Choosing the Right Bike for You

Cycling is a great way to get and stay fit, but it is important that you buy the right bike for you and maintain it properly. Riding the wrong bike can be very bad for your health. This is because it puts unnecessary strain on your joints and muscles, which can lead to serious long-term injuries.

Follow these guidelines to avoid these issues and buy the right bike for the job.

The right bike for your sport

If you are going to be using your bike to pursue a sport, it is important to buy one that has been designed for that particular pastime. You will not get very far mountain biking on a road bike. In fact, you are highly likely to injure yourself if you use a road bike on a mountain track. It really is worth buying the right bike for the job.

A bike that matches your abilities

When you are starting out in a sport, it makes sense not to spend too much money. After all, you do not really know if you are going to enjoy that sport and want to pursue it in the longer term. Going out and buying a top-end bike is pointless if you end up riding it only a few times then end up stowing it in the garage. A far better approach is to buy a bike that matches your current riding abilities and work your way up to a higher spec machine when you are ready.

Right Bike for You

The right size

Many new cyclists make the mistake of buying a bike that is not the right size for them. This is a big mistake because riding a bike that is too big or too small for you can easily lead to unnecessary strain being put on your body, which can lead to long-term injuries and health issues.

Before you buy a cycle online, you need to establish what is the right frame size and type for you. What is the right size depends on the type of bike, the sport it is being used for as well as your height and weight, so you need to do your research carefully before buying. Get someone to measure you properly, weigh yourself and take it from there.

It is also important to make sure that you buy a bike that has enough scope for adjustment. The more you can adjust the height and angle of your seat and handlebars the better.

The right handlebars

Nearly as important as buying the right size and type of frame is buying the right kind of handlebars. If you buy handlebars that are not set at the right angle, eventually, you are likely to have problems with your back, neck and shoulders. It will also make it harder for you to perform well at your chosen sport.

A comfortable seat

You need to be comfortable on your bike and the only way you will be is if you buy the right saddle. It is possible to buy padding to add to your saddle to make it more comfortable, but it is not ideal. Padding that is retro fitted to a saddle tends to slip around, which can make it hard to stay comfortable on your bike and avoid chaffing.

The Benefits of Exercising Regularly

Exercise is an activity requiring physical effort, carried out to sustain better levels of stamina and to improve your overall health. You need to necessarily engage in 30 minutes of rigorous exercise for 4-5 days each week which guarantees you of great health and well-being according to the Harvard School of Public Health.

You also need to patronize healthy eating habits followed by an exercise routine in order to quadruple health benefits. The diet comprises of fruits and vegetables, whole grains foods, proteins, foods low in saturated fat and cholesterol and foods having abundance of essential nutrients that your body needs. Regular exercising strengthens your muscles and cardiovascular system. There are specific exercises meant to tone your muscles and give you a sculpt figure while aerobics and dancing lend a fun element to the whole concept of exercising.

The high end physical activity leads to an overall fitness and improves your body stamina. In the long run, lot of health related ailments like loss of bone density, rheumatism, arthritis, breathlessness and cardio vascular diseases can be minimized amongst you who perform a daily routine of exercising. Even sugar or diabetic patients are advised to take up an hour of walking or mild jogging to keep their sugar levels under check.

Benefits of Exercising Regularly

Not only does exercise improve your health, but leads to a healthier and an active mind. Exercising helps you get a fit and a fab body and you are able to perform your day to day activities without getting stressed out or fatigued. Do you need any more convincing to push yourself to the gym or playground every day? You can also perform an hour of yoga or meditation to improve your levels of concentration and keep your mind occupied all the time. Swimming is a great physical activity which is fun loving, energizing and works great on the body as well.

Regular exercising reduces damage on cells, tissues and organs, which left undetected, can form quite a number of chronic disorders. Studies show that exercise can lower blood pressure, reduce bad cholesterol, and cut the incidence of Type 2 diabetes.  And exercise has been shown to improve the body’s response to the influenza vaccine, making it more effective at keeping the virus at bay. It also lowers the potential risk of Osteoporosis.
Performing rigorous exercising delays bone loss and promote bone formation. If you perform any form of exercise or physical activity on a daily basis, you can lead a more active and a healthier life than your counterparts who are inactive. Incidence of premature deaths can also be reduced accordingly.

