7 Easy Indoor Workout Ideas to Try at Home

There are days when it is just impossible to go out for your work out like during winter months, rainy days etc. if you don’t have modern work out equipments and a gym membership, you are going to lose your one day work out. Therefore, it becomes necessary to have a few ideas on indoor work-outs for days like this, when you can be with your family, watching television, listening to music and carry on with easy and innovative work out techniques. Here are a few indoor work-out techniques:-

Jump Rope – If you want a good cardio within a few minutes, there could not be a better exercise than jumping the rope. Jump rope might remind you of your school days and you might also think that it is for small girls, but jump rope is the easiest cardio work-outs you can ever find.

Jump Rope

Stair Stepping – Even if there isn’t a set of stairs in your home, get the biggest book you have (or a sturdy chair), keep it in front of the TV, and step up and down while continuing to watch your favourite show. You may not sweat as much as you would like you would with a jump rope, but your body will be active.

Stair Stepping

The Plank – If you are short of time, but you want to build up your core muscles, this is the best exercise for you. Get into a push-up position, then instead of bending your arms and moving down towards the floor, hold this position with your arms extended. Start off with holding this position for 30 seconds, and add an additional 10 seconds every day. See how long you can go for – it’s definitely not easy! This is a very challenging exercise, but it’s also one of the best.

Dancing – Dancing is an excellent work-out to burn calories and get your heart rate going while you can keep having fun. If you are in the privacy and luxury of your own home, there is no need even to impress anyone, you can just release your body and move in whatever way you like.


Cleaning – Cleaning can be a very physical exercise, especially vacuuming and mopping. If you can’t go out one day to ride your bike or running, clean your house instead. That would be killing two birds with one stone.

Water Bottle Weights – You can make weights by filled up water bottles for doing arm, shoulder, back stretching etc. If water bottles seem too easy to you, try using milk jugs. You can adjust the exercise by filling the jugs to the weight you feel comfortable with. For a greater challenge, keep increasing the water or milk amount by small amounts each time you workout.

High Knees – The people who love running can run places in their home on days when the weather is bad. While it’s great that you can keep your body active, running in home becomes very awkward.

Instead of running in places, you can try high knees. It can really get your heart pumping, especially if you go double time. To do this exercise, march in place or down a hall, and bring your knees as high as they can go.

5 Tough Workouts Without Equipment at Home

There are a lot of people who are fond of working out without making use of any equipment and such people should have good knowledge about the 5 tough workouts without equipment at home. Home is considered to be the best place to work out because you get the flexibility of working out the way you want in your house. However, there is one disadvantage that comes with working out at home and it is the inconsistency of your workout regimen. Sometimes or most of the times, when you are at home, you do not get that feel to work out and therefore you avoid working out at a scheduled time.

1. BW squats

BW squats

These squats can be done either by making use of the couch or by not making the use of the couch. Using the couch makes it a little easier as you glutes get involved. Involving the glutes in doing BW squats is very important in movements of the lower body. However, you need to make very sure that you lead this exercise with your hips first by bending directly from your knees. Your knees should follow your hips. This is a good warm up exercise once you get into the practice of doing this exercise. Also, it works wonders in the form of a workout that is done without any equipment at home.

2. Overhead squats

Overhead squats

This is a variation of the squat that ensures stretching out the fascia in front of the body. The techniques that should be used in doing the overhead squats are very similar to the techniques for doing normal squats. Your hips should be used first, but you should hold something overhead. If you really want to grow and progress in working out without using any equipment at home, then you should always hold something that is very heavy.

3. Single leg squats

Single leg squats

Single leg squats are a bit tough that can be done without any support. You can even use a chair in front of you and hold the chair to get good support. Here again, you need to make sure that you use your hips first. This exercise might turn out to be a little difficult for you in the beginning, but it is very important to persevere. Go as deep as possible and by doing this you will find your mobility and your strength improving and increasing day by day. This is one exercise that can be done without the use of equipment at home and it will make you more efficient over the years.

4. Overhead lunges

Overhead lunges

This is a very classic exercise to do at home without the use of any training equipment but it comes with a twist. You should start with both feet together and steep into the lunge. You should make sure that you step far enough in order to avoid your knee from going in front of the toe. You also need to make sure that you get proper hip flexor stretches and hold something heavy overhead.

5. Calf raises

Calf raises

This is an exercise that should be started with two legs and the entire body should be lowered slowly. This is an exercise that is a bit isolated, but it helps in keeping the knees healthy. These are the 5 tough workouts without equipment at home.

