Reasons why you need to kick the Tobacco Habit

Everyone knows that smoking is incredibly bad for you but it’s also highly addictive and this means that one you start, it can be very difficult to stop. Millions of people around the world have switched to electronic cigarettes, such as those by Freshcig, as they have found them to be an alternative where they still get their nicotine hit. However, it is worth noting that they have not been endorsed as NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy) products and are set to be regulated as medical licensed products in the UK in 2016.

So, you know that smoking tobacco products is bad for your health but exactly how? Here is a look below at five of the reasons why you need to kick the smoking habit.


Your lungs take a lot of damage from smoking. Cigarettes contain up to 4,000 chemicals including formaldehyde and hydrogen cyanide, tar and produce Carbon Monoxide. The tar can block, damage or destroy Cilia (tiny hair-like follicles) which carry mucus from your lungs. This mucus traps dirt and particles which are inhaled each day by the body and if you smoke then this is not removed as efficiently. This is why many smokers develop a ‘smoker’s cough’ as their body is trying to remove and displace what which naturally occur.

kick the Tobacco Habit


When tobacco smoke enters the lungs, it is filtered by them and contaminants including Carbon Monoxide enter the blood stream. This means that the heart can be affected due to a reduction in Oxygen and means that the organ has to work harder to pump the blood round your body; as a result it can cause heart disease. A chemical called Acrolein enters your blood when you smoke which can develop fatty deposits which causes high blood pressure and can result in a heart attack or stroke.


Your skin is the largest organ and also doesn’t fare well from smoking either. The blood carries nutrients, vitamins and Oxygen to it which allows it to keep its elasticity and healthy glow. When you have a tobacco cigarette it limits the amount of nutrients which can reach it and it is affected by Carbon Monoxide. All of these are the internal affects on your skin but the smoke emitted from the end of the cigarette also affects it.

A study found that just one cigarette reduces vitamin D absorption and vitamin C levels fall by around 25mg, this is the equivalent of a tangerine.


Muscle development can also be lowered due to a reduction in Testosterone levels which means that your overall strength won’t be at its full potential – something that will be noticeable if you go to the gym or train regularly.


And if all of the health implications don’t concern you then you should also consider that you could save over £2000 a year, as a 20 a day smoker, if you stop smoking tobacco cigarettes.

Learn How to Calculate your Ideal Weight

If you really want to be sure that how much weight you should reduce or gain in order to be fit you should learn how to calculate your ideal weight and see to it that it is always kept under control. Generally, people make guesses as to how much weight they should reduce and they end up losing more than required or gain more than what is usual.

Old formula – BMI

People have been using the Body Mass Index (BMI) as a measure of their ideal weight since years. This is a common method to measure the ideal weight of the body. This formula works by taking your weight and the height and then it calculates an index, known as the BMI and then according to that, you are required to lose or gain weight. However, the fat percentage of the body is not considered by this formula. When the health of a group of people needs to be determined, BMI is a good option to go for, but not in the case of an individual.

Learn How to Calculate your Ideal Weight

New formula

Obviously, the new formula for calculating the ideal weight of the body takes into account the fat as well. The formula is defined as below:

Ideal Weight = Lean Body Mass/ (1 – Fat Percentage)

In this formula, the lean body mass can be calculated by using the following formula:

Lean Body Mass = Body Weight – (Body Weight – Fat Percentage)

Here, lean body mass represents the mass of your body which does not include the weight of the fat content of your body. This means that this weight is only on the bones, muscles and blood.

Important for ideal weight

If you are wondering why you should know how to measure the ideal body weight, then consider this. You would live a long and a happier life if no diseases occur to you. Least diseases occur to those people who have an ideal body weight. Time to time, you should keep on calculating your ideal body weight so that you know how much you should work out in order to get a perfect figure and a balanced body. Also, clothes would look good on you if your body is fit and you are healthy. An underweight or an overweight body never looks good.

There are many online websites also available which would return you the ideal body weight in case you enter your exact height and your exact weight into them. But you should learn how to calculate your ideal body weight all by yourselves so that you can calculate without the need of any digital media, on a simple paper itself.

