Top 5 Good Carbs for Weight Loss

For proper body nutrition and growth, carbohydrates play a major role, and that is why you should know about the good carbs for weight loss. The energy that we build to do any physical or mental task has been derived from the carbohydrate. Our body simplifies carbohydrate and our cells generate energy from simplified carbohydrates. Now, when it comes to a balanced diet, we generally omit the high percentage of carbohydrate. Well, this is nothing but wrong perception of dieting. In order to gain energy for the body and to lose weight significantly, you need to have carbs or carbohydrates in adequate percentage on a daily basis.

1. Sweet potatoes

Sweet Potatoes

When it comes to good carbs for losing weight, you should consider including sweet potatoes as rich sources of carbohydrates. Sweet potatoes do not contain vegan fat and furthermore, it consists of tons of fibers as well as water. The best thing about sweet potatoes is that they taste good and thus it is not at all difficult to consume them by incorporating them in daily meals. Regular consumption of sweet potatoes will keep you fit, energetic and slim. It goes well in various contemporary recipes and furthermore you can always produce innovative foods with sweet potatoes.

2. Brown rice

Brown rice

Brown rice is another rich source of carbohydrates, having plenty of water percentage to offer. Like other whole grains, brown rice is also a good source of rich fibers. Like white rice, brown rice does not contain starch and thus they do not induce any vegan fats in the body. Brown rice gets cooked easily, though due to lack of starch they remain a little chewy. It has a unique taste and you shall surely gradually start loving it.

3. Whole wheat pasta

Whole wheat pasta

If you are a pasta lover, then good news for you – whole wheat pasta comes at the rank three of our list. Whole wheat pasta contains a high percentage of fiber that comes from wheat obviously. It satisfies your cravings perfectly, and at the same time does not deliver any sorts of fats to your body. Whole wheat pastas taste good and thus they can be used for consuming regularly to curb body fat.

4. Popcorn


Probably we all love popcorn, but have you ever though that they can help you with weight loss? Well, popcorn in a rich source of carbohydrate, having good fibers that are required for the body. It does not contain fats and thus it does not induce fat percentage of your body. You can satisfy your hunger with popcorn and can save yourself from the fats enriched foodstuffs. For effective weight management, you should try popcorn, when you feel hungry in the evening or afternoon.

5. Watermelon


Inclusion of watermelon in this list of carbohydrates may be a little surprising to you, as only a few of us know that it is a carbohydrate. 93 percent of watermelon consists of water and rests are carbohydrate fibers. It helps in weight reduction, keeps water balance of our body intact and delivers some of the necessary minerals to our body cells. Thus, a list of good carbs for weight loss will remain incomplete without watermelon.

How Does Stress Affect Weight Loss

All of us want to get rid of some extra fat in our body, but no matter how hard we try, we find it quite difficult to lose even a few extra pounds. Though we exercise and keenly watch what we eat, losing weight always sounds a hard task. In such cases, Stress can be the hidden reason behind the weight loss problems. Stress has its place in all our lives and hence it cannot be deemed as bad.

Why does stress cause weight gain?

Whenever we are in stressful situations, our body secretes a hormone called as cortisol which is something which has to be eliminated. The major problem which can be caused due to it is the increase in abdominal fat and a decrease in the muscle tissue. This is a negative impact as less muscle tissue results in less calories being burnt and one we see an increase in the body fat even without eating something.

There can also be some negative as well as some prolonged affects of this hormone on the blood stream. Let us have a look at some of them.

  • Impaired cognitive performance can occur due to excessive stress.
  • One can also observe suppression in the thyroid function.
  • There can also be blood sugar imbalances like for example hyperglycemia.
  • There can also be a decrease in the bone density.
  • One can also see a decrease in muscle tissue as mentioned earlier.
  • Cortisol can also cause an increase in blood pressure.
  • It can also lower the immunity as well as lower the inflammatory responses in the body.

How Does Stress Affect Weight Loss

Apart from the above mentioned health issues, stress can also show an effect on the weight loss and the person tends to put on weight quite easily. Some of the reasons as to why it happens are listed below.