10 Reasons to Rock Some Bodyweight Workouts

If you’ve been postponing your exercise plan, here are 10 reasons to rock some bodyweight workouts. The most common excuse for not working out is that, you are too busy. This is in fact the biggest reason for you to start exercising. Everybody is on a tight schedule these days. The best part about this challenge is that you can fit these bodyweight workouts in your everyday routine. They can be performed anytime, anywhere and they don’t take much of your time but yield effective results. You don’t need any special workout equipment or join a gym. Bodyweight workouts are the solution to your fitness woes. Find out how you can get a fit body by bodyweight training.

1. Multiple Options

There are different forms of bodyweight exercises to choose from. You can start with basics, which are really sufficient. But if you are looking for variety, you can incorporate lunges, squats, pull-ups, push-up variations, burpees, squat thrusts and quadruped exercises.

2. Challenging

The various forms of bodyweight exercises mentioned above can be highly challenging. Even a short session of workout can be very testing, but effective. They are also full of health benefits.

3. Total Body Workout

Bodyweight exercises work on all the major muscle groups, together at a time. They help in improving your posture, strength, coordination, balance and the functioning of your heart.

4. Successful Results

With bodyweight training, you can achieve desired results. Many people have benefited with these exercises. They help in strengthening your muscles and conditioning them. By working out in the right way, you can gain a strong, fit and toned body.

Rock Some Bodyweight Workouts

5. Eliminates Excuses

No matter how busy a person you are, these exercises can be incorporated easily in your everyday lifestyle. You can do rows and dips, climb stairs, jog, walk, dance and much more. You can work out while travelling, or at your home, office, anywhere.

6. Three Dimensional

You need not limit bodyweight training to just push-ups or squats. You can include elements from martial arts, dance forms, cardio and yoga in your bodyweight exercises for achieving three-dimensional movements.

7. Improves Physical Efficiency

To improve your fitness levels, bodyweight training is necessary. With effective body resistance workouts, you can not only gain body strength, but also build good physical efficiency.

8. Easy to Switch Between Exercises

In order to burn maximum fat, you need to perform different exercises in quick succession, without resting in between. This could be a problem, if you are in a gym and need using different equipments or weights which may be used by others. In bodyweight training, you can switch from push-ups to lunges to squats easily.

9. Improves Functional Fitness

Bodyweight training is an excellent way to improve your physical fitness. They help in building flexibility, balance, strength, agility and also athleticism.

10. Provide Cardio Workout

High-intensity bodyweight workouts not only provide strength training, but also with a good cardio. When you’re working out, your heart starts pounding, while your muscles develop.

5 Good Reasons to Skip Your Workout

Check out these 5 good reasons to skip your workout when things get out of your hands. Sometimes you know you are missing out your exercise by making up excuses, but other times, it becomes unavoidable. You don’t have to feel guilty about missing out on your regular exercise, when there is a valid reason. You should know when it is ok to give the routine a break and when to simply brush your thoughts and carry on. Here is a list of justifiable reasons when you can completely pass on your workout.

1. You feel sick

If you are suffering from throat infection or a runny nose, you can continue working out, but if you have issues below the neck such as cramps, stomach problems, etc then it is better to get rest. If its fever and your body can’t take it, then it’s fine to take the couch for a few days till you recover. Also, you don’t want to go around spreading germs to your fellow gym members or catch something when there is an outbreak of cold and flu.

2. You are sleep deprived

Sleep plays a major role in determining one’s health. It is highly important to get sound sleep than working out. If you have sleep related issues such as insomnia or sleep apnea, then your body will be in a serious sleep deprived state. You need to get help with this issue first. If you feel jet-lag or have been assigned a new work schedule, then give your body some rest and time to adjust, before starting your workout. Missing out on sleep to get exercise is no good for your body or mind. In case, if you experience poor sleep for one night or two, then exercising reenergizes your body. But you should be able to tell whether you feel a little tired or highly exhausted due to sleep deprivation.

Good Reasons to Skip Your Workout

3. You feel queasy

If it’s just a digestion issue, then it won’t be a problem for exercising, but if you feel nauseous and are throwing up, then you should not work out. In case of diarrhea, your body goes dehydrated. Working out in such condition will make matters worse. So take a break for a day or two or till your upset stomach gets better. Meanwhile, you should consume lots of fluids.

4. You’re injured

It is important to forgo your exercise routine when you are injured. It is highly important that you take good rest to let your body work its way, so you can get back to your fitness plans. Exerting any kind of strain on your injuries can make things even worse. You should consult your physician or therapist to know about alternative activities or workouts that can be possible with the injury.

5. You feel sweaty, giddy or thirsty

Feeling dizzy, sweaty and thirsty are symptoms of extreme fatigue and heatstroke, which are on the rise from past few years owing to warm weather. You may experience heatstroke even when the weather is mild. So, it’s good to always carry water and quit your workout for the day, if you feel any of the above symptoms.

