Different Types of Gym Training Equipment

The different types of gym training equipment include the exercise machines and the fitness devices that help an individual in staying fit and healthy. There are different varieties of gym training equipment, but you should buy them according to the space that you have and also according to your budget. If you are planning to enjoy working out in a home gym then it is important for you to have the space required for all the gym equipment. The treadmill is considered to be the most useful gym training equipment for overall exercising, but if you focus on certain specific exercises then you might require some other devices too.


Weights are one of the most important gym training equipment. They not only help with muscular workouts but they are also effective is saving a lot of space in the gym. These fitness devices are quite affordable and can easily be purchased by almost anyone. They are basic bodybuilding equipments that do not carry any attached pulleys, pins, weight stacks or cables. Free weights consist of dumbbells, weight plates and barbells. I would advise you though to be careful when lifting weights. Beginners will often overdo it and do more damage than good. If you’re not sure what your regimen should be, consider looking into a Los Angeles personal trainer or one located near you.


The dumbbell is actually a very short barbell which is 10 to 15 inches in length. A dumbbell can be used for performing dumbbell exercises by carrying the dumbbells in both the hands. Dumbbells are available in different weights while there are even adjustable dumbbells possessing small collars that can easily be clipped onto the ends of the dumbbells for holding weight plates. Such dumbbells are very affordable and they are considered to be just perfect for a home gym or for a common gym.

Different Types of Gym Training Equipment


Barbells are long bars made of iron measuring four to seven feet in length and they are used along with weight plates. For performing barbell exercises, you need to hold the barbell with both your hands. There are different varieties of barbells available in the market. There are Olympic barbells that are both small and large in size. These barbells are used for heavy exercises like dead lifts, squats and bench presses. The smaller versions of Olympic barbells are used for smaller exercises like shoulder presses, barbell curls and bent rows.

Weight plates

Weight plates are generally made out of iron, but you can also go for the weight plates made from plastic. There are generally tow varieties of weight plates made of iron and they are standard weight plates for the standard size barbells and the Olympic weight plates for Olympic barbells.


Fitness freaks are very fond of this gym training equipment called the treadmill. You can use a treadmill for jogging, running and walking in a fixed place. A treadmill helps you in losing a considerable amount of body weight and in breaking sweat without putting in much effort and without using much time. However, it is important to note that treadmills are a kind of gym equipment not very affordable. These are only some of the different types of gym training equipment that you can possess in order to stay fit and healthy and there are a lot more you could try as and when you gain progress and want to increase the intensity of your training sessions.

10 Ways to Protect Your Knees

It is very important to maintain healthy knees and this is the reason why you should know the 10 ways to protect your knees. Healthy knees provide a boost to your active lifestyle. Injured hips, cartilage damage, excess weight of the body and weak feet are some of the factors that can result in knee swelling knee pain and tight knees. You should start caring for your knees from your home itself. Maintain healthy feet, knees and hips and stay active through flexibility and strength training.

1. Work out all your body muscles

Flexibility and strengthening exercises can help in building muscles that can stabilize the knees. However, you need to keep in mind not to bulk up a particular group of muscles and forget the others. The most important muscles that you should work out include quads, hip adductors and abductors and hamstrings.

2. Avoid rotating of knees

The movements like slowing down while running and jumping are very common with many exercises, but such movements are bad for your knees. Therefore, it is important for you to avoid the rotation of the knees very often by landing with the help of joints.

3. Lighten knee load

Walking around is something that puts a lot of body weight pressure on the knees therefore it is very important for you to shed off the extra weight of your body. You should eat properly and relax your body by burning off the extra calories.

Ways to Protect Your Knees

4. Brace yourself

Braces do not prevent injury, but you can use braces if you are looking to prevent strains and tears.

5. Use ice

You should never ignore a knee strain or tweak and use ice, which is a simple method that can be used in reducing pain and inflammation of the knees.

6. Pick your favorite sports

Cross-country skiing, cycling and rowing are certain knee-friendly sports as they have a very low impact on the knees and also do not encourage any sort of twisting.