You can maintain a healthier state of mind when you indulge playing games or swimming or any other form of exercise. You need to enjoy performing what you do. Regular exercise increases the release of feel good endorphins, a hormone that can elevate a person’s mood. It can also ward off depression, reduce stress levels, keep anxiety at bay and reduce negative symptoms.

Exercising is pivotal to reducing the harmful effects of either High blood pressure or low blood pressure. Either ways, your heart is having strain to pump blood to all the organs of the body. And these keep your blood pressure under constant check.

Healthier eating patterns along with regular exercise works wonders on the overall functioning of the body and keep most of the chronic diseases at bay. You can discover a younger looking and a more youthful you, this way. Jane Fonda may be 75 years old, but does she look so? The reason being, she exercises regularly. She has released cassettes and DVD’s which youngsters can play on their recorders and get motivated to exercising regularly.

You are assured of a sound sleep at nights. People, who sleep uninterrupted for 6-7 hours every day, are able to wake up fresh and energetic the next day morning. You don’t feel lethargic or sluggish at all. These are the multitude of benefits associated with regular exercising which invariably goes a long way in improving your overall self-esteem.

Quirky 15-Minute Fitness Ideas

Ask any businessman, working woman with a family or a woman with big house hold to handle why they don’t work out and the answer surely would be that they don’t have time. It’s not because they are too lazy to work out, it is just because they can’t squeeze their daily work enough to find time for regular work out and exercises. People tend to think they need to have a long work out sessions to achieve its benefits. But the truth is shorter sessions can be very beneficial too. Experts suggest squeezing in one or two 15-minute workouts daily, for example on your lunch break or before dinner. They’ll help you slim down your body, and even better, they’ll open up your jam-packed schedule.

Speed toning

For 5 minutes, try to get your heart rate up by walking briskly or jogging up and down a set of stairs. As your fitness level increases, you can up your speed on each time you go up. Continue to descend each stair at a moderate pace. For a good cardio workout, when you become physically up to it, do this for 15 minutes instead of initial 5 minutes.

For 10 minutes, work your legs by sitting towards the back of your chair, lifting one leg, extending your foot straight out, and holding it for two seconds. Lower your foot down, and just before hitting the floor and bring it back up again. Repeat 15 times on each leg.

Fitness Ideas

Work your butt by standing up tall and hold the back of your chair. Then extend your right leg back and move them away from your chair as far as you’re comfortable without having to bend your torso forward, and squeeze your butt for two seconds. Do the same with each leg, lifting each one 10-15 times.

Work your arms while seated in a rolling chair. Place both hands on your desk in front of you. Grip the desk, placing your thumb on the bottom and keep your fingers on the top. Slowly push yourself away from your desk and lower your head until it is between your arms. Then pull yourself all the way in while raising your head and back until your stomach touches the desk. Repeat it a few times.

Fast Footwork

Head outside to an open hallway or any place you can and begin walking. Accelerate your speed for until you reach the maximum speed. Then, slow your pace. Repeat it a few times. If you feel capable, gradually switch speed, switch to intervals of jogging or running. Be sure you’re wearing proper shoes, made for running or walking. Continue for a few minutes.

Quick Cardio

Grab your jump rope (even if you don’t have one, pretend, and you’ll still get a great workout). Jump as quickly as you are able on the balls of your feet for one minute. Then, jump side-to-side for two minutes. For the fourth minute, jump up and back. For the fifth minute, hop on your right foot twice, and then your left foot twice, alternating back and forth. Repeat this entire series two more times (for a total of 15 minutes).

Different Types of Gym Training Equipment

The different types of gym training equipment include the exercise machines and the fitness devices that help an individual in staying fit and healthy. There are different varieties of gym training equipment, but you should buy them according to the space that you have and also according to your budget. If you are planning to enjoy working out in a home gym then it is important for you to have the space required for all the gym equipment. The treadmill is considered to be the most useful gym training equipment for overall exercising, but if you focus on certain specific exercises then you might require some other devices too.


Weights are one of the most important gym training equipment. They not only help with muscular workouts but they are also effective is saving a lot of space in the gym. These fitness devices are quite affordable and can easily be purchased by almost anyone. They are basic bodybuilding equipments that do not carry any attached pulleys, pins, weight stacks or cables. Free weights consist of dumbbells, weight plates and barbells. I would advise you though to be careful when lifting weights. Beginners will often overdo it and do more damage than good. If you’re not sure what your regimen should be, consider looking into a Los Angeles personal trainer or one located near you.


