Avoid animal product to become healthy

An animal product is any material derived from the body of an animal. Examples are fat, flesh, blood, milk, eggs, and lesser known products, such as isinglass and rennet. The term “animal product” is used to describe foods that are very high in caloric content, as opposed to very low nutritional value. Many people try to avoid or limit the consumption of this type of food, since they involve great risks for health; and specialists often instruct people to choose healthier options. So we should avoid animal products to become fit.

This term was coined in 1972 by scholars of the Center of Sciences of Public Interest, who sought to make consumers aware of those products with excessive caloric value and low nutritional intake. For manufacturers, however, producing such foods has great appeal, as they are often cheap and easy to make, and generate large revenues.

Foods that fall under the definition of “animal product” can be varied, and depend on a large number of factors. Snacks such as potato chips, bagged snacks, sweets and other goodies are universally placed in this category; and many people also name fast food like hamburgers, pizza and fries.


Animal product is by definition rich in caloric content and low in nutrients. This means that it contains high levels of calories, coming from its fatty components and sugars; while providing few proteins, vitamins and minerals. Frying and pre-cooked, processed or packaged foods are often considered junk.

Many meals such as pizza, hamburger or tacos can be considered healthy or junk depending on their ingredients and preparation methods. In general, the more processing your items have, the more “scrap” food will be considered. On the contrary, fresh and poorly processed ingredients will make a dish healthier.

Another factor that influences the choice and characteristics of food is the social stratum of the consumer. The healthier and higher income people will have a wide field of animal product to not consume. On the other hand, people with lower incomes will see less food like junk.

In some communities, ethnic “takeaway” food such as fried tacos, fish and chicken, various types of Indian curries and so on are also often considered animal product.

Avoid animal product to become healthy


According to experts, for optimum heart health, you should not consume more than 1,500 milligrams of sodium per day. Excess sodium increases blood pressure and risk of stroke and animal product has high contents of this element. One option is to choose low-sodium packaged foods, or to cook with more spices and less salt.

Another danger of a diet full of junk food is weight gain. Consuming foods with many calories and few nutrients does not quench hunger, and keeps us eating almost without notice. The snacks we eat should not be packages of packaged food, but fruit or whole-grain crackers.

High-sugar junk food (such as soda, candy, and candy) also attacks tooth enamel, breaking down and producing cavities. This can be avoided by eliminating sugary foods from the diet, and replacing soda with other sugar-free varieties. Frequent tooth brushing reduces the risk of tooth decay.

Finally, the usual intake of junk food can lead to serious gastrointestinal problems. This type of processed food provides very little fiber to the diet, which prevents bowel movement and leads to constipation. Fruits are a good choice, as they help contain the taste for sweetness, while providing fibers to regulate the body.


Previously, we have seen how many problems can lead to junk food intake. Notwithstanding such categorization, the consumption of this type of food commonly does not cause serious and immediate health consequences, and is generally safe, as long as it is integrated into a balanced diet.

The idea is to regulate the consumption of this type of food (fast food, packaged and processed) to the minimum, or indulge in it very occasionally. And always being aware of the need to include in the diet large quantity and variety of nutritious and healthy foods like fruits, vegetables and legumes.

The 10 Easy Ways to Cut Down Salt

“Good things come in small packages” is a commonly used reminder to not overlook something that may be small in size. But despite its good taste in a small package, salt should remain overlooked when it comes to mealtime, simply because of its high levels of sodium.

Watch out, if you are consuming too much salt than necessary, your kidneys maybe at risk. Excess sodium in your diet damages the functionality of the kidneys and wreaks havoc in your body. Apart from this, you may also be subject to high blood pressure, which isn’t a very good sign either.

Although salt is THE taste maker in all kitchens, its usage must be limited. Sometimes you may not even notice that you are consuming excessive salt, but you may be doing it all the same, without your knowledge. Here is a list of 10 easy ways to cut down on salt:

Pass up processed food.

You have no idea, how much salt that jarred you eat daily contains. Especially it is the frozen food, which contains almost one-third of your daily quota. Therefore, choose your processed food with a lot of care.