  • The release of the hormone raises the blood sugar levels.
  • It also makes it harder for the glucose to enter into the cells in the body.
  • It makes the person feel hungry and crave for sugar.
  • It reduces the ability of body to burn any excessive fat.
  • The hormone suppresses the HPA axis, which is known to cause severe hormonal imbalance.
  • It makes the cells less sensitive towards insulin.
  • It increases the fat near the belly and also fattens the liver.
  • This hormone is also known to increase the rate at which the fat is stored.
  • It also raises the level of the fatty acids as well as the triglycerides in your blood.


One cannot completely free them from stress but one can try and eliminate any unwelcomed tension by following some simple techniques. Identify those situations which can trigger stress and try to eliminate them. Spend at least 10 minutes a day for mediation which helps the body to get to a calmer state. Also make a regular schedule for exercise as this will help to reduce the risk of depression and acts as a key in reducing the cortisol release.

Effects of Alcohol on Weight Loss

If you are planning to shred pounds, you should consider the effects of alcohol on weight loss along with other aspects. Some say that alcohol consumption leads to weight gain, while others suggest that alcohol consumption in moderation is associated with weight loss. Find out how alcohol makes or breaks your weight loss plan. To maintain optimum body weight, your body sets aside certain number of calories. The amount of calories required, depends on gender, age, activity, height, weight and physical activity levels. Consuming more number of calories than the amount expended, leads to weight gain. Alcohol can cause weight gain, as it has calories. After consuming alcohol, you tend to consume more calories and hence gain weight.

Higher chances of weight gain

Next time, consider the calories you’d be taking, before grabbing your choice of cocktail. You should count your calories from drinks, along with your meals. Drinks can also contain equal number of calories as your meal. Most people tend to forget this, when they are on a drinking spree. You should consider the serving size of your drink and also the additional calories in it from mixing soda or juice.

Effects of Alcohol on Weight Loss

Whenever you reach for your favorite drink before meals, pause for a while and think about the weight you could gain and whether it’s worth it. Studies show that you tend to consume 20% more number of calories during meals, if you consume alcohol before a meal. This combined with the calories of alcohol; you’d consume 33% more calories in all. While alcohol is not stored in the body as body fat, you gain weight because of eating all the stuff along with it, as it becomes irresistible when you get drunk.

Associated health risks

Gaining weight poses a threat to your health as well. You’d be at a greater risk of developing various issues, considering how much and where you put on the most weight. Research shows that men who consume excessive amount of alcohol tend to develop abdominal obesity. Most people brush this aside by calling it a beer belly, but this bulged belly can put you at a higher risk for increased blood pressure, diabetes, increased blood lipids and heart disease.

If you have the habit of munching on snacks late night, you end up drinking late night. Most people don’t take notice that when they happen to consume alcohol, they feel hungrier or eat more than usual. Research suggests that alcohol consumption increases hunger feelings and encourages food intake over short term. Your weight-loss plan can end up as a big failure, when your judgment gets impaired and appetite gets bigger.

Tips to stay in control

  • If you can’t help drinking while on a weight-loss plan, restrict yourself to one day drink in a week to avoid gaining excess body fat.
  • When you consume alcohol, avoid the intake of fat foods that day.
  • Consume more of proteins and carbohydrates for filling in calories when you drink.

Beer and other cocktails that are loaded with carbohydrates should be avoided. Choose dry wines instead, for a drink.

10 Essential Low Carb Foods for Weight Loss

Try these 10 low carb foods for weight loss, if you are dieting and want to shed those pounds faster. When you go on a low carbohydrate diet, your body is denied of sufficient nutrients, making it harder to survive. Your body targets the fat cells, metabolizing them and uses the energy generated from the nutrients. In the process, your body targets the muscles first, before getting to fat cells. You can avoid this, by taking extra caution while dieting.

Low carb diet involves consuming completely natural, wholesome foods that are low in carbohydrates. Certain studies prove that this kind of diet is ideal if you want to lose fat, decrease the risk of diseases and improve your health. You should look for foods that have nothing but carbs. Beware of foods that boast of being low in calories, but rich in carbohydrates. By lowering the intake of carbohydrates, you can truly lower the intake of calories and sugars as well. This works best for your body, as it basically fights three kinds of fats.

Low Carb Foods for Weight Loss

Low carb Meal Plan

You can’t start off your dieting straightaway, without considering some important things. You might end up doing more damage to your body, instead of good. Foods to be included in your meal plan depend on the weight you want to lose, your fitness level and how much you workout. Here is a list of low carb foods which you can eat.