The dumbbell is actually a very short barbell which is 10 to 15 inches in length. A dumbbell can be used for performing dumbbell exercises by carrying the dumbbells in both the hands. Dumbbells are available in different weights while there are even adjustable dumbbells possessing small collars that can easily be clipped onto the ends of the dumbbells for holding weight plates. Such dumbbells are very affordable and they are considered to be just perfect for a home gym or for a common gym.

Different Types of Gym Training Equipment


Barbells are long bars made of iron measuring four to seven feet in length and they are used along with weight plates. For performing barbell exercises, you need to hold the barbell with both your hands. There are different varieties of barbells available in the market. There are Olympic barbells that are both small and large in size. These barbells are used for heavy exercises like dead lifts, squats and bench presses. The smaller versions of Olympic barbells are used for smaller exercises like shoulder presses, barbell curls and bent rows.

Weight plates

Weight plates are generally made out of iron, but you can also go for the weight plates made from plastic. There are generally tow varieties of weight plates made of iron and they are standard weight plates for the standard size barbells and the Olympic weight plates for Olympic barbells.


Fitness freaks are very fond of this gym training equipment called the treadmill. You can use a treadmill for jogging, running and walking in a fixed place. A treadmill helps you in losing a considerable amount of body weight and in breaking sweat without putting in much effort and without using much time. However, it is important to note that treadmills are a kind of gym equipment not very affordable. These are only some of the different types of gym training equipment that you can possess in order to stay fit and healthy and there are a lot more you could try as and when you gain progress and want to increase the intensity of your training sessions.

10 Easy Steps to Fitness Success

These 10 steps for a successful fitness routine are both effective and powerful in jump-starting your fitness regime and getting you onto the path to a perfect and fit body. Almost everyone can achieve fitness success by following the most important rules or guidelines that lay much stress on staying fit and healthy. However, it is important to understand that accomplishing fitness success takes a lot of energy and time. Fitness success is hard to earn and it cannot be achieved instantly by the mere use of machines.

1. Workout

In order to achieve fitness success, the first and the foremost thing that you should do is engage yourself in physical activity that requires making use of the legs, back, important muscle groups and the arms.

2. Stretch

Stretching is equally important to remain flexible. Try stretching both before and after exercises so that you can avoid muscle soreness and injury.

3. The mission at hand

Schedule your time to exercise. You need to ensure that you write your exercise time into your schedule so that you can commit yourself to exercise. You should always remember that consistency is very important for making anything a habit in your life.

4. Get moving

Try becoming physically active by doing something and getting off your couch. Involve yourself in activities like bike riding, running and walking.

Easy Steps to Fitness Success

5. Get enough rest

You require at least eight hours of good sleep for rejuvenating your body and rebooting your mind. Give your body the time to relax and rest because a body that gets enough rest is able to reinstate itself mentally and physically.

6. Lose weight

Take also initiatives for maintaining your weight by eating healthy and by exercising. Decrease your intake of food and start exercising to reduce your weight. Loss of weight will make you feel happy and will also give you the boost to stay fit for a very long span of time.

7. Exercise your muscles

You should always try to increase the endurance and the strength of your muscles by making use of resistance bands or by lifting weights. This will help you in achieving fitness success.

8. De-stress

Stress is directly related to losing or gaining weight. Therefore, it is always important to try out the methods that help in reducing stress in life. De-stressing your mind and body will help you in eating healthy and this will automatically keep you fit for a very long time.

9. Eat carefully

If required make some changes in your diet. Achieving fitness success is not all about working out, but it also involves the food that you eat on a regular basis. Empty calories and fatty foods do not provide good nutrition to your body. You should swap things out of your diet so that eating healthy can turn you healthier. Change your chips for vegetables and fruits and soda for water.

10. Make some changes in your lifestyle

It is completely your decision to make certain important changes in your life. Make certain changes in your lifestyle so that they can be of good help in getting you fitness success. These 10 steps to fitness success can always help you in staying fit and healthy.

Top 10 Fitness Trends for 2014

About 10 years back, the fitness bug bit the young people of the world, and the infection spread and how. Ever since, fitness has been a major concern. Everybody want to be in proper shape and look fit, and the age old saying goes, a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Many studies have been done in this field and one needs to understand that there is no one particular way of becoming fit. Some prefer to sweat it out at the gym, while some prefer the calmness yoga has to provide.

