Supplements vs. Steroids

Athletes and bodybuilders all around the world reach a stage where they start to ask themselves certain questions. One of the most prominent questions is whether to stick with natural supplements, or go enhanced.

The thing that can make it be a difficult decision is the fact that both have their upsides and downsides, although the risks involved with using enhanced supplements are far greater. First of all, finding out where to get injectable steroids is a complex process for newbies. There are a number of genuine providers available, but there are also tons of sites selling fake and diluted products.

Evaluating the kinds of goals you want to achieve is vital. You may not even need steroids, as many goals are attainable by staying natural – it will just take some persistence to get there because the process is slower. In other cases, to reach a higher level of athleticism or musculature, anabolic products may be the only option.

Supplements vs. Steroids


The obvious upside to taking these supplements is the astonishing results. Not only are they incredible, they also come fast. However, the only time when you should even be considering using them is if you’ve done absolutely everything else possible.

Anabolic items should be the last thing left on your list to try out. The negative impact that users have encountered in the past can pose a serious risk to your health. But, it all depends on what ones you take and how sensitive you are toward the compounds.

It’s impossible to say how each individual will react because we are all unique. You can give two different people the exact same doses and one person may endure the negative responses whereas the other is reaping the rewards.

If you find that you can keep the side effects to a minimum, you’d benefit greatly from the outcomes. Products like dianabol or trenbolone work to put muscle on within weeks!

Natural Supplements

Supplements considered to be natural do not contain anything that provides an unfair advantage. Many athletes and bodybuilders like to stay natural to ensure they abide by the rules put in place by the establishments running the competitions – a lot of them ban enhancing substances.

Those with a desire to compete against others and who want to remain as healthy as possible should stick to natural items. The risks and unwanted reactions are minimal, but they can still help you progress. It just requires you to have more patience, as the positive outcomes you’re looking for take longer.

It’s unrealistic to expect any insane outcomes by using whey protein or creatine. Think of natural supplements as tools helping you on your way to reaching your fitness goals.

The Final Judgement

Natural supplements will not work anywhere near as well as steroids – that’s a fact. However, there’s a chance that using enhanced products puts a strain on your health. There’s also a chance that you can take them and not worry about the downsides…

It’s a gamble, and not one that should be taken lightly. Natural supplements are more suitable and safe for most people, but if you’re going to use steroids, don’t rush into it. Carry out your own research and learn everything involved before making your purchase.

5 Best Fitness Supplements for Women

Supplement needs of women are different from what men need for a fit body. There are some supplements that are specially tailored for women and every woman needs to take more of these supplements to have a perfectly fit body. A good fitness training routine coupled with diet helps in having the body that every woman loves to flaunt.

1. Whey Protein

Whey Protein

It is one of the proteins found in milk and its main attribute is digestibility. As soon as it enters the body it starts breaking down and sends amino acids to the tissues. This is effective because, lean whole foods such as eggs, chicken, fish and steak digest very slowly when you start your day with them or before and after exercise routine. Whey not only provides protein, but also peptides, that are known to help boost blood flow. It proves to be useful before you begin to exercise as more oxygen may reach muscles along with nutrients. Fitness experts recommend you to take 20gms of this supplement mixed in water after walking and then again after workout.

2. Caffeine


Caffeine is widely known as the stimulant that helps provide better focus. Studies show that it also helps build strong muscles and aids fat reduction during physical workouts. It gives good results when combined with green tea. Caffeine helps in increasing the fat quantity which is released by the fat cells. At the same time, green tea helps burn fat by increasing metabolism. You can take one dose of caffeine half an hour before workout and up to three times in a day.

3. Fish Oil

Fish Oil

Fish oil contains EPA and DHA, the two most important omega-3 fatty acids that are beneficial to the body in many ways. Fish oil acts as a complete health promoter and the best characteristic that has been discovered is that, it stimulates genes that activate burning of body fat. You can take fish oil with your meals three times in a day.

4. BCAAs


BCAAs contain three of the vital amino acids valine, leucine and isoleucine. Their unique branched-chain structure consists of certain characteristics which benefit in building your physique. BCAAs may support in increasing the duration of your workout routine. Muscle tissues use them up as fuel and they may help decrease muscle fatigue arising from workouts. BCAAs are active participants in building of new tissues and act as builder as well as building blocks. Particularly, Leucine aids in the synthesis of protein, which in turn promotes muscle growth. BCAAs may also help reduce cortisol levels, raise the levels of growth-hormone. They may boost insulin levels- which play an important role in restoring nutrients to muscle tissues after the physical activity.

BCAAs are found in some foods and you can also take them with your workout shakes.

5. Creatine


Creatine is a compound that is found in muscle tissue naturally. The primary function of Creatine is to support muscles in releasing energy quickly during workout session. Creatine supplements may help in boosting the energy required by the body, by promoting strength and stamina. It also enlarges the size of muscle cells by filling them with water, making them stretch, so as to aid growth. Creatine can be taken along with your workout shakes.