Beware of dressings and sauces

If you think a little bit of dressing and sauce won’t add much salt to your intake, then think again. Always prefer to take sauce on the side, rather than owning the entire bottle.

Easy Ways to Cut Down Salt

Use less salt to cook

There are other close alternatives to salt, as the tastemaker, Herbs and spices. Decrease the amount of salt you use for cooking, instead replace it with herbs and spices to make it tasty.

Choose food with potassium

Potassium outdoes the effect of sodium and helps with the blood pressure.

Avoid vitamin supplements and pain killers

Well the vitamin supplements and pain killer pills that you pop, may not exactly have direct side effects, but they contain I g salt per pill. So the next time before you take one, just pause for a moment to rethink.

Shop for low salt foods

Compare the nutrition labels of the food you intend to buy at the grocery shop and do the math. Example: Prefer reduced salt, unsmoked bacon, tinned vegetables without added salt etc.

Forgo fast food

It may be available easily, quickly and also for less money. But you pay in terms of calories, fat and salt. Pizzas, burgers, tinned wafers, Mc Donald’s are a few you may want to avoid.

Limit the amount you pour from the salt shaker

Stop reaching to the salt shaker, even before you have reached your plate. Try and taste the food once before, instead of topping it with a shower of salt. And practice the habit of sprinkling salt on a spoon, instead of directly adding to the plate.

Go for dry fruit snacks

Dry fruits are a boon to those trying to cut on salt. They have no sodium content and are equally delicious. So the next time you see a dry fruit snack, go ahead and pick one.

Cut back on condiments

Always dress your sandwiches and burgers yourselves, thereby controlling or avoiding those     condiments high on sodium. Choose mustard, balsamic vinegar, pickle relish, horseradish.

Choosing the right bed can offer Better Health and a Good Night’s Sleep

A wonderful bed makes the bedtime more relaxing while offering all the comfort and convenience. Whether you are simply craving to relax after a busy day or are trying to relieve your aches and pains, a perfectly designed bed lets you have a better sleep while soothing your body. But even the most luxurious of the beds can be uneasy if you cannot sleep in the right and comfortable position that is best suited for you. While the right mattress offers maximum relaxation, sleeping in the right position to deal with your aches and pains or just to stretch and relax to your convenience is what makes a bed perfect for a relaxing night.

While most of the traditional beds offer plenty of room to stretch and sprawl, adjustable beds further allow you select the most comfortable position and further adjust your head, legs or both into a position that is most relaxing for you. Fully electric adjustable beds further allows you rest in comfort while sleeping, reading or watching TV just at the touch of a single button. Adjustable beds were once confined to hospitals but now they are becoming more popular as they provide all the comfort needed while bringing in a touch of glamour to the bedroom.

Fully electric adjustable beds

The best thing about adjustable beds is that you can adjust the height and position of various parts of your body to sleep or relax in a comfortable position and in that you can better control the blood flow and any aches and pains. These beds are a good choice especially for those suffering from arthritis as they aid in lowering or raising specific parts of the body and help in taking the weight off any particular areas experience pain such as the legs or lower back. As the height can be adjusted to your specific needs, adjustable beds also are the best choice for falls reduction.

Fully electric adjustable beds are further available now in all price ranges and gorgeous styles that suit every budget and bed room bringing in all the comfort and making the bedtime a more relaxing time for everyone. While single beds offer you a great night’s sleep with all the comfort and style that you need, double adjustable beds with individual controls let you relax in the most comfortable position without disturbing your partner.

Built to meet the specific needs and made with high quality material, adjustable beds can also be custom made making them optimally functional for every need and can offer several benefits while helping you recover from and fight different ailments. However, a right mattress with the right inner springs and that works well with the adjustable beds and a topper for the bed would be a good idea to have more comfort.

10 Ways to Protect Your Knees

It is very important to maintain healthy knees and this is the reason why you should know the 10 ways to protect your knees. Healthy knees provide a boost to your active lifestyle. Injured hips, cartilage damage, excess weight of the body and weak feet are some of the factors that can result in knee swelling knee pain and tight knees. You should start caring for your knees from your home itself. Maintain healthy feet, knees and hips and stay active through flexibility and strength training.