Healthy Eating Tips for Teenagers

It is important for the parents to know about the healthy eating tips for teenagers so that they can give their children something healthy to eat no matter how much junk food they eat when they go out with friends. It is true that eating healthy in teenage is very difficult because most of the time they have to live in hostels and spend time outside the home. But a few tips might be useful and healthy tips for eating good help in making them healthier than before.

Do not skip breakfast

Most of the teenagers do not eat breakfast because either they are in a hurry or they think that eating breakfast is not going to help them. However, it is a fact that if breakfast is skipped it might result in short term memory loss and the mood of the people is also affected by it. When you have something in your stomach before moving out of home, you would certainly be in a happy mood. But teenagers need not have only cereals in the breakfast, they can eat anything as long as it is not junk. However, biscuits do not count as part of a healthy breakfast.

Healthy Eating Tips for Teenagers

Have some healthy snacks

Often when teenagers go to college or evening class, they have an excuse for eating the junk food that they were hungry and they did not have anything to eat. To avoid this kind of a situation it would be a great idea to pack some healthy snacks in their bags so that they can eat them whenever they are hungry. Dried fruits and low fat products such as whole grain biscuits and peanuts are some of the good snacks that could be packed for quick munching.

Take care of dinners

Just like breakfast, dinner is also important for being healthy. Teenagers have the habit of going to parties and returning home late night and might not have dinner with family. In such a case, make it a habit to keep whole grain bread in your refrigerator and some fresh vegetables too so that whenever the child returns home, he can make a sandwich and eat it. This would definitely be a healthy idea.

Additionally, parents should keep fruits and vegetables always in their homes so that children feel the urge to eat them whenever they are at home. You can also cut the fruits for them and make it easy to pop some in. Doing this a few times would make them habitual to it and next time they would prepare them by themselves. Whatever be the case, make sure that you do not overdo anything. It might be very difficult to tell teenagers what they should eat and what they should not, however, if you do it in a fun way, they might understand quickly. Healthy eating tips for teenagers would help them in the long run in having a strong and healthy body.

Proper Method of the Triceps Extension

You should always follow the proper method of the triceps extension so that they are strengthened properly. Proper care should be taken of the triceps because these would also help you to perform various other kinds of exercises which help in keeping the entire body fit. Additionally, they look good if somebody notices them. The common mistakes that people commit when performing triceps extension have been discussed here. Go through them and be sure that you do not make any of these mistakes from now on.

Stress the heads

There are three heads in the triceps. Some people have the habit of stressing on one head and paying less attention to the other two, or stressing on two heads and paying less attention on the third one. However, this should not be the case. If you are not sure how to do this, you can take the help of a professional bodybuilder. Generally, people happen to overstress the lateral head. To build them up, you just have to keep your arms straight with an overhand grip. To shape the medial head, you need to have an underhand grip and to stress on the long head, move elbows in front.

Triceps Extension

Order of exercise

Results always appear no matter which order you exercise but is that what you actually what you wanted it to look like? In some cases, it might take very long for the results to appear and even when you change the order of an exercise it takes time to adjust as per your body. It is recommended that you work on your triceps in the earlier phase of the exercise as at this time you would feel stronger and later you might be exhausted. You can do compound lifts first, followed by free weight extensions and then perform some of the cable exercises.

Do not depend on machines

Machines might help a lot in performing triceps extension but you should not completely depend on them. However, not all the machines are custom made to every individual and you need to focus as per your body on a different area while the machine makes you focus on an entirely different area. The best thing you can do to solve this problem is to perform a compound exercise so that your chest as well as your shoulder is also focused. Use the overhand grips as well as the underhand grip so that pushdown exercises bring maximum effect.

Lastly, do not forget to include free weight exercises in your daily routine and do not overdo. Some people think that performing too much exercise at a time is going to help them but this is not true. Never perform more than 12 sets on a single workout and in between the triceps extension sessions, take a break of at least 2 days. If you follow the proper method of the triceps extension without any mistakes your body would be fit and fine sooner.

Side Effects of Bodybuilding Supplements

Generally, when results appear after a few days of taking bodybuilding supplements, the side effects of bodybuilding supplements are ignored by many people. Though these supplements would speed up the growth of the muscles, they might be harmful for your body in the long run. Exercise and proper diet are the best solution to getting good muscle power, but that way is longer and hence, people are inclined towards the bodybuilding supplements. Some of the side effects of these supplements can harm your body rather than enhancing muscle power.