Side Effects of Bodybuilding Supplements

Generally, when results appear after a few days of taking bodybuilding supplements, the side effects of bodybuilding supplements are ignored by many people. Though these supplements would speed up the growth of the muscles, they might be harmful for your body in the long run. Exercise and proper diet are the best solution to getting good muscle power, but that way is longer and hence, people are inclined towards the bodybuilding supplements. Some of the side effects of these supplements can harm your body rather than enhancing muscle power.

Fat gain

Sometimes, when people take too much protein-rich diet thinking that it would help them to enhance their muscle power, they just end up adding a lot of fat to their body. Protein supplements available in the market add calories to your body. Moreover, if you think that taking these bodybuilding supplements without doing any good amount of exercise would help you to build muscle, you are wrong. The extra calories would be transformed into fat and add up weight to your body.

Side Effects of Bodybuilding Supplements

Damage to kidneys

Ketones are generated when humans take too much of bodybuilding supplements. These are nothing but waste products that need to be excreted out from the body and hence, pressure is put on the kidneys which might damage the kidneys in the long run. For those people who have already some kind of kidney disorders, the situation might become even worse.

Loss of bone

Bodybuilding supplements generally create a large amount of acid in the body. The sulfates get introduced into the body when these products are taken. To balance the acid generated, the body of the person would try to generate even more acid. This might be a very difficult situation for the body and calcium might be lost. Due to this, bones get damaged. Osteoporosis might occur if this kind of situation is not taken care of properly. This kind of situation is common in women, although men should also avoid it.


Dehydration is another common side effect of taking bodybuilding supplements. Since a lot of waste products are generated in the body due to them, the kidneys try to get rid of them somehow. The waste is excreted in the form of urine and hence a lot of water is lost. When you do a lot of exercise, sweat is produced and water is lost due to that too.

Bloating and irritation in the intestines are some of the other side effects which one needs to take care of. In the long run, there might be major problems in the body if proper care is not taken. Hence, side effects of the bodybuilding supplements should not be ignored and they should be taken only if absolutely necessary.

Advantages of Transdermal Delivery of Dietary Supplement Formulas

Methods of drug dosage have been changing rapidly to keep up pace with the high-tech times. Tablets may soon become outdated as have been the tinctures, powders and spirits that ruled the pharmaceutical industry over a century ago. But what might exactly replace the tablets and other topical or oral medications? The increasing demand for “controlled release” products versus “immediate release” preparations reveal that implanted drug-filled devices such as transdermal patches might be the best way for medications to be dispensed in the future. However, there arises the question as to which might be the better choice: the conventional pill or the ever fresh patch? Here, we discuss why transdermal delivery of dietary supplement formulas rules over conventional medication types.

While a very few people ensure that they get all the necessary vitamins and minerals from their daily intake of food, many depend on dietary supplements for their distinct nutritional needs. There again are different types of dietary and nutritional supplements that are meant to help the body function smoothly but do exactly the opposite as they are mostly wasted as part of the metabolism of the human body. Using transdermal patches is the better option as it helps in releasing the medication in a controlled way delivering positive results while spending less.

Advantages of Transdermal Delivery

Why do patches work better?

Most of the conventional medications release the drugs rapidly resulting in high concentration in the body that is again followed by immediate decline. As most of these drugs are effective when the blood level is optimum and vice versa, they have undesirable effects on the body. The best option in this situation is the controlled-release of a medication in the form of intramuscular injections or transdermal patches so that the prescribed drug is delivered at a slower rate for a longer period to have maximum benefit.

What are the problems with oral delivery?

The main concern with oral delivery is that the pills have to be continued for longer periods to have the desired effect as most of the original supplement that is intended for the body gets consumed by the powerful digestive acids that are released inside the stomach. In addition, the liver metabolizes what is remaining of the supplement’s nutrients to such an extent that only a fraction of the original supplement enters the bloodstream.

What are the advantages of direct to bloodstream delivery with transdermal patches?

Firstly, transdermal patches contain more drug when compared to the conventional injections or tablets and deliver the medication slowly ensuring that the user avails maximum benefit from the drug or supplement while spending less.

The formula is directly delivered to the bloodstream and in that, avoids any negative effects that are otherwise caused by the digestive acids of the stomach. Another benefit of direct to bloodstream delivery with transdermal patches is that there is no liver first-pass as the supplement formula is directly delivered to the bloodstream.

However, special care needs to be taken when using the transdermal patches and you have to definitely check with your doctor or the pharmacist if you are using this form of medication for the first time. It should also be noted that like many painkillers and other drugs these patches might make you become dependent on them and it is wise to use them with only a doctor’s suggestion.