1. Work out all your body muscles

Flexibility and strengthening exercises can help in building muscles that can stabilize the knees. However, you need to keep in mind not to bulk up a particular group of muscles and forget the others. The most important muscles that you should work out include quads, hip adductors and abductors and hamstrings.

2. Avoid rotating of knees

The movements like slowing down while running and jumping are very common with many exercises, but such movements are bad for your knees. Therefore, it is important for you to avoid the rotation of the knees very often by landing with the help of joints.

3. Lighten knee load

Walking around is something that puts a lot of body weight pressure on the knees therefore it is very important for you to shed off the extra weight of your body. You should eat properly and relax your body by burning off the extra calories.

Ways to Protect Your Knees

4. Brace yourself

Braces do not prevent injury, but you can use braces if you are looking to prevent strains and tears.

5. Use ice

You should never ignore a knee strain or tweak and use ice, which is a simple method that can be used in reducing pain and inflammation of the knees.

6. Pick your favorite sports

Cross-country skiing, cycling and rowing are certain knee-friendly sports as they have a very low impact on the knees and also do not encourage any sort of twisting.

7. Remain aware of up and down

The tendons present in the knees can get strained if you remain in the practice if running up and down a hilly terrain. You must always pay attention to the symptoms of knee pain and give your knees immediate rest.

8. Cross-train

Overusing the knees can result in slow but steady injuries of the knee. You can go for different activities by alternating your workout sessions. Do not practice activities that make the continued use of your knees.

9. Do not run very often

Long and repetitive running puts you at a very high risk of knee injuries. Running can be swapped with cardio workouts like elliptical training and biking.

10. Take a day off from work and stay active

Give your body the time to recover and this means that you should also use your day off’s in the best way possible. Try doping certain activities that keep your knees in good health. Having a sound knowledge of these 10 ways to protect your kneeswill help you in getting healthy and active knees for a very long span of time.

Slim Summer Wardrobe Secrets

You can use the slim summer wardrobe secrets for camouflaging your flaws and flaunting the best features of your body during the summer. The secrets involve making some good changes in your summer wardrobe so that you look slimmer and more attractive. Summer is a season of evening cocktails and late night parties where you need to wear maxi-mini dresses and chic accessories. But, if you do not have a very good figure, then it becomes a little embarrassing and difficult to find the right dress for such parties. However, you can use some top secrets of slim summer wardrobe to get rid of this problem.

Camouflaging the ankles

If you want to hide your ankles that do not look good because of your plus size figure, then you can try using a mullet dress or a maxi dress. Such dresses are long at the back and short in front and they are a good help in camouflaging your ankles. You can also use sandals that lace up your entire leg. Avoid wearing mules because these will make your ankles look heavier. In order to tone up the lower legs for creating curvature you can add calf raises and plyo boxes to your exercise routine.

Slim Summer Wardrobe Secrets

Dealing with thick upper arms

In order to deal with your thick arms in the best way possible wear halter tops for special occasions. These tops draw the attention of the onlooker towards the face and render an illusion of curves. Avoid wearing cap scoop necks and cap sleeves because they will make you look chunkier. You can try cable kneeling extensions and hand walking side planks to get thin arms.

Wear trousers with vertical lines

Human eyes have the tendency of following lines, whether they are horizontal or vertical across the body. There is a very old saying that states horizontal lines make a person look bigger and this is virtually true. Luckily, for people who love stripes, even vertical lines make you look slimmer. Vertical lines help in lengthening your appearance and draw the onlooker’s attention away from the thicker and flabbier parts of the body. This is an optical tip that you can use as an advantage by dressing in pants and tops having vertical lines. However, the choice of a vertically striped shirt or trouser needs to be done with subtlety.

Dealing with a broad back

A broad back is good to flaunt during the summers because it gives an illusion of a very small waist. Therefore, you can choose to wear a strapless dress for parties and functions during the summers. However, avoid wearing a one-shoulder or strappy dress because it will break up your broad back.

Color blocking

Color blocking is a trick that is very similar to vertical lines. Just as vertical lines are followed by the eyes, blocks of colors are also followed. You will be successful in sculpting a favorite silhouette by wearing a dress that has strategically placed color blocks. This is one trick that works best on tops and blouses.