1. Salads

These healthy foods are low in carbs and keep you full for longer. Most people however, eat only salads, but with wrong dressings. What you choose for the dressing can hinder weight loss, because of the calories and the amount it contains.

2. Milk

You can drink low-fat, skim milk in moderate quantity. Soy, almond or coconut milk is also fine to consume and you should keep count of the carbs and calories present in different milks.

3. Egg Whites

Steer clear of the yolks and stick to only egg whites. You can choose pastured eggs or those enriched with omega -3 fatty acids.

4. Vegetables

Choose fresh and green veggies like carrots, bell peppers, cauliflower, spinach, broccoli and others.

5. Fruits

Eat plenty of fruits such as apples, blueberries, oranges, bananas, strawberries and many more.

6. Dairy Products

You can consume healthy fats like butter, cheese, yogurt and cream. Cheese is a good option, as it is very low in carbs. Cheese helps in maintaining your metabolic rate throughout the day.

7. Meat

Choose lamb, chicken or lean steaks. Avoid eating deli meats or dark meat, as they contain added sugars.

8. Fish

You can eat all kinds of fish such as salmon, haddock, trout and others. You should not use batter to cook though. By simply adding lemon juice to fish, you get the best low carb healthy food that keeps you full for longer and also helps in losing weight.

9. Nuts and Seeds

You can have almonds, peanuts, walnuts and sunflower seeds in small portions.

10. Healthy Oils

Coconut oil, olive oil and cod fish liver oil are considered healthy oils.

15 Useful Ways to Lose Weight Fast

It is always difficult to lose weight and is always much easier to put on excess weight. Blame it on cravings or eating habits or lifestyle. Excess weight is as difficult for the individuals as it is unhealthy. But everyone should know that it is really a hard struggle to lose weight and subdue your cravings. But you have to be curt to yourself, if you want to shred those pounds quickly. Try these 15 useful ways to lose weight fast.

1. Cut salt

Avoid snacking processed foods, as they are high in sodium content. By cutting down salt to a minimum of less than one teaspoon per day, you not only lose weight but also stay healthy.

2. Never skip breakfast

Having breakfast consisting of whole grains and protein every morning is a good way of maintaining your weight. You tend to snack less between meals, which helps in weight loss.

3. Pile on greens

The best way to lose weight is to eat lots of leafy greens and green vegetables every day. Veggies are full of fiber and other nutrients which provide you with ample amount of energy.

4. Avoid white grains

White grains like rice, sandwiches and spaghetti are simple carbs that tend to cause slimming, but instead make you gain more weight. As these are quickly digestible, you tend to overeat, owing to hunger.

5. Perform cardio every day

You tend to burn more calories when you perform exercises that get your heart pumping. 30 minutes of cardio or spinning or boot-camp exercises everyday helps in burning up to 300 calories.

6. Drink plenty of water

Water is the best drink that is void of any calories and carbs, unlike other beverages, smoothies and alcohol. Drinking lots of water every day aids weight loss. It helps in flushing out toxins and additional water weight.

7. Have coffee before exercising

Drinking a cup of coffee before your workout in the morning improves your productivity and helps burn more calories by providing more energy. Hence you lose more.

Ways to Lose Weight Fast

8. Sleep extra 30 minutes

The extra 30 minutes of sleep, no matter how many hours you sleep regularly, help in refreshing your mind and body. You will tend to make healthy food choices and avoid skipping workout. Your muscles also develop during sleep.

9. Cut down calories

Avoid indulging in calorie loaded junk foods such as chips, pizzas, etc. Skipping oily foods, desserts and soft drinks help in subtracting hundreds of calories from your diet.

10. Eat salmon

Salmon is known to keep weight in control. It is full of nutrients that help in developing muscles and provide beautiful glow to your skin. You can have this for lunch every day.

11. Exercise during commercials

Whenever there is a break between your favorite sitcoms or TV shows, put your body to work by skipping, dancing, running or moving up and down the stairs. Any activity that boosts your heart rate makes you burn extra 250-300 calories every day.

12. Walk extra 5 minutes

Increasing your daily activities by just 5 minutes can help in losing weight. Get going a little further every day and walk whenever you can.