7. Remain aware of up and down

The tendons present in the knees can get strained if you remain in the practice if running up and down a hilly terrain. You must always pay attention to the symptoms of knee pain and give your knees immediate rest.

8. Cross-train

Overusing the knees can result in slow but steady injuries of the knee. You can go for different activities by alternating your workout sessions. Do not practice activities that make the continued use of your knees.

9. Do not run very often

Long and repetitive running puts you at a very high risk of knee injuries. Running can be swapped with cardio workouts like elliptical training and biking.

10. Take a day off from work and stay active

Give your body the time to recover and this means that you should also use your day off’s in the best way possible. Try doping certain activities that keep your knees in good health. Having a sound knowledge of these 10 ways to protect your kneeswill help you in getting healthy and active knees for a very long span of time.

Effects of Alcohol on Weight Loss

If you are planning to shred pounds, you should consider the effects of alcohol on weight loss along with other aspects. Some say that alcohol consumption leads to weight gain, while others suggest that alcohol consumption in moderation is associated with weight loss. Find out how alcohol makes or breaks your weight loss plan. To maintain optimum body weight, your body sets aside certain number of calories. The amount of calories required, depends on gender, age, activity, height, weight and physical activity levels. Consuming more number of calories than the amount expended, leads to weight gain. Alcohol can cause weight gain, as it has calories. After consuming alcohol, you tend to consume more calories and hence gain weight.

Higher chances of weight gain

Next time, consider the calories you’d be taking, before grabbing your choice of cocktail. You should count your calories from drinks, along with your meals. Drinks can also contain equal number of calories as your meal. Most people tend to forget this, when they are on a drinking spree. You should consider the serving size of your drink and also the additional calories in it from mixing soda or juice.

Effects of Alcohol on Weight Loss

Whenever you reach for your favorite drink before meals, pause for a while and think about the weight you could gain and whether it’s worth it. Studies show that you tend to consume 20% more number of calories during meals, if you consume alcohol before a meal. This combined with the calories of alcohol; you’d consume 33% more calories in all. While alcohol is not stored in the body as body fat, you gain weight because of eating all the stuff along with it, as it becomes irresistible when you get drunk.

Associated health risks

Gaining weight poses a threat to your health as well. You’d be at a greater risk of developing various issues, considering how much and where you put on the most weight. Research shows that men who consume excessive amount of alcohol tend to develop abdominal obesity. Most people brush this aside by calling it a beer belly, but this bulged belly can put you at a higher risk for increased blood pressure, diabetes, increased blood lipids and heart disease.

If you have the habit of munching on snacks late night, you end up drinking late night. Most people don’t take notice that when they happen to consume alcohol, they feel hungrier or eat more than usual. Research suggests that alcohol consumption increases hunger feelings and encourages food intake over short term. Your weight-loss plan can end up as a big failure, when your judgment gets impaired and appetite gets bigger.

Tips to stay in control

  • If you can’t help drinking while on a weight-loss plan, restrict yourself to one day drink in a week to avoid gaining excess body fat.
  • When you consume alcohol, avoid the intake of fat foods that day.
  • Consume more of proteins and carbohydrates for filling in calories when you drink.

Beer and other cocktails that are loaded with carbohydrates should be avoided. Choose dry wines instead, for a drink.

Slim Summer Wardrobe Secrets

You can use the slim summer wardrobe secrets for camouflaging your flaws and flaunting the best features of your body during the summer. The secrets involve making some good changes in your summer wardrobe so that you look slimmer and more attractive. Summer is a season of evening cocktails and late night parties where you need to wear maxi-mini dresses and chic accessories. But, if you do not have a very good figure, then it becomes a little embarrassing and difficult to find the right dress for such parties. However, you can use some top secrets of slim summer wardrobe to get rid of this problem.

Camouflaging the ankles

If you want to hide your ankles that do not look good because of your plus size figure, then you can try using a mullet dress or a maxi dress. Such dresses are long at the back and short in front and they are a good help in camouflaging your ankles. You can also use sandals that lace up your entire leg. Avoid wearing mules because these will make your ankles look heavier. In order to tone up the lower legs for creating curvature you can add calf raises and plyo boxes to your exercise routine.