With enough and more people stepping into this arena, it has also become a field with massive employment generation. While most of the techniques of fitness maybe pretty familiar to us, others are still emerging and is being adopted slowly. Here is a list of 10 trends that will take the fitness industry by storm in the year 2014.

1. Body weight training

If you are the kind of person who doesn’t like lugging equipment around, then this is the perfect choice for you. All body weight training requires is, well, your own body weight. The quintessential examples of this type are push-ups and pull-ups. This is especially advantageous as the amount that is ideally spent on the equipment is cut down by 100%.

2. Get trained by certified and experienced professionals

Well, who wouldn’t want to be trained by a well learnt professional who knows it all? Like they say, an art is always learnt better, with a teacher around, and fitness is no less than one. This gives a feel good emotion as, you are within safe hands.

3. Express (but intense) workouts

With everybody wanting everything so quickly in this world, this best suits the people of today’s generation. As the name suggests, this includes short hours of workouts, say around 30 minutes, which are very intense. This is the regime that says, “Train smarter not longer”. Though this is being adopted by many people all around the world, this is advised only for the young.

Top 10 Fitness Trends for 2014

4. Yoga

This probably will never go off the charts. Yoga is the way of attaining fitness, spiritually. The various poses and stances will ensure the overall fitness of your body, rather than on particular areas. And to top it all, this provides complimentary stability and mobility training.

5. Corrective exercise for pain management

One of the primary goals of fitness includes “feeling good”. What better than those exercises that wash away all your pain that has been plaguing you for years now? If you are a working individual, there are more chances that it may be of help to you.

6. Workouts designed to build brain power

People are now interested in creating longevity, not only for their bodies but also for their brains. Though brain-boosting exercises may sound complex to hear, it can be as simple as working on your balance or coordination.

7. Group workouts

Being around the likes of the same kind of people, gives you a feeling a belonging. Your workouts will now rely on camaraderie, accomplishment and excitement of team work that motivate you.

8. Emphasis on recovery

We are talking stretches here. Recovering your body after an intense workout session is just as important as the workout itself. This helps you avoid unnecessary muscle cramps and you are in peace with your body.

9. Fitness programs for older adults

If you think fitness is only for the young, then you may not be right this time. As fitness s just needed for the older adults as it is for the younger lot. Many fitness training centers now accommodate this idea.

10. Eat right

No matter, how many hours you put in the gym and sweat it out, it can only be of help, if you know you are eating the right things, and most importantly, avoiding the bad ones.

Innovative Ways to Make Walking More Exciting

You need to employ innovative ways to make walking more exciting, if you find it monotonous. Walking is the simplest, yet an effective form of exercise. When you are thinking to start a regular physical activity, the best way to begin with, is walking. It is also the best start for those returning to their fitness regimen after a lengthy break. It might soon get boring, but you can make walking a fun activity, like any other activities. Here are some creative ideas in which you can add excitement to your every day fitness routine.

Get a walking mate

Having a friend as a walking companion is a great way to start your day. There’s always something interesting to talk, while you walk. You will not even notice how fast the time flew by and how far you’ve covered.

Get a pedometer

With a device like pedometer, you will know exactly how many steps you’ve walked. Walking one mile almost equals 2,000 steps. You can set goals to make it more interesting.

Get your pet

Taking your dog to walk is a good motivator for you, to get some workout daily. It is fun too. In case if you don’t want to get a dog, you can offer to take your friend’s or neighbor’s dog for a walk.

Listen to lectures

You can choose to listen to sermons of some great philosophers and leaders. The thought provoking lectures will certainly keep you hooked. You can otherwise pick a topic or subject of your interest to learn while you walk. You can improve your knowledge, as you get exercise.

Walking More Exciting

Explore new neighborhoods

A change of landscape can help make your walking more exciting. Drive around your neighborhood to find interesting lanes and routes, but be sure it is safe first. Discover new things on your way.

Go window shopping

Visit a shopping area and walk around to check out what’s on display. This is the most interesting way to get your walk. You can enter a mall and explore every section and floor before stepping out, to get the most of your walking.