13. Eat fruits

Instead of juices, eating whole fruits is best for your body. Whole fruits contain lots of fiber that keeps you full filled for longer.

14. Do lunges and pushups

Lunges and pushes help in toning your body. Lunges target your lower body, where as push-ups work your upper body. Perform 36 of each of these every alternate day.

15. Do sit-ups and squats

Performing 36 sit-ups and squats every other day helps work your abs, legs and hips. They also tone your muscles.

5 Simple Weight Loss Plans for Everyone

Weight loss is not really such a daunting task once you are determined to shed some fat and stick to your particular plan. All you need to do is make these weight loss plans a part of your lifestyle and you could see the results eventually. Here’s a rundown of some of the best tried and trusted methods for losing the fat.

1. Eat more healthy food

To begin with, you can start adding fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet instead of planning to cut down on your intake. Eat more of your favorite fruits such as juicy watermelon, grapes, potassium-rich bananas, red apples, cherries, etc. Likewise, go for veggies of your choice and add them to your soups and stews. Increase intake of fiber loaded foods as the fiber helps in keeping you satisfied for longer.

2. Way to go!

If exercises and workout programs put you off, then you can look for other ways in which you get to lose weight as well as enjoy the activities. You can go walking with friends and if there are no sidewalks in your area, try these easy tips to keep you going.

Simple Weight Loss Plans

  • When you go to malls, make sure to walk and explore all the levels.
  • Get down from the bus, a stop or two earlier.
  • Whenever you can, go by the stairs.
  • Try to park your vehicle as far as possible in the lot.
  • Hit the music while cleaning or vacuuming to increase the heart rate.

If you combine these simple tips with few minutes of walking every day, you could achieve a low-impact, regular 30 minute workout effortlessly.

3. Go light on favorites

When you can’t resist your favorite desserts and snacks, it is better and a lot easier to choose lower-calorie foods of the same type. Minus those calories by switching to low-fat cheese pizzas or low-fat ice creams. Switch to freshly made fruit juices instead of drinks which are high in calories. Prepare healthy smoothies and shakes by adding fruits and nuts. With these simple measures, you could cut down excessive calories and still be able to enjoy your most loved goodies.

4. Keep hydrated

Drinking plenty of water helps in watching your weight. Studies show that downing water before meals makes you less hungry and you tend to watch what you eat. Drinking water has lots of other benefits such as, flushing out toxins from your body and helping in working out longer. Sipping just plain water can work wonders!

5. Share and split

There has been an increase in the size of foods served at restaurants, food chains, cinema halls and other eateries over the past few years. When you go out to grab a bite, the best thing to do is to share a meal or a drink with your companion. Having a partner or a group of friends when you are on weight loss plan helps you keep motivated and achieve better results.

While weight issues cannot disappear overnight, you could fare better by following these 5 simple weight loss plans.

6 Extreme Summer Sports for Weight Loss Success

There are many people who spend their summers in the gym so that they can transform themselves, burn some calories and acquire the perfect body shape. Such people do suffer from sickness and disinterest because of the fact that they are not able to enjoy their summers due to their strict fitness routines. Summer is that time of the year, which is meant for thrills and adventure and for people to come out of their gym and try doing things that are extraordinary and new.

Extreme sports can be tried out during the summers not only for fun, but also because of the fact that extreme sports can help an individual in burning off the extra calories gained by the body. The 6 extreme summer sports for weight loss success have been provided below.

1. Surfing


Surfing is one water sport that is not only adventurous and thrilling, but at the same time it helps in burning 200 to 250 calories in an hour. It is a sport where the legs and hands are worked out in a great way due to paddling which is done to catch the waves and even the core muscles of the body are exercised during this kind of a sport.

2. Boarding


Boarding is an extreme sport that has various forms and snowboarding is one very popular variety of boarding. Apart from snowboarding, there is Wakeboarding that helps in burning 400 to 500 calories in an hour. People can also try out volcano boarding which is pretty difficult, but it helps in burning 300 to 400 calories in an hour.

3. Cliff diving

Cliff diving

It is obviously a daredevil act to throw oneself into a water pool or ocean from a high cliff and even the climb that has to be made in order to reach the cliff top. Not only is this act a daredevil act, but at the same time it is an exercise that has the ability to burn 600 to 900 calories within an hour. Therefore, it can be said that a person who comes up and down a cliff five to six times within a day can claim of being fit and healthy.