Slim Summer Wardrobe Secrets

Dealing with thick upper arms

In order to deal with your thick arms in the best way possible wear halter tops for special occasions. These tops draw the attention of the onlooker towards the face and render an illusion of curves. Avoid wearing cap scoop necks and cap sleeves because they will make you look chunkier. You can try cable kneeling extensions and hand walking side planks to get thin arms.

Wear trousers with vertical lines

Human eyes have the tendency of following lines, whether they are horizontal or vertical across the body. There is a very old saying that states horizontal lines make a person look bigger and this is virtually true. Luckily, for people who love stripes, even vertical lines make you look slimmer. Vertical lines help in lengthening your appearance and draw the onlooker’s attention away from the thicker and flabbier parts of the body. This is an optical tip that you can use as an advantage by dressing in pants and tops having vertical lines. However, the choice of a vertically striped shirt or trouser needs to be done with subtlety.

Dealing with a broad back

A broad back is good to flaunt during the summers because it gives an illusion of a very small waist. Therefore, you can choose to wear a strapless dress for parties and functions during the summers. However, avoid wearing a one-shoulder or strappy dress because it will break up your broad back.

Color blocking

Color blocking is a trick that is very similar to vertical lines. Just as vertical lines are followed by the eyes, blocks of colors are also followed. You will be successful in sculpting a favorite silhouette by wearing a dress that has strategically placed color blocks. This is one trick that works best on tops and blouses.

10 Easy Steps to Fitness Success

These 10 steps for a successful fitness routine are both effective and powerful in jump-starting your fitness regime and getting you onto the path to a perfect and fit body. Almost everyone can achieve fitness success by following the most important rules or guidelines that lay much stress on staying fit and healthy. However, it is important to understand that accomplishing fitness success takes a lot of energy and time. Fitness success is hard to earn and it cannot be achieved instantly by the mere use of machines.

1. Workout

In order to achieve fitness success, the first and the foremost thing that you should do is engage yourself in physical activity that requires making use of the legs, back, important muscle groups and the arms.

2. Stretch

Stretching is equally important to remain flexible. Try stretching both before and after exercises so that you can avoid muscle soreness and injury.

3. The mission at hand

Schedule your time to exercise. You need to ensure that you write your exercise time into your schedule so that you can commit yourself to exercise. You should always remember that consistency is very important for making anything a habit in your life.

4. Get moving

Try becoming physically active by doing something and getting off your couch. Involve yourself in activities like bike riding, running and walking.

Easy Steps to Fitness Success

5. Get enough rest

You require at least eight hours of good sleep for rejuvenating your body and rebooting your mind. Give your body the time to relax and rest because a body that gets enough rest is able to reinstate itself mentally and physically.

6. Lose weight

Take also initiatives for maintaining your weight by eating healthy and by exercising. Decrease your intake of food and start exercising to reduce your weight. Loss of weight will make you feel happy and will also give you the boost to stay fit for a very long span of time.

7. Exercise your muscles

You should always try to increase the endurance and the strength of your muscles by making use of resistance bands or by lifting weights. This will help you in achieving fitness success.

8. De-stress

Stress is directly related to losing or gaining weight. Therefore, it is always important to try out the methods that help in reducing stress in life. De-stressing your mind and body will help you in eating healthy and this will automatically keep you fit for a very long time.

9. Eat carefully

If required make some changes in your diet. Achieving fitness success is not all about working out, but it also involves the food that you eat on a regular basis. Empty calories and fatty foods do not provide good nutrition to your body. You should swap things out of your diet so that eating healthy can turn you healthier. Change your chips for vegetables and fruits and soda for water.

10. Make some changes in your lifestyle

It is completely your decision to make certain important changes in your life. Make certain changes in your lifestyle so that they can be of good help in getting you fitness success. These 10 steps to fitness success can always help you in staying fit and healthy.