Watch sunrise

Find out which area around you has stunningly spectacular sunrise. You would be so enthralled with its natural beauty that you wouldn’t want to miss it. Make it a goal to view the sunrise every day, by noting the time. This is the best time for meditation as well.


Before heading out for your walk; read some good news articles or watch news for few minutes. Think about the described situation or scenario and what could be done to make things better. This contemplation will keep you engaged and you might come up with great ideas that can prove to be helpful for others or your own self.

Take your family out

Walking can be so much fun, when you take your spouse and kids along. Play with your kids along the way, enjoy the scenic beauty and may be grab a dinner post walking, to make it romantic

Effective Neck Strengthening Exercises

Neck strengthening exercises are necessary to build strong neck muscles and for improving flexibility. Every day activities add stress and strain your neck leading to stiffness and soreness. Exercising regularly helps you alleviate stiffness and strengthen the neck muscles. It is better to consult your physiotherapist and discuss about the exercises before beginning them to avoid any injuries while performing the exercises. You should do the exercises only if they do not trigger or aggravate the pain. Once you are ready and have decided to strengthen your neck with working out, there are many simple exercises that help you gain the desired outcome.

Chin Tucks

Chin Tucks

You can do this while standing or sitting while keeping your neck and back straight. Keep your shoulders slightly back. Tuck in your chin till you feel a pain-free pull. Your eyes and nose should be facing forward. Hold this position for about three seconds. Repeat for ten times.

Shoulder Blade Squeeze

Shoulder Blade Squeeze

Stand or sit with your back in a straight position. Tuck in your chin slightly and keep your shoulders pulled back slightly. Bring together your shoulder blades slowly and squeeze them hard and as far as you can. Make sure it does not produce or increase pain. Hold the position for five seconds. You can do ten repetitions to have good results.

Neck Rotational Resistance

Neck Rotational Resistance

This exercise is considered safe and it acts on all the neck muscles simultaneously. Placing your hand on one side of head, try to rotate the head towards the shoulders on this side. Apply pressure with the hand on your head, as if to resist it. When your shoulder is aligned with the chin, hold for five seconds. Then return to the original position and repeat the same on the other side.

Shoulder Shrugs

Shoulder Shrugs

This simple exercise can be performed either in standing or sitting position. Place your arms at your sides, straight with palms turned in. Move your shoulders up towards the ears and hold for three seconds. Get back to the beginning position by lowering and repeat.

Neck Lateral Resistance

Neck Lateral Resistance

This exercise helps in equal strengthening of the entire neck muscles, by targeting the side muscles in your neck. Start by lightly resting your head on your right hand. Press head into the hand gently and at the same time, resist by pressing with your hand. Try to touch your ear with the shoulder by pulling up. Hold for five seconds and repeat the same with the other side.

Upright Row

Upright Row

You need weights such as dumbbells, barbells or a cable machine to do upright rows. This exercise helps in strengthening and toning the neck, shoulder and your upper back muscles. To do this, you should stand straight holding a weight. Lift the weight in your front, up to the neck level. Hold for three seconds before lowering and repeat.

Reverse Fly

Reverse Fly

This exercise works your upper back. You need weights to do this exercise. Start with a sitting position on a stability ball and bend forward with your chest facing the ground. Keep your arms at your sides with palms in. Lift the weights on your sides, with arms parallel to the ground and squeeze the shoulder blades. Hold for three seconds and lower to starting position.

Important Steps to Straighten Your Spine

If you are suffering from backbone issues, you need to take steps to straighten your spine. When excessive strain is applied on your spine, due to strenuous activities, your vertebral column gets affected. It may develop a slight curve or a hunch over time. This could lead to painful problems, which can grow even worse. There are ways in which you could straighten your spine, by making some important lifestyle changes. Make the effort to correct your backbone, without any further delay. Here are some useful guidelines.

Exercises for improving posture

These exercises mainly target your back and belly muscles, so that these muscles help provide support for your spine.

Imagine you’re trying to squeeze a ball with your shoulder blades and press them together. This adds stretch on your shoulders’ front side, which will probably be tight due to bad posture.

Roll your shoulder forwards and upwards, then backwards and downwards. Repeat the same with the other shoulder. This helps your shoulders to settle back far, than they generally do.

The most basic and important activity of your daily life, is standing straight. You should remember this every time you stand or walk. You can set reminders on your phone or place notes around your office or house to maintain good posture.