4. Underwater hockey

Underwater hockey

Underwater hockey or snorkeling which is any kind of underwater sport helps in burning 300 to 400 calories within an hour. This type of sports is considered to be very interesting and at the same time exciting for people who love water sports and at the same time love being healthy and fit.

5. Zorbing


Zorbing is rolling around in a very huge plastic ball which is generally rolled down a certain hill and the person inside the ball gets tossed within. Exactly what amount of calories a person can lose because of this activity is not yet clear, but trying hard to keep the balance of the body within the ball serves to be a very intense workout and it always helps in shedding off extra weight.

6. Rafting


Rafting is an adventure sport that helps in shedding off 400 to 500 calories within an hour and at the same time, it also works as an exercise for the upper body and even the core muscles of the body. Rafting is considered to be one of the most effective of the 6 extreme summer sports for weight loss success.

Top Super Foods for Weight Loss Success

Super foods naturally contain nutrients that improve health and assist in weight loss. There are several food items that have been proven by research to be good enough to be classified as top super foods for weight loss success. These food items are effective independent of other weight loss effort.


Barley provides satiety and increases the calorie-burning rate of the body. It is best when taken along with multiple grains. Barley, cracked wheat and steal cut oats make great combination when cooked with water on high heat. It is better to cook them at night and eat them after heating in the morning.

Burdock Root

This super food for weight loss success controls hunger and regulates blood sugar with insulin carbohydrates contained in it. It can be sliced into thin silvers and added to vegetable stir-fries for both taste and health.

Chilli Peppers

Capsaicin is the most beneficial of all components found in chilli pepper, which helps the body to burn calories at slightly quicker rate. It also contains cayenne and jalapeno which are all beneficial in improving the burning of calories in the body.

Super Foods for Weight Loss


Ginger is a great super food for weight loss success. It has multiple medicinal attributes and health benefits. Freshly grated ginger can be added to stir-fries, stews and soups to feel fuller for longer after eating less.

Green Tea

Green tea has become the most popular super food for weight loss success. It increases metabolism and raises fat oxidation. 5 cups of green tea daily have been found to have magical effect in weight loss.


It is a Korean super food for weight loss. It is made of fermented cabbage, chilli peppers and garlic. Kimchi suppresses appetite and prevents people form overeating. It can be taken in small proportion as a side dish along with meals.

Organic Artichokes

Organic Artichokes are great a source of protein and fibre. A regular artichoke contains fibre, protein and calories in roughly the exact proportion needed by human body. They are best steamed and flavoured with hummus, mayonnaise, etc.

Organic Kefir

Unsweetened Kefir is a balanced super food for weight loss success. It contains high level of calcium and is loaded with energy. It can be taken before workouts as quick source of fibre, fat, protein and carbohydrates in appropriate proportions.

Organic Ricotta Cheese

Partly skimmed organic ricotta cheese spread over multigrain waffle or sprouted grain toasts with cinnamon makes for a great super food for weight loss success. It can be added to spaghetti sauce to make it source of protein.

Tomato Paste

Tomato contains dietary fibres and is free of fat. Canned tomato paste can be used in varieties of dishes. Whole grain English muffins, tortillas and spaghettis can be enjoyed with for excellent fuel supply to the body.

10 Tips for Faster Weight Loss and a Slim Fit Body

People often have a hard time losing those extra pounds but, these tips for faster weight loss are perfectly aimed towards those who wish to lose weight effectively and easily without facing much of a trouble.

1. Ruining the appetite

Liquid consumption before a meal helps with reduced calories by as much as twenty percent as it creates a feeling of fullness. It is better to start with one glass of water and then a preferred choice of broth based soup.

2. Snack smartly

Nutritionists all over the world are supporting the fact that, it is better to satisfy food cravings, but with some healthy grub like a fruit piece, one string cheese stick, etc. This helps to avoid cravings for junk foods.

3. Breakfast

Skipping breakfasts does not at all help the cause of losing weight. Eating breakfast on a regular basis helps to stay lean and even assists with faster weight loss. The breakfast should be packed with fibre and protein to give a feeling of fullness for longer periods.

Tips for Faster Weight Loss and a Slim Fit Body

4. Switch off TV

Dining and viewing TV at the same time can lead towards forty percent more calorie intake. Therefore, it is always advisable to switch off the TV while having a meal.

