New Year Cycling Goals and How to Stick to Them

Fancy making 2017 the year you learn to ride a bike, swap four wheels for two on the daily commute or complete a road race? Then prepare yourself for successfully completing those New Year cycling goals with these tips on how to stick to them:

Set Yourself Up to Succeed

Don’t just set yourself a random challenge, choose something that’s meaningful and give yourself the best chance of success. What’s your motivation for doing this?

Whether you want improve your fitness, save money or broaden your cycling horizons by taking on a new terrain, your cycling goals should be built on something that will inspire you to get out there, not just for the first few weeks in January but for all the weeks and months that follow.

And – if you set a short-term goal and complete it, set yourself another challenge, a lot can be achieved in 12 months!

New Year Cycling Goals

Come Up with a Plan

Once you’ve got a good idea of what you want to achieve in 2017 you’ll need a proper, well-thought out plan that makes reaching your goals possible.

If you want to complete a triathlon, you’ll need a weekly training schedule, a budget for buying any competitive racewear or equipment and information about the dates, times and entry requirements of upcoming race events.

If you want to get off the beaten track and explore some new terrain, you’ll need an appropriate bicycle and some safety accessories.

This is a great time of year to look out for things like mountain bike sale offers or ask your loved ones for Christmas gifts that will help you work towards your goal, so start planning and getting everything you need together now.

Enlist Support

This might mean getting a friend to take part in a cycling challenge with you or simply telling someone about your goals so that they can ask, tease and bully you (nicely, of course!) into sticking to them.

When it comes to taking on and sticking to a new challenge, peer pressure can be a very positive thing.

Manage Your Expectations

Choosing goals, making plans and getting support will all help you achieve great things in 2017 but a big part of your success lies in the way you think about your efforts and your progress.

Even the most organised and motivated individuals will face set-backs so accept now that things may not pan out exactly how you want them to and make peace with it.

You might only cycle to work three days a week instead of your targeted five. You might only lose 10lbs instead of 14, but if things don’t go to plan, for whatever reason, be kind to yourself and recognise any and all efforts and achievements that you do make.

Pat Your Own Back (or Get a Treat!)

Lots of people think about how their life could be better but very few get up, go out and take action to make it happen so when you do, give yourself a pat on the back and get a little reward for your efforts.

If you stick to a training programme for a month, treat yourself to a cycling fitness tracker so you can monitor your progress. If you cycle to work every day for a week, take yourself out for lunch using the money you would have spent on petrol or public transport.

The odd reward here and there can be a real motivator so indulge yourself, you’ve earned it!

Remember to Enjoy it

If you only take one piece of advice from this article, let this be it: remember to enjoy it.

As soon as your goals start to feel like chores, the chances of fulfilling your ambitions starts to decline so any time it feels too challenging, take a breather. Take a day off, go off plan or change your goal altogether if necessary.

Regardless of what you set out to achieve, enjoying every cycling adventure that you embark on is what really matters.

If you need a new bike, cycling accessories or just some general advice or ideas for challenges that you can take on in 2017, get in touch with the friendly and knowledgeable team at Formby Cycles.

How to Keep Your Kids Fit

Childhood obesity has increased at a staggering rate and has become quite a big problem for modern day parents. In developed nations and urban cities, it is quite an epidemic. Modern day lifestyle and fast food industry has contributed to it magnificently. In these conditions, it becomes a daunting challenge for modern day parent to keep track of their kids’ fitness and health.

Eating healthy food and regular exercise is always the best way to maintain one’s health and fitness. In children’s case, outdoor games and playing is their way of work-out. Modern day kids are more obsessed with video games, play station, television and cell phones. They are hooked up to these modern technological miracles and innovations.

Changing environment

The outdoor playing time and work-out time of today’s kids is severely hampered because of these amenities. So it is up to the parents to regulate their kids’ time on video games, television etc. Parents should also insist on kids playing outdoor games for a significant amount of time. Outdoor games provide the kids regular work-out and also, it has been proved by research, helps them to grow socially, physically and mentally. If kids are performing well in outdoor games, there are more chances that they can perform well academically and improve their social skills as well.