Fat gain

Sometimes, when people take too much protein-rich diet thinking that it would help them to enhance their muscle power, they just end up adding a lot of fat to their body. Protein supplements available in the market add calories to your body. Moreover, if you think that taking these bodybuilding supplements without doing any good amount of exercise would help you to build muscle, you are wrong. The extra calories would be transformed into fat and add up weight to your body.

Side Effects of Bodybuilding Supplements

Damage to kidneys

Ketones are generated when humans take too much of bodybuilding supplements. These are nothing but waste products that need to be excreted out from the body and hence, pressure is put on the kidneys which might damage the kidneys in the long run. For those people who have already some kind of kidney disorders, the situation might become even worse.

Loss of bone

Bodybuilding supplements generally create a large amount of acid in the body. The sulfates get introduced into the body when these products are taken. To balance the acid generated, the body of the person would try to generate even more acid. This might be a very difficult situation for the body and calcium might be lost. Due to this, bones get damaged. Osteoporosis might occur if this kind of situation is not taken care of properly. This kind of situation is common in women, although men should also avoid it.


Dehydration is another common side effect of taking bodybuilding supplements. Since a lot of waste products are generated in the body due to them, the kidneys try to get rid of them somehow. The waste is excreted in the form of urine and hence a lot of water is lost. When you do a lot of exercise, sweat is produced and water is lost due to that too.

Bloating and irritation in the intestines are some of the other side effects which one needs to take care of. In the long run, there might be major problems in the body if proper care is not taken. Hence, side effects of the bodybuilding supplements should not be ignored and they should be taken only if absolutely necessary.

How to Get Bigger Chest with Simple Exercises

For those who have always been wondering about how to get bigger chest, here are some of the solutions to give a try. There are so many chest enhancing exercises suggested by fitness experts but it is important that you take proper care of your diet and eating habits too. If you think that you can take help of muscle enhancement supplements available in the market and you would not have to spend time on exercise, you are wrong. You would need regular exercise too.

Do push-ups the right way

Generally, we head on to various bulky exercises and often forget that a simple exercise such as push-ups would help in strengthening the chest muscles in addition to the shoulders. Keeping your elbows straight is also one of the important things that you shouldn’t forger when doing push-ups. Start with lower number of sets and then continuously keep on increasing the push-ups in your sets so that you can gain strength.


Bench pressing is also a good exercise for those who want to build up a bigger chest. However, you should choose the right weights that suit your level of strength otherwise there would be side effects rather than the desired effect. This exercise is believed to carry glycogen along with the blood throughout the body. If you want to focus on the pectoral muscles particularly, you can use an inclined bench and do incline bench pressing.

How to Get Bigger Chest

Do not overwork the muscles

Always remember that you should not lift heavy weights every day. This would only produce strain. It is an old belief that the more you work hard, the more would be the effect of exercise on your chest. Rather, give proper time to the tissues to repair themselves so that strain is not produced and muscles have proper time to grow. Working out two times a week is sufficient. However, if you do not work out on chest during any days, you can work out on other parts of your body. Overwork might damage your muscles, hence; make sure that you never overwork.

Do not take much calories

Calories are something that would put all your effort in vain. Hence, make sure that you do not take many calories. Earlier, people believed that if they take in more calories, it would result in a bigger chest. Instead, if you take a lot of calories, the result would be on your tummy and not on your chest. Never eat pasta, cakes and cookies and baked products if you want to have a big chest. Whole grains must be preferred over the processed foods and fast foods.

Increase protein intake

Carbohydrates are not going to help you get a bigger chest, but proteins would certainly help you. So, increase their amount in your diet and eat as much as you can. These would also help you to exercise more efficiently. Chicken, pork and fish could be taken. Eggs, nuts and beans are also a good option. However, do not go for heavy dairy products.

If you are still confused on how to get a bigger chest despite trying hard, you should consult a fitness expert and who would guide you through the process of getting a strong and wide chest.