5. Avoid added sugars

Research has already showed that added sugars can contribute towards as much as 317 empty calories. Baked foods, soda, candy, breakfast cereals as well as fruit drinks are the biggest source of added sugar.

6. Step on scales daily

By stepping up on weighing scales regularly, it is possible to keep a record of both weight loss weight gain. This helps to take the necessary steps like beefing up the workouts or cutting down on some beef to achieve weight loss.

7. Consumption of water-rich foods

Water filled foods like salads, cucumbers, watermelon and soups keep the stomach full without releasing too much of calories. Less consumption of main course meals can be achieved by consuming such foods in greater amounts.

8. Control booze

A cosmopolitan or Margarita can add hundreds of calories without even doing a bit to quench the appetite. It is better to cut down on the boozes and stick to some light beer, vodka or soda.

9. Good sleep

A good sleep ensures that the body is well-rested which in turn, helps to avoid snacking out of fatigue or stress. On an average, a person should sleep at least seven to eight hours every day.

10. Set goals

In order to get lean and thin, the most important thing is to set good exercise and diet goals. The goals should be monitored on a daily basis to achieve the desired results.

These tips for faster weight loss are not only easy to carry out, but also ensure that people do not have to carry out extensive workouts or be on crash diets for a lean, thin and healthy body.

10 Indian Spices to Improve Health and Weight Loss

There are more than 10 Indian spices improve health and weight loss which are rich in antioxidants, have anti-inflammatory properties and improve metabolism rate. The Indian spices mentioned here improve health and weight loss, in addition to the easement of chronic conditions and treatment of over 150 health problems.

1. Turmeric


Whether grated, grounded, chopped or sliced turmeric, it delivers a peppery, robust flavour and aroma with a hint of aged wood. The typical golden colour of dhal and curries is provided by this spice. Turmeric predominantly features in almost all kinds of Indian chutney, kedgeree and piccalilli, along with vegetable, rice and seafood dishes. Containing the antioxidant curcumin, turmeric reduces the chance of heart failure.

2. Coriander


It might be brown, dried seeds of cilantro plant but it does not taste anything like that of the herb. When toasted, the seeds in fact taste like burnt orange but can be mildly sweet when grounded as a spice. In Indian cuisine, coriander is added as grounded or whole to chutneys, for seasoning pork or chicken and pickling spice mixtures. For thousands of years, seeds of coriander are being used to tackle digestion that hereby improve health and weight loss.

3. Cardamom


Hailing from the ginger family, cardamom is known for its unique aroma and flavour, and at the same time be described as floral, citrus, sweet and smoky. As it contains the chemical limonene, cardamom helps in boosting antioxidant activities. It also helps in improving digestion and lowering blood pressure.

4. Cinnamon


It is really helpful for those tackling type 2 Diabetes as it helps in balancing blood sugar. Cinnamon works great in savoury and sweet dishes.

5. Ginger


This anti-inflammatory Indian spice is perfect for calming down an uneasy stomach. Crystallized ginger pieces can be used to deal motion sickness.

6. Cloves


With its superb antioxidant properties, Cloves actually top every possible spice-list known to man. Traditional Indian and Chinese medicine have been using cloves for over 2000 years. This spice contains essential oils which aids in fighting bacteria, yeast and fungus, in addition to encouraging healthy teeth and gums.

7. Saffron


Being the most expensive spice in the world is no easy task. It takes almost 75000 flowers to produce 1 pound of saffron. Savoury dishes like biryani (rice and meat dishes) are flavoured by saffron along with sweet kulfis.

8. Mustard seed

Mustard seed

Its pungent earthy aroma can be noticed on grinding but in Indian cooking, mustard seed is used rarely in its powdered avatar. Tempering mustard seed is a process in which asafoetida, cumin and curry leaves are fried in hot oil.

9. Cumin


One of the popular Indian spices improve health and weight loss, Cumin bears a fruit containing a single, highly aromatic, oblong- shaped seed. Used primarily in masala and curry powders, its partnership with coriander is what gives Indian food its widely famous aroma.

10. Nutmeg


This Indian spice combines great with coriander, cloves, cinnamon and cardamom and flavoured dishes like biryani and pilaffs: koftas and kebabs.