How To Keep Your Mind Fit

Running is an activity that each and every personal trainer you come across would spend a bit of time attempting to push on you. If you are new to exercise and simply want to find something that is going to allow you to start the process involved with dropping weight, running can be a great way to get more value for the time that you are putting in. When you run, you would be able to enjoy the flexibility of being able to consume a larger amount of calories without having to think about the fact that this may hinder your goal and even cause you to gain weight. The easy way to ensure that you do not stack on pounds of fat when you are not eating as health as possible would be to engage in running at least thirty minutes each day. Running is great for your heart, it can also ensure that you are able to make mistakes along the way when it comes to your food choices without having to worry about what this is going to make you look like when you look into the mirror in the morning. While this may very well be a useful activity for someone that is wanting to get in better shape, the benefits are limited to those that people are going to be able to see visually in no time at all. While it is important to keep your body as healthy as possible, this alone does not define health.

How To Keep Your Mind Fit

Instead, you also need to work in ways to keep your mind active each and every day of your life. Once your mind checks out, it would only be a matter of time before you are no longer getting any enjoyment out of anything that you may be subjected to in the future. Putting in place some easy ways to keep your mind healthy is going to be very effective for ensuring that you take a holistic approach when it comes to how you are feeling. Visiting Red Flush online casino is a lot of fun, it allows you to access some of the most popular games ever developed. Additionally, you have the ability to connect quickly and begin a game within a few seconds of time. This can provide you with a source of comfort simply because it helps you to find something that provides you with a bit of peace for the time being.

Keeping your brain fit does not have to be something that you are going to struggle with. The best way to invest in the fitness of your mind would be to use an online casino as a source of entertainment. When you are thinking through the next move that you are going to make during each and every game that you play, it can help to avoid things such as memory problems and difficulty holding onto information that has just been presented to you. Combine mind training entertainment forms while exercise such as running and you will be a lot happier.

Some Easy Tips to Lose Belly Fat

To maintain a slim and a healthy body is a dream of many. But not all of us achieve it easily. Most of us find the pounds coming off quite slowly and lose patience and leave the exercise regime half way. This happens as most of us usually do not stop some of the old routines and do not try to change our lifestyle. Not all of us realize the harmful effects it has on the process of burning the belly fat. Hence, in order to lose the belly fat faster and reach the fit body, one needs to get rid of the bad habits and only follow those which support the diet as well as workout process. Though these can be tiny steps towards losing belly fat, they would still help in a long way. Here is a look at some of the best and easy tips for both men and women which one can start immediately.

Eat only when you are hungry

Eating when not hungry is a very common habit among many of us. We tend to eat even when we are happy or sad and this one of those habits which one needs to get rid of. Whenever you have a craving to eat something, have a glass of water or take in some fresh fruits or vegetables.

Get enough sleep

Unhealthy sleep habits can reduce your body metabolism. Human body needs good rest after a tiresome day, so make sure you get at least 8 hours of sleep every day which will also help you with your workout sessions.

Some Easy Tips to Lose Belly Fat

Have a wise breakfast

As the well known saying goes you should truly have your breakfast like a king. You can have your breakfast without any control. Lot of people tend to take in more carbs in their breakfast. Instead have meals which are healthy in protein and mineral content. Consider having foods like ham, eggs or veggies. You can also include fresh fruit juices or milk in your breakfast.

Eat at least 3 hours before sleeping

The metabolic rate is much slower when we are sleeping. Hence, make sure you have your dinner at least 3 hours before you go to bed. If you eat just before sleeping, your body tends to accumulate the unnecessary nutrients and transforms the same into fat which gets accumulated in various parts of body.

Avoid the regular intake of alcohol

Alcohol is known to contain a lot of calories which get accumulated as fat in the wrong areas of our body. Instead of alcohol, drink Red wine which will help to burn the fat. Drinking a small glass of wine 3-4 times in a week helps to burn the fat near the tummy areas.

Get a partner for your workouts

Doing an exercise with your partner is more fun and one can help another to get the best benefit of the work out sessions.

Eat slowly

It is proved scientifically that people who eat fast tend to eat more. So, make sure you take your time to chew your food properly as it has some positive effects on the digestive system.

Drink lot of water

Drinking water helps to improve the metabolic rate, which means more calories are burnt. It is always advised to take in more water, if possible have mineral water instead of artificial beverages. One can also drink Green Tea as it is known to have fat burning components.