How to Keep Your Kids Fit

It’s not the same with kids who are hooked on to video games etc. Not only they become fat and lazy, they also tend to become socially awkward and shy. They don’t do the regular work-out and it severely hampers their physical, social and mental growth. So it is very important for the parents to push their kids to regular outdoor games and activities. It also develop a good habit of work-outs which prevents them from becoming lazy and pay good dividends when they enter into their adult life with good health.

Changing eating habits

Healthy, good and regular food is as important as the daily work-outs. Kids tend to skip meals because they either don’t like what they get or they have very specific likings. Kids don’t understand the importance of a good and healthy meal; after all they are just kids. They also wish to eat to very specific items they like very much. It’s for the parents to keep track of their kids’ food habits. They have to include healthy and nutrition diet in their kids’ menu. They need to push their kids to eat all sort of fruits and vegetables, even if the kids tend not to like a few of them. Once they are pushed into eating healthy diet, they start liking it anyway.

Modern fast food industry certainly makes matter worse but parents have to control their kids and their desires of burgers, pizzas, cola drinks, etc. Of course one can’t be totally refrained but parents have to teach their kids what is healthy and what is not. It has been rightly said that Health is Wealth. If kids are taught good and healthy habits from a tender age, they will always stick to it, which is very beneficial and crucial in later ages. These habits keep you fit and healthy for a large part of your life.

How to Avoid Injuries While Running

It has become too common that runners ignore a normal twinge in the knee, a pull of hamstring or small pain in toes. Runners keep running until it becomes all too severe and they have to use ice packs to relieve the pain and take rest to prevent the injury from further increasing. What are the chances? The answer isn’t exactly clear: A review of studies suggests that as few as 19 percent or as many as 79 percent of runners are sidelined each year. Of these, many runners are sidelined multiple times. Some—ouch—never run again.

On a positive note, researchers are on the hunt for solutions of these injuries, perhaps more fervently than ever, in part thanks to the release of Born to Run in 2009. The best-selling book, which claims that the modern running shoe is the culprit behind the sport’s high injury rate, got runners talking about shoes and form, and it spotlighted the debate about the cause of injuries. Is it the way we run? The shoes we wear? Or do we keep repeating training mistakes: big jumps in mileage; running the same five-mile route, on the same side of the road, week after week?

How to Avoid Injuries While Running

The true cause may be all of the above. Injury and injury prevention has many aspects. A combination of things, for example a bodily issue and wrong choice of shoes can enhance the injury. Gait – style of running – is very important in a runner’s career. Olympic medal winning runners have a specific style of running. Footballers have totally different gait as compared to Olympic runners. Sir Alex Fergusson, legendary former manager of Manchester United football club, rejected Jordan Henderson then playing for Sunderland football club and now for Liverpool football club just because he had a weird gait. He thought Henderson’s gait would go on to cause him back problems and sabotage his football career.

Scientists are studying uninjured runners to decipher who gets hurt—and who doesn’t—and why. Most experts agree that to lower injury risk, you need: a strong body, good form, and the right shoe.

In the battle against injury, a runner’s best armour is a strong body. Strong muscles, ligaments, and tendons guard against impact, improve form, and lead to a consistent gait. When a strong body runs, the brain tells the muscles to brace for impact before the foot hits the ground.

If you want to stir up debate in your running group, bring up form. Proponents of minimalist-style running and other methods believe that just as there is a correct way to swim or swing a tennis racket, there is a right technique for running. Other experts say the way we run is individual, and messing with it invites injury.

Yes, shoes can reduce injury risk because they can alter your form and how the repetitive forces of running are applied to your body. For example, research shows that the firmness of shoe cushioning can influence the stiffness of your legs (i.e., amount of bend at the ankle, knee, and hip, which affects how forces impact your muscles, bones, and joints.