10 Nutrition Shortcuts for Busy People

Life has become fast paced for everyone these days. Here are 10 nutrition shortcuts for busy people. Being short of time has become a norm in life. In such a scenario, your physical condition takes a backseat, as you completely ignore what goes in your everyday diet. You look for fast foods and processed foods that are easily available. Most people forget that following this kind of diet, minus any physical activity can have detrimental effects on their health. It is important to take some time out of your busy schedule and make the effort to change your eating habits. You can try these nutrition shortcuts, which are sometimes considered okay, if you are a busy person.

1. Frozen Vegetables

Packaged foods are generally not considered healthy. But vegetables are frozen when they are fresh and packed in a bag, have their nutrients preserved. It’s better to choose organic frozen veggies. You should avoid those with added seasonings or salt.

2. Salad Bar

You can easily find packaged salad in groceries and food markets. Just grab different colors of vegetables and add some protein to it, to turn it into a healthy meal. An organic salad is another option which can provide you with healthy fats, omega-3s and antioxidants.

3. Cook and Stock

On weekends, you can spend some time cooking up healthy food and storing it in your freezer to eat during weekdays. You can prepare vegetable stews, healthy casseroles and soups and freeze. These taste good on unfreezing them.

Nutrition Shortcuts for Busy People

4. Add Fiber

To get your daily requirement of fiber, you can add ground flaxseed to your bowl of cereal, soups, yogurt, stews or veggies. Munch on snacks such as peanuts, kale chips, fruits or roasted chickpeas.

5. Healthy Packed Foods

Packaged foods contain added ingredients like sugar, sodium or fat, which are unhealthy. You can however, choose packaged products carefully going by the label. Cottage cheese, rich in protein is a good choice, even if it has sodium. Yogurt is another protein rich food. You can choose marinara sauce, minus sugar and add it as a seasoning to vegetables, soups and meats.

6. Fruits and Veggies

You can refrigerate fruits like berries, apples, citrus fruits and also vegetables to preserve their antioxidants. Try to have at least three servings of fruits and veggies of different colors every day.

7. Nuts and Seeds

Dried nuts and seeds are packed with healthy fats, protein and also vitamin E. They can be enjoyed as snacks anytime or added to other foods. Nut butters make sandwiches healthy and tastier.

8. Eggs

You can have them boiled, scrambled or whichever preparation you find easy. They are good sources of protein and also choline, an important nutrient.

9. Bananas

Bananas are a rich source of potassium and you will find them filling. They are also good for digestion. They are the best source of instant energy for busy people.

10. Stay Hydrated

Busy people tend to ignore drinking adequate water. Water is the best drink that helps in flushing out wastes from your body. You should have plenty of water, to stay satiated.

Healthy Diet Tips for Building Tighter Abs

Food plays a significant role in building muscles. Follow these diet tips for tighter abs, when you are working out for a strong and lean body. You need to burn body fat and perform exercises regularly, which are ab-specific. Consuming foods that are rich in nutrients helps in burning that extra fat and achieving a toned waistline. You might be exercising hard every day but wrong food choices will not lead to desired results. Your diet should not include foods loaded with fat, sugar, salt and unnecessary calories.

You can start your diet plan by noting down what you consume everyday for a week. This helps you understand what foods and drinks could hinder your fitness plan. You must consider whole foods rich in nutrients to include in your food menu. You must strictly avoid eating packaged foods. Your main focus should be on consuming healthy meals daily.

Drink Healthy Smoothies

You should drink smoothies prepared from fresh fruits, yogurt, whey protein, milk and other healthier items. You can use peanut butter or delicious berries to meet your cravings for sweet. You can consume these smoothies as substitutes for meals and also as healthy snacks. The thickness of these smoothies will help in keeping you satisfied for longer. Studies show that people who included multiple servings of yogurt in their everyday diet were found to lose more belly fat than others who did not. So make these delicious health drinks a part of your diet.

