionally and exclusively for runners with special padding and spokes so that they can turn out to be very comfortable for the runners. Runners would not only feel and look great with the running shoes, but at the same time running shoes also help in safeguarding the legs of the runners in a very convenient manner.

2. Fitness watch

Fitness watch

There are many runners, who like to keep a track of the distance they run, certain important signs and even the time splits. A fitness watch would help them keep a track of such things as it works in the form of a pedometer, stopwatch, GPS and a monitor for heart rate. The fitness watch helps the runners in gauging their weak points and even their successes to set new goals.

3. Weather clothes for running

Weather clothes for running

There are many running enthusiasts who like running throughout all seasons and therefore it can always be a good idea to present such runners with clothes that would keep their body warm during the winter season and these clothes include gloves, jackets and compression socks. There are special shirts made only for runners that help with wicking away the sweat produced by the body for the conservation of body heat.

4. Musical stuff

music podcasts

There are many runners who love to listen to music while they run and for such runners audio books and podcasts can always serve as the best gift. The audio books and the podcasts presented to runners can help them in staying entertained and energized while they run. Traditional headphones are no longer used and therefore ear buds can be given away as presents because they are very light in weight and they even avoid any kind of interference due to unwieldy and bulky equipment like a headphone.

5. Smartphone armband

AV8-2_ 020

Now-a-days ear buds have also become traditional pieces of entertainment that can be gifted to runners and smart phone armbands have taken the place of the ear buds that were used earlier. Smart phone arm bands help in keeping all the electronic equipments within reach. These are the 5 best presents for runners that can help them in one way or the other.