9 Effective Ways to Get a Great Workout at Home

If you wish to have a great body without going to the gym, here are 9 ways to get a great workout at home. Sometimes, you may feel a little blue to go out and exercise. You don’t necessarily require expensive exercise equipment to get fit. You can get all the exercise you want from the comfort of your own home. When the weather is bad, you don’t have to miss out on your regular workout. Here are some useful guidelines on how to workout at home and stay in shape.

1. Dancing

Dancing is not just a fun activity but also a great exercise for the heart. It helps lift your mood and spirits. You burn calories as you dance to your heart’s content.

2. Pushups

Pushups may seem to be hard, but you can try doing them in the way suitable to you. You don’t have to push yourself too hard but these are an effective way of working out and toning your body. If it’s too difficult to do pushups with straight legs, you can bend them a little and do knee pushups. You can also do them by standing against a wall. Pushups help in strengthening your arms and toning the abs.

3. Crunches

Crunches are a great form of exercise for building as well as strengthening the muscles of the abdomen. When you are doing crunches, you don’t have to worry about pushing your head up too high. As long as you feel the stretch in your muscles, while you go up, you are doing it well. It will yield effective results.

4. Squats

Squats are a great exercise for working out your legs and butt. It’s better to start low and then increase the number of reps gradually to avoid excessive strain. If you find them hard, you can simply use a normal chair to sit and stand up against it. Doing a few repetitions of squats regularly will be beneficial to your body.

Ways to Get a Great Workout at Home

5. Light weight lifting

It’s not necessary to have weights for doing this exercise. You can simply grab anything you find useful for weight lifting. Beginning with lighter items such as books or a soda can, you can increase the weight gradually. Water jugs, detergent or milk bottles can also be used.

6. Stair climbing

A simple exercise you can do at home is stair climbing. Go up and down the stairs as many times as possible. It is more effective, if you skip a step in between.

7. Leg lifts

With this easy-to-do exercise, you can build muscles and also strengthen your legs. If it’s difficult for you to perform leg lifts with straight legs, you can bend them slightly.

8. Jogging in place

Jogging in place boosts your heart rate. You can do this while listening to popular tracks or watching your favorite TV programs. You will need shoes to minimize stress on your legs.

9. Jumping Jacks

These are not only fun but also a good cardio exercise. Jumping Jacks is also a great warm up exercise.

Boot Camp Workout Benefits

Boot camp works all muscles in the body. These kind of workouts are also good and are convenient when you are on a trip or do not have any exercise equipment near you. While strengthening the core muscles of your body, these boot camp exercises also increase the resistance of the body and help you stay active all day. Find out the more astonishing boot camp workout benefits.

Burns Calories

Most boot camp fitness classes conduct the activities by shutting the doors and turning off air conditioning. This gives you a feeling, as if you are exercising in a desert. You could find it very hard initially, but as you begin to sweat, you will know how the intense heat and continuous reps help your body burn calories and fat.

You can burn around 500-600 major calories in an hour, while you move at a constant, rapid motion. Boot camp offers a complete body workout, as you combine high intensity strength training exercises with cardio.

Boot Camp Workout Benefits

Tones and Builds Muscles

Most boot camp classes make use of weights and treadmills. This way you get to do cardio as well as tone your muscles. This is helpful for those who avoid doing cardio, because, even a short cardio session involves high intensity workout. This combination of boot camp workout helps burn more calories. Cardio helps burn fat and when combined with strength training exercises, you can achieve the desired result.

Develops Confidence

You realize what good boot camp classes can do for you, when you come out of your first class with fatigued muscles, racing heart and your body soaked in sweat. Enduring a challenging boot camp session helps in developing confidence and positive attitude.


Boot camp compels you to push past your mental and physical boundaries. It is for fit as well as for not-so fit. Your fitness level has nothing to do with this form of training; you just need to go on as instructed by your trainer. You tend to perform well, when the instructor pushes you to do what you thought you couldn’t. Also, you will be motivated to work harder when you are in a group and do not want to be left behind.


Boot camp classes are not only challenging, but highly engaging as well. You might get bored with your regular fitness routine, but not in case of a boot camp workout. You don’t know what to expect in next class and you will be constantly thrown between different workouts, which leaves no room for any thoughts. Combinations of various exercises help in breaking the monotony of regular workout on a treadmill, etc. You will be completely involved in this workout session and not know how the time flew by.


As boot camp classes offer variety in the form of exercises with every session, you will have a lot to learn and perform whenever and wherever you wish to. You can also learn about diet, health, nutrition, fitness and other health related topics. Working out in a group, also helps in improving general knowledge on wellness through interaction. It proves to be helpful throughout your life.


Boot camp offers a great way of losing weight and getting fit, as an hour’s workouts helps in building strength and stamina, while you burn many calories.