By practicing yoga asanas regularly, you can improve your backbone. There are some specific poses that allow you to get rid of back pain naturally and for life.

Child’s Pose

Child’s Pose

Kneel down and stretch your hands up, with palms facing each other. Exhaling, move forward slowly. Bring your forehead and hands down to the ground and press your palms to the floor, keeping them straight. Hold for a while and return to the original position. You can repeat this six times.

The Cobra Pose

The Cobra Pose

Lie flat on your belly, keeping your arms beneath your shoulders. You should keep your fingers pointed forward. With elbows close by your side, try to squeeze the shoulder blades. At the same time, tighten your tummy muscles to steady your back. Now slowly raise your chest up, by keeping your neck straight. Take the support of your arms and the back muscles. Hold this pose for ten breaths and lower yourself slowly. Repeat for three times.

Mountain Pose

Mountain Pose

Stand with your feet slightly apart, making sure that your weight is distributed evenly between your heels. Lift your heels slightly, so that the feet appear cupped. Stretch your shoulder blades and try to bring them together. Release them slowly. Finally, lift your arms upwards and look forward.

Making adjustments in regular life

  • If you happen to carry a backpack or a rucksack or purse every day, choose the one that distributes weight evenly on your shoulders and back. A bag with wide padded straps can be positioned firmly on your shoulders.
  • Choosing the right pair of shoes is very important, as it affects your backbone. Regular use of flimsy slippers or high heels adds additional strain on the spine. Choose shoes with supportive soles and heels less than an inch.
  • When sitting at the desktop, you should keep your back straight, with feet touching the floor. You should keep your neck in neutral position.

These simple lifestyle changes help in reducing back pain and also in straightening your spine.

10 Mistakes You Make on the Treadmill

As a runner, it is important to know the 10 mistakes you make on the treadmill. This exercise equipment is often a necessity during rainy days or winters. When treadmill becomes a part of your regular workout, you should be aware of what is right and what is wrong to do on the treadmill. You could end up injuring yourself if you don’t have the right knowledge about working out or using the equipment. Find out what mistakes you generally make on the treadmill.

1. Craning yourself

Doing anything that disrupts your posture, such as leaning or hunching is a mistake. You tend to injure yourself when your balance is offset. Slouching can also cut short your oxygen supply. You should make sure to stand straight and align your heart, head and hips while running.

2. Skipping warm-up

You forgo warming up when you are in a hurry or simply want it done with the treadmill. You may not realize that skipping warm-up could cause injuries and aches. Warm-up does not take much time and you don’t have to stretch passively. A quick warm-up of at least 5 minutes that includes joints, toe touches, hip circles, etc will do for a pain-free workout.

3. Not cooling down

As you increase your speed while running, you should also remember to decrease it gradually when you are nearing the end rather than simply jumping off the treadmill. Running at maximum speed and stopping abruptly leads to sudden drop in the heart rate causing dizziness or cramping. Cooling down helps bring your heart rate down efficiently.

4. Not being prepared

Before hitting the treadmill you should keep necessary things handy. It’s important to stay hydrated so you should have water. You should avoid jumping off the machine to get water in the middle of your workout. You can keep a towel handy as well.

Mistakes You Make on the Treadmill

5. Holding the bars

It’s not a good practice to hold the treadmill’s handrails. Most people believe it to be a safe measure but holding onto the bars supports some of your weight which causes you not to work so hard. This way you will not burn many calories and your workout will be negatively affected. You should be comfortable to workout with each speed, before going faster.

6. Not paying enough attention to your arms

You should remember to use your arms as well while running on the treadmill. Swaying arms is important to stay balanced. They help in getting your workout and in reducing injury risk.

7. Setting the incline steeply

Steep incline makes you hold on to the treadmills’ bars to balance yourself while running. It does not help in strengthening your muscles and affects your workout.

8. Repeating the same thing

Most people tend to do the same thing all the time and see no change in the results. You should change things a bit by the changing the speed, incline or intensity. Try running slowly for longer one day and faster for a short time on another.

9. Being zoned out

When you hop on to the treadmill your mind should be clear of all the TV shows and other things. While you might be sweating out, your mind will be preoccupied with other stuff. You should focus on your posture, workout and gait instead.

10. Exceeding your limit

You should know what works best for your body and where to call it quits. You should not push yourself so much that you injure yourself while working out.