Eat more

Yes, you heard it right. It is always healthy and advised to eat at least 5-6 times in a day in smaller portions. The food you eat needs to be rich in minerals and nutrients.

These are some of the tips which help to reduce the belly fat. One also needs to follow an exercise regime everyday which will help to lose the fat faster.

10 Best Tips for Gaining Mass

Being called skinny too often by friends? Well, you aren’t the only one. Many suffer from less muscle and want more mass. Skinny types of people aren’t the only ones who want to add some mass; a lot of women eat their heart out, and don’t see it reflect on their figures. Though putting on weight seems like an easy thing to do, it isn’t. But here are some very easy and helpful tips to help you.

1. Eat carbs

If you want to build quality mass, then quality food is the key and a good quality of that comes from carbohydrates. What’s more, they are inexpensive. Perfect examples are potatoes, rice, oatmeal, pasta etc. Studies say, muscle require carbs to grow. So if you haven’t consumed much of carbohydrates yet, it’s your time to start doing so.

2. Get lots of sleep

Recovery is one of the most important yet underrated element to gain quality muscle mass. If you aren’t sleeping enough, you rob your body of enough time to repair its muscles. So start prioritizing sleep, as they say a fatigued body will never be a strong one.

3. Keep fats in the picture

Well, it is not rocket science to know that, fat helps add weight to the body. You can get 15-20 percent of the fat calories from saturated fats.

4. Drink enough water

Water is undoubtedly the best natural way to supplement your diet and without it you will go nowhere. It helps you get most of the protein and carbs that you consume into your body, by stimulating absorption.

Tips for Gaining Mass

5. Don’t weigh yourself daily

If you are on a weight gain spree, you feel the instant need to gratify yourself with results. But remember no change happens in one single day. It requires some time; you can stand upon the weighing machine the very next day expecting to have magically gained mass. It only builds the pressure and invites disappointment.

6. Eat meat

If you are a non vegetarian, then eating meat is one of the best options. As meat has it all. It helps increase your mass in the most efficient manner and what more it is delicious.

7. Don’t eat the same food everyday

If you eat the same food everyday and all three times of the day, not only do you run the risk of food boredom but also nutritional deficiency. Do the mix and match and both your taste buds and body will thank you.

8. Exercise

It is the biggest lie that, you do not need to exercise if you are not trying to reduce. Well this is something that the world should know by now. Exercising helps to keep you fit, irrespective of whether you are trying to lose or gain weight. Well you have to exercise even of you aren’t trying to any. It makes your body stronger and healthier.

9. Add variety to training

If you used to doing the same routine for exercise, your body will get used to it, and not respond as it used to during the start of your session, so keep your body guessing.

10. Love the process

Well this is the most important tip, love what you are doing and it will surely reflect in your results.

How to Turn Your Smartphone into the Ultimate Fitness Device

You must always remain aware of the methods about how to turn your smartphone into the ultimate fitness device if you are looking forward to getting fit with the help of your smartphone. Health monitors and fitness trackers are in great demand these days. The manufacturers of smartphones all over the world are bent on releasing smart watches of different varieties that can be used for staying fit and healthy too. However, it is to be noted that GPS watches and heart rate monitors have been used by athletes for a very long time now. But instead of investing in any one of those devices, it is best to get a smartphone these days.

GPS enabled tracking applications

There are a number of free applications that help in tracking your pace, distance, routes and total time while running. You can easily use these applications on your smartphone in order to use them for staying fit. Some of the most famous free alternatives for running include Nike+ Running for Android or iPhone, MapMyRun for Android or iPhone, Strava for Android or iPhone and RunKeeper for Android or iPhone. There are even many more applications that can be used by skiers and cyclists. Most of these applications do not require cell signal for logging data, but they require cell signal for mapping out your route and updating your status.