Healthy Diet Tips for Building Tighter Abs

Choose Your Drinks Carefully

When you are on a mission to build leaner body, drinking alcohol can jeopardize your plans. You do not feel full by consuming alcohol or eat less. Instead, alcohol makes you eat more and slows down the body’s fat burning process. Fat from whatever stuff you eat gets stored in your body and alcohol can even hinder with generation of hormones that stimulate fat burn and muscle build-up.

The best drink which is full of health benefits is plain water. Water keeps you satiated. You must drink at least eight glasses of water every day as it helps in getting rid of the waste products that are formed during protein processing or breaking down body fat. Water helps in supplying muscles with nutrients to keep your body’s metabolism going. The other healthy drinks to choose are green tea and low-fat milk.

These guidelines help in making better food choices.

  • Replace foods such as desserts, junk food and fatty food with healthier alternatives like fruits and low-fat yogurt.
  • Avoid skipping meals, as this will make you overeat later.
  • If three nutrient dense meals a day don’t seem to work for you in burning much fat, you should break down your meals into four or five smaller portions to boost your metabolism.
  • Cut down your alcohol intake. Drinking slows down the rate of metabolism, making it harder to burn body fat.

The best foods to eat include nuts, legumes, green leafy vegetables, eggs, whole-grains, olive oil, avocados, dairy products, lean protein, fish and fiber rich carbs.

Effective Ways to Stop Emotional Eating

When you get emotional, you tend to overeat. Here are ways to stop emotional eating. Every time you turn to food when the going gets tough, it becomes a habit. Food seems to provide ultimate comfort during stressful times. You start binging on your favorite food items, without any second thoughts. Before you realize it, you get addicted to emotional eating. This can create many problems for you, but you can deal with this issue even if it is a little harder. Follow these guidelines to fight your habit of emotional eating.

Identify factors that trigger emotional eating

Whenever you reach for a bar of chocolate or a bowl of ice-cream, ask yourself if you’re really hungry. Identify how you feel – sad, angry, hurt, stressed, angry, depressed or lonely. Contemplating on why you need to eat, what, when and how much you eat may help you establish the connection between food and your mood. If you have overweight kids, have a heart-to-heart talk with them to know about their personal lives. Find out about their friends and how they are doing at school. Understanding about their perspective about life and their attitude, helps you to guide them better. Once you know what triggers your kids’ to overeat or what they particularly choose to eat, you can help them make better food choices, by being emotionally connected with them.

Effective Ways to Stop Emotional Eating

Establish a healthy environment at home

Keep a tab on the food you purchase. You can’t gorge on junk food, when you don’t keep any at home. Opt for healthy natural, fresh foods such as veggies and fruits. Choose low-fat, low-calorie and unprocessed food items. Adults have the most impact on kids at home. You cannot expect your overweight kid to stop binging on junk food and snacks, when others in the house are eating. The best way to deal with this issue is to eat together. This helps in setting up a healthy environment at home. Before calling up for a pizza, shopping for groceries or going to a restaurant, pause and take a walk till your emotions are in control.

Find better alternatives

When you are aware of why you turn to food to feel better, you can think of other alternatives to cope with the difficult situations. When you don’t have control over certain circumstances in life, just let go instead of pondering over. Take a breather, head out for a walk and enjoy the natural beauty outside. Make punching bag your target, when you’re hurt by others. When you get bored, read something interesting on the internet or call up a friend. If you are depressed, try playing energetic games like basketball or football. Being physically active helps you in dealing with stress and making you feel better. Completely forgoing treats can cause you to overeat later. You can have your favorite snacks and desserts in small quantities occasionally. Always mind what and how much you are eating. Find some pleasurable activity, which is also healthy, such as brisk walking, dancing or hitting the gym when you get emotional.

The Effect of Exercise on Diabetes

The effect of exercise on diabetes is known to be positive according to many studies but care should be taken to do moderate exercises. Regular physical activity is associated with the improvement of overall health. You may not lower your sugar levels by just taking prescribed medicine and eating well, but a drop in blood sugar levels is evident with regular exercise. However, you must exercise with much caution and discuss with your physician about the workout routine to follow along with your diet. If you are a diabetic, you should know what are the risks and benefits associated with exercise. Here you will know the impact of exercises and their benefits to people with diabetes.