How To Keep Your Mind Fit

Running is an activity that each and every personal trainer you come across would spend a bit of time attempting to push on you. If you are new to exercise and simply want to find something that is going to allow you to start the process involved with dropping weight, running can be a great way to get more value for the time that you are putting in. When you run, you would be able to enjoy the flexibility of being able to consume a larger amount of calories without having to think about the fact that this may hinder your goal and even cause you to gain weight. The easy way to ensure that you do not stack on pounds of fat when you are not eating as health as possible would be to engage in running at least thirty minutes each day. Running is great for your heart, it can also ensure that you are able to make mistakes along the way when it comes to your food choices without having to worry about what this is going to make you look like when you look into the mirror in the morning. While this may very well be a useful activity for someone that is wanting to get in better shape, the benefits are limited to those that people are going to be able to see visually in no time at all. While it is important to keep your body as healthy as possible, this alone does not define health.

How To Keep Your Mind Fit

Instead, you also need to work in ways to keep your mind active each and every day of your life. Once your mind checks out, it would only be a matter of time before you are no longer getting any enjoyment out of anything that you may be subjected to in the future. Putting in place some easy ways to keep your mind healthy is going to be very effective for ensuring that you take a holistic approach when it comes to how you are feeling. Visiting Red Flush online casino is a lot of fun, it allows you to access some of the most popular games ever developed. Additionally, you have the ability to connect quickly and begin a game within a few seconds of time. This can provide you with a source of comfort simply because it helps you to find something that provides you with a bit of peace for the time being.

Keeping your brain fit does not have to be something that you are going to struggle with. The best way to invest in the fitness of your mind would be to use an online casino as a source of entertainment. When you are thinking through the next move that you are going to make during each and every game that you play, it can help to avoid things such as memory problems and difficulty holding onto information that has just been presented to you. Combine mind training entertainment forms while exercise such as running and you will be a lot happier.

How to Turn Your Smartphone into the Ultimate Fitness Device

You must always remain aware of the methods about how to turn your smartphone into the ultimate fitness device if you are looking forward to getting fit with the help of your smartphone. Health monitors and fitness trackers are in great demand these days. The manufacturers of smartphones all over the world are bent on releasing smart watches of different varieties that can be used for staying fit and healthy too. However, it is to be noted that GPS watches and heart rate monitors have been used by athletes for a very long time now. But instead of investing in any one of those devices, it is best to get a smartphone these days.

GPS enabled tracking applications

There are a number of free applications that help in tracking your pace, distance, routes and total time while running. You can easily use these applications on your smartphone in order to use them for staying fit. Some of the most famous free alternatives for running include Nike+ Running for Android or iPhone, MapMyRun for Android or iPhone, Strava for Android or iPhone and RunKeeper for Android or iPhone. There are even many more applications that can be used by skiers and cyclists. Most of these applications do not require cell signal for logging data, but they require cell signal for mapping out your route and updating your status.

How to Turn Your Smartphone into the Ultimate Fitness Device

Step counters

These are applications that make use of the accelerometer of your smartphone to count steps. These applications are not very accurate in comparison to GPS but they are good in the way that they use very little battery. The two most popular examples of these applications are Accupedo for Android or iPhone and Runtastic for Android or iPhone. The iPhone itself has certain free applications that make use of the iPhone’s M7 motion coprocessor and such applications include Argus, Pedometer, Nike+ Move and FitBit for M7. Another interesting application is Moves that helps in tracking the time that you spend in different places along with step tracking.

Sleep monitoring

Sleep monitoring applications make use of the microphone and the accelerometer of your smartphone to monitor sleep and wake you up at the optimal time within a set window. A free sleep monitoring application for Android or the iPhone is SleepBot while Sleep Cycle and MotionX 24/7 for the iPhone cost $1. Sleep monitoring applications are also available on certain smartphones today and they can easily be used for staying fit and healthy as they monitor your sleep time.

Calorie and meal counting

These are applications that give you the freedom of logging your meals and monitor the calories that you consume during a meal. Calories Counter for Android or iPhone and Lose It for Android or iPhone are the two famous examples of such applications. The Galaxy Smartphones from Samsung also possess certain built-in health and fitness accessories and features like Wi-Fi scales and heart rate monitors. These are some of the best health and fitness applications that you can get on your smartphone if you are looking for the ways on how to turn your smartphone into the ultimate fitness device.

Guidelines on How to Trim Your Belly

Going on a crash diet or power crunching isn’t such a great way to flatten your belly. When you talk to those who have toned their belly, suggest activities such as playing tennis or taking up gardening or dancing apart from following a regular workout program. You need to make certain lifestyle changes in order to achieve a flat belly.