What Are the Latest Fitness Exercises to Try

With the changing times, it is good to keep track of the latest fitness exercises, especially if you are not going to a gym regularly. These days, obesity has taken the center stage. Hence, most of the new exercises are related to weight reduction. Check this list out and find out what exercises are best for you.

Get down, get up

Get down, get up

Start in a standing position and make sure that your feet are hip distance apart. Have a bench behind you on which you can sit comfortably. Keep your hands together in front of your chest. Gradually, start by bending your knees and sit on the bench. While sitting, lift your legs and keep them straight so that they are in a V-position in front of you. Then, open your arms and stretch them on your sides. Slowly, lower down your legs and return to your original position. Repeat it in 3 sets of 15.

Leg drop

Leg drop

This exercise is easy. You would need to start in laying down position. Lay back on your back straight and keep your arms by your sides. Make sure that your palms are facing down, take a stability ball and keep in between your legs. Lift your legs gradually by maintaining the ball between your legs and do not forget to engage abs in this procedure. Stop when the ball gets over your hips directly. Stay in that position for a sometime and press your lower back against the floor. Lower the legs slowly and repeat the exercise in 3 sets of 15.

Balancing overhead toss

Balancing overhead toss

This exercise would target your shoulder muscles and would provide you a great balanced body shape. Start in a standing position; make sure that your feet are shoulder distance apart. Take a medicine ball in your left hand; make sure that you are able to pick up the ball comfortably. Bend your right knee and lift it up so that the thigh is perpendicular to your body. Stay in that position for 5 seconds and when you are balanced, toss the ball so that it jumps from your left hand to the right hand. Then, toss it back. Switch legs after you have done 15 repetitions.

Ball fly

Ball fly

You would need a stability ball and a dumbbell for performing this exercise. Sit on the ball and hold dumbbell in your right hand. Roll on the ball and stop when only your shoulders and head are left on the ball and the rest of the body is down. Now, press your heels against the floor and raise your hips so that a bridge is formed. Extend the right hand in an up direction and then slowly, straighten the left leg. Lower the right arm now and when it reaches the level of the shoulder, stop. Repeat the exercise in 3 sets of 15.

These latest fitness exercises involve more muscle challenge and hence, greater force is put on the hips and butt, which, in turn, would result in reduced body weight.

5 Pushup Tips You Need to Know

Go through these 5 push up tips you need to know so that you can do more reps easily without straining yourself and feel stronger than earlier. Additionally, you would receive faster results with these tips and can have the perfect body that you always wanted.

1. Elbows at 45 degree angle

Generally, people tend to keep their elbows to the side of the body while they should actually keep them at an angle of 45 degrees. The shoulders and triceps would feel more relaxed and activated when the elbows are kept at this particular angle. The body would also be moved forward and the muscles would have to bear more weight. Although this would be a bit harder, you would get better results from this exercise and the results you would get would definitely be awesome.

2. Squeeze abs and butt

Do not come up directly once you are done. Squeeze your butt and abs against the floor just before you come up. This would not only help you concentrate on your back more, but it would also involve more muscles and hence better results would be produced. When you move up, the rib cage also gets stressed, make the most out of it by squeezing the abs and butt so that the lower back does not come up in a relaxed fashion and the rib cage is also prevented from arching.

Pushup Tips

3. Keep the blades set

Have you ever felt that the chest and back takes more time to develop than the biceps and triceps? Well, it is not a fact. May be you have used the wrong practice for pushups which never lets your chest and back get developed properly. Do not let your shoulders make noise when you perform pushups. Instead, move your blades backward towards the bones of the hips. This would lead to burning of your chest but at the end, you would love the results.

4. Keep your toes pointed

When you do clapping pushups, instead of pushing up using the balls of the feet, push your body up by using the toes instead. You can use a suspension trainer for the purpose, just point your toes and place them over the top of the balls. This way, your lower body would come into balance and the upper body would become all the way stronger.

5. Move the hands back

Have you ever wondered why gymnasts are so powerful while other athletes are not? Well, they know this simple trick – you should always move your hands towards the center of the gravity while doing pushups. This puts force on the upper body and hence provides strength to it. Since the hands would be closer to the hips, pushups would become harder and you would get better results.

Doing pushups the hard way is the only option to achieve better results. The 5 push up tips you need to know discussed above would keep you going.