How workout helps diabetes

If you are diagnosed with diabetes, it means that adequate amount of insulin is not produced or your body is unable to use the produced insulin. But, when you workout, your body starts responding to insulin. Generally, much insulin is not required for normal range maintenance of sugar levels. When you exercise, your body begins to transfer sugar from blood to where it’s actually required – the cells. Sugar control in blood does not end with the closing of your workout session. Your body gathers the health benefits even after several hours of your workout. Exercise may even help in reversing insulin resistance to people with type 2 diabetes over time. This happens because workout increases the responsiveness of cells to insulin.

Effect of Exercise on Diabetes

Measures to consider

If you have diabetes, you must first get your eye examination done and learn about the type of footwear to wear before beginning any exercise program. It is better to discuss with your doctor about any heart risks associated with vigorous workouts.

Types of exercises

Exercise helps in improving your sensitivity to insulin, along with lowering sugar levels. Strength training exercises which help in building muscles and cutting down fat are known to be helpful for diabetic people. Aerobic exercise is known to be specifically helpful for people suffering from type 1 diabetes. Its significant effects include increase in insulin sensitivity, reduction in blood pressure, decrease in body fat and maintenance of cholesterol levels.

Health benefits

There are many health benefits of regular physical activity. People with diabetes are at higher risk for developing other complications later on, such as vision impairment, heart problems, and kidney and nerve damage. Workout helps in eliminating the risk of these problems. Benefits of regular workout include – sugar level control in blood, better blood circulation, decrease in bad cholesterol (LDL) and increase in good cholesterol (HDL), weight loss, reduction in blood pressure and stress, energy boost, stronger bones and muscles and healthier heart.

You must exercise for at least three days per week. For effective sugar control, it is recommended that you do moderate-intensity exercises for at least two and a half minutes in a week or vigorous aerobics for an hour and a half in a week. You can do resistance workout that targets your major muscles for three times per week. Make sure that you do not go without exercise for more than two successive days.

Reasons why you need to kick the Tobacco Habit

Everyone knows that smoking is incredibly bad for you but it’s also highly addictive and this means that one you start, it can be very difficult to stop. Millions of people around the world have switched to electronic cigarettes, such as those by Freshcig, as they have found them to be an alternative where they still get their nicotine hit. However, it is worth noting that they have not been endorsed as NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy) products and are set to be regulated as medical licensed products in the UK in 2016.

So, you know that smoking tobacco products is bad for your health but exactly how? Here is a look below at five of the reasons why you need to kick the smoking habit.


Your lungs take a lot of damage from smoking. Cigarettes contain up to 4,000 chemicals including formaldehyde and hydrogen cyanide, tar and produce Carbon Monoxide. The tar can block, damage or destroy Cilia (tiny hair-like follicles) which carry mucus from your lungs. This mucus traps dirt and particles which are inhaled each day by the body and if you smoke then this is not removed as efficiently. This is why many smokers develop a ‘smoker’s cough’ as their body is trying to remove and displace what which naturally occur.

kick the Tobacco Habit


When tobacco smoke enters the lungs, it is filtered by them and contaminants including Carbon Monoxide enter the blood stream. This means that the heart can be affected due to a reduction in Oxygen and means that the organ has to work harder to pump the blood round your body; as a result it can cause heart disease. A chemical called Acrolein enters your blood when you smoke which can develop fatty deposits which causes high blood pressure and can result in a heart attack or stroke.


Your skin is the largest organ and also doesn’t fare well from smoking either. The blood carries nutrients, vitamins and Oxygen to it which allows it to keep its elasticity and healthy glow. When you have a tobacco cigarette it limits the amount of nutrients which can reach it and it is affected by Carbon Monoxide. All of these are the internal affects on your skin but the smoke emitted from the end of the cigarette also affects it.

A study found that just one cigarette reduces vitamin D absorption and vitamin C levels fall by around 25mg, this is the equivalent of a tangerine.


Muscle development can also be lowered due to a reduction in Testosterone levels which means that your overall strength won’t be at its full potential – something that will be noticeable if you go to the gym or train regularly.


And if all of the health implications don’t concern you then you should also consider that you could save over £2000 a year, as a 20 a day smoker, if you stop smoking tobacco cigarettes.