Studies show that stress increases your chances of weight gain. If you are one of those stressed lots with a growing potbelly, you need to take a break from your daily worries and pressures. Just spend few minutes every day sitting in a comfortable, serene environment and practice breathing exercises, focusing your mind on one particular thing.

Quit smoking and drinking

Alcohol increases the levels of the hormone cortisol which in turn increases fat deposit around your belly. Smoking also shows the same effect leading to potbelly, contrary to popular belief that it keeps you thin. When you give up these two habits, you will find a decrease in abdominal fat.

High fiber diet

Adapt a diet that is rich in fiber for overall weight loss as well as to prevent your tummy from bulging due to constipation. Include more of fruits, vegetables and whole grains in your regular diet.

How to Trim Your Belly

Start working out

Along with ab exercises, you need to rid your abdominal muscles of the deposited fat for flattening your belly. Take up aerobics or go running to shed some fat or go walking an hour for at least five days in a week. Weight training also helps in gaining leaner abs.

Tummy tucking

As part of your regular exercise regimen, practice tucking your tummy in, by pulling it backwards. Do it as often as possible, as this is an easy form of workout for stomach muscles.

Build shoulders and chest

You need to make your shoulders strong, as they help in preventing you from arching forward. Similarly, your waistline appears perfect, when your chest muscles are strong. Workout with dumbbells and do not hunch backwards in the process.

Fun activities

If your hobbies include gardening, swimming or playing tennis then you are not only having fun but are also trimming your belly in the process. Household chores such as vacuuming, mopping, dusting, etc help to tighten your stomach muscles apart from keeping your home sparkly clean!

Right posture

Whenever you stand, make sure your back is straight and avoid slumping when you sit. Hunching and slumping makes you look fatter. When you get the posture correct, your tummy looks visibly flatter.


Kick-boxing is a cardio exercise which is a great way of burning fat. All the kicking and thrusting of your arms helps strengthen your abs as well.


Pilates is a form of exercise that involves great deal of stretching. It not only makes your body flexible but also tightens your abs.


Any form of dance helps in burning calories when you perform it regularly. Belly dancing too enables you to maintain that slim waistline. Performing hula hoops is another best way of reducing your belly.

Learn How to Calculate your Ideal Weight

If you really want to be sure that how much weight you should reduce or gain in order to be fit you should learn how to calculate your ideal weight and see to it that it is always kept under control. Generally, people make guesses as to how much weight they should reduce and they end up losing more than required or gain more than what is usual.

Old formula – BMI

People have been using the Body Mass Index (BMI) as a measure of their ideal weight since years. This is a common method to measure the ideal weight of the body. This formula works by taking your weight and the height and then it calculates an index, known as the BMI and then according to that, you are required to lose or gain weight. However, the fat percentage of the body is not considered by this formula. When the health of a group of people needs to be determined, BMI is a good option to go for, but not in the case of an individual.

Learn How to Calculate your Ideal Weight

New formula

Obviously, the new formula for calculating the ideal weight of the body takes into account the fat as well. The formula is defined as below:

Ideal Weight = Lean Body Mass/ (1 – Fat Percentage)

In this formula, the lean body mass can be calculated by using the following formula:

Lean Body Mass = Body Weight – (Body Weight – Fat Percentage)

Here, lean body mass represents the mass of your body which does not include the weight of the fat content of your body. This means that this weight is only on the bones, muscles and blood.

Important for ideal weight

If you are wondering why you should know how to measure the ideal body weight, then consider this. You would live a long and a happier life if no diseases occur to you. Least diseases occur to those people who have an ideal body weight. Time to time, you should keep on calculating your ideal body weight so that you know how much you should work out in order to get a perfect figure and a balanced body. Also, clothes would look good on you if your body is fit and you are healthy. An underweight or an overweight body never looks good.

There are many online websites also available which would return you the ideal body weight in case you enter your exact height and your exact weight into them. But you should learn how to calculate your ideal body weight all by yourselves so that you can calculate without the need of any digital media, on a simple paper itself.