How to Turn Your Smartphone into the Ultimate Fitness Device

Step counters

These are applications that make use of the accelerometer of your smartphone to count steps. These applications are not very accurate in comparison to GPS but they are good in the way that they use very little battery. The two most popular examples of these applications are Accupedo for Android or iPhone and Runtastic for Android or iPhone. The iPhone itself has certain free applications that make use of the iPhone’s M7 motion coprocessor and such applications include Argus, Pedometer, Nike+ Move and FitBit for M7. Another interesting application is Moves that helps in tracking the time that you spend in different places along with step tracking.

Sleep monitoring

Sleep monitoring applications make use of the microphone and the accelerometer of your smartphone to monitor sleep and wake you up at the optimal time within a set window. A free sleep monitoring application for Android or the iPhone is SleepBot while Sleep Cycle and MotionX 24/7 for the iPhone cost $1. Sleep monitoring applications are also available on certain smartphones today and they can easily be used for staying fit and healthy as they monitor your sleep time.

Calorie and meal counting

These are applications that give you the freedom of logging your meals and monitor the calories that you consume during a meal. Calories Counter for Android or iPhone and Lose It for Android or iPhone are the two famous examples of such applications. The Galaxy Smartphones from Samsung also possess certain built-in health and fitness accessories and features like Wi-Fi scales and heart rate monitors. These are some of the best health and fitness applications that you can get on your smartphone if you are looking for the ways on how to turn your smartphone into the ultimate fitness device.

Top 10 Fitness Trends for 2014

About 10 years back, the fitness bug bit the young people of the world, and the infection spread and how. Ever since, fitness has been a major concern. Everybody want to be in proper shape and look fit, and the age old saying goes, a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Many studies have been done in this field and one needs to understand that there is no one particular way of becoming fit. Some prefer to sweat it out at the gym, while some prefer the calmness yoga has to provide.

With enough and more people stepping into this arena, it has also become a field with massive employment generation. While most of the techniques of fitness maybe pretty familiar to us, others are still emerging and is being adopted slowly. Here is a list of 10 trends that will take the fitness industry by storm in the year 2014.

1. Body weight training

If you are the kind of person who doesn’t like lugging equipment around, then this is the perfect choice for you. All body weight training requires is, well, your own body weight. The quintessential examples of this type are push-ups and pull-ups. This is especially advantageous as the amount that is ideally spent on the equipment is cut down by 100%.

2. Get trained by certified and experienced professionals

Well, who wouldn’t want to be trained by a well learnt professional who knows it all? Like they say, an art is always learnt better, with a teacher around, and fitness is no less than one. This gives a feel good emotion as, you are within safe hands.

3. Express (but intense) workouts

With everybody wanting everything so quickly in this world, this best suits the people of today’s generation. As the name suggests, this includes short hours of workouts, say around 30 minutes, which are very intense. This is the regime that says, “Train smarter not longer”. Though this is being adopted by many people all around the world, this is advised only for the young.

Top 10 Fitness Trends for 2014

4. Yoga

This probably will never go off the charts. Yoga is the way of attaining fitness, spiritually. The various poses and stances will ensure the overall fitness of your body, rather than on particular areas. And to top it all, this provides complimentary stability and mobility training.

5. Corrective exercise for pain management

One of the primary goals of fitness includes “feeling good”. What better than those exercises that wash away all your pain that has been plaguing you for years now? If you are a working individual, there are more chances that it may be of help to you.

6. Workouts designed to build brain power

People are now interested in creating longevity, not only for their bodies but also for their brains. Though brain-boosting exercises may sound complex to hear, it can be as simple as working on your balance or coordination.

7. Group workouts

Being around the likes of the same kind of people, gives you a feeling a belonging. Your workouts will now rely on camaraderie, accomplishment and excitement of team work that motivate you.

8. Emphasis on recovery

We are talking stretches here. Recovering your body after an intense workout session is just as important as the workout itself. This helps you avoid unnecessary muscle cramps and you are in peace with your body.

9. Fitness programs for older adults

If you think fitness is only for the young, then you may not be right this time. As fitness s just needed for the older adults as it is for the younger lot. Many fitness training centers now accommodate this idea.

10. Eat right

No matter, how many hours you put in the gym and sweat it out, it can only be of help, if you know you are eating the right things, and most importantly, avoiding the bad ones.