10 Tips to Improve Your Cardio Workout

Cardio workout is considered to be one of the most intense and difficult forms of work out. Cardio workout should be done on a regular basis in order to bring about an improvisation in the shape and the appearance of the body. Cardio workouts are no doubt intense, but if they are done on a regular basis and in an appropriate manner, they can fetch great results within a very short span of time. Cardio workout burns fat and calories and the 10 tips to improve Cardio workouts have been provided below.

1. Increase incline

In order to improve Cardio workout it would be best to climb up a hill and head for some inclination in place of running on the treadmill of flat road. Running up a hill can pump up the rate of the heart and it would also increase the amount of calorie that is burnt. Other added benefits are an improvisation in spring speed, running form and leg strength.

2. Hands-free

It is advisable not to hold the handrail while using any sort of equipment meant for Cardio exercise. The hands should be left free to pump back and forward and they should also not remain crossed with the body.

3. Use outdoors

The outdoors should be used majorly so that new variety can be added to the workout regimen and even for taking up new challenges apart from running. Activities like trail running and mountain biking should be taken up because they improve the stabilization of the muscles and even balance the body.

4. Interval training

Interval training which means stopping and then continuing helps in increasing the workout intensity and in maximizing results. Both moderate and intense exercises can be tried out one after the other because this helps in improving the strength of the body.

Cardio Workout tips

5. Swing it

Kettle ball training is an exercise that renders both strength and Cardio benefits. The two hand kettle ball swing can be used to improve the efficiency of the lung and in maximizing the heart rate.

6. More work and less rest

It is always important to include eight to ten exercises reacted to body weight, Cardio based activities and resistance training in the workout regimen. Each and every exercise should be performed one after the other without any kind of rest as this helps in improving the intensity of the exercise that is being done.

7. Keep pace

Distance, calories burned and pace should always be recorded by the use of a GPS, a monitor for heart rate or smart phone. Tracking down such variables helps in increasing motivation and promoting progress.

8. Listen to music

People who work out a lot should always listen to music while working out because this helps in improving performance, reducing fatigue and increasing motivation. The energy levels while performing an exercise remain in high because of music.

9. Get a companion

Working out with a companion or training partner can help in transforming the experience at the gym into an enjoyable one.

10. Be consistent

Creation of a strict routine and sticking to that routine is very important to fetch results from Cardio workouts. Being consistent is considered to be the best point among the 10 tips to improve your Cardio workout because this helps in achieving fitness goals in an easy way.

4 Ways to Cut Your Workout Time in Half

Time serves to be the greatest barrier to exercising because people now-a-days are very busy in their professional and their personal life and they hardly get the time to exercise or even to have a brisk walk in the neighborhood. The day seems to be over for people who work and even for the young kids and teenagers who go to school.

However, exercising is something that is considered to be very important for the health and the everyday life of an individual and therefore it is very important to chuck some time out of the daily routine and devote it in doing some kind of exercise. The 4 ways to cut your workout time in half have been elaborated below and they can always be of great help for people who are busy most of the times.

1. Exercise at home

Exercise at home

There is no such rule that brings forth the point that it is compulsory to exercise at the gym only. Exercise is something that is done to make the body move and this can be done almost anywhere. Therefore, busy exercisers should avoid and almost cut off the system by visiting the gym and start doing exercises at home because it helps in saving a lot of time. People should not worry about the equipments because exercises like running, jogging and walking and body weight exercises do not require equipments and exercises like squat, Burpee and lunge strengthen the muscles without the use of equipment.

2. Using right equipment

Using right equipment

Whether a person works out at the gym or at home, he or she should make sure to choose the correct and the perfect equipment for exercising. Doing this can always fetch positive results. Those equipments should be chosen at the gym or at home that are easy to handle and at the same time those that help in building muscles and burning calories on an immediate basis. This helps in saving a lot of time that would otherwise have been wasted in doing useless workouts with the help of inappropriate equipments.

3. Increase intensity

People who have a very tight schedule and always run out of time should chuck out very less time for exercising because the time that is spent on exercising is not important but it is the intensity that is put into exercising that matters. Therefore, only those exercises should be chosen that let the body work harder and in an intense manner. Sprinting intervals should be tried out in place of jogging. The best thing to do in this respect is to set a time for the creation of urgency. For people with limited time, it is significant to pick a certain set of workouts and then completing them as many times as possible.

4. The entire body should be trained

The entire body should be trained

Last but not the least of the 4 ways to cut your workout time in half is to practice exercising for the entire body and not just a particular part of the body. Focusing on the whole body while exercising not just saves time, but at the same time it helps in losing weight and improving the overall fitness of the body. Therefore, it is always advisable to go for total and compound body exercises.

5 Butt-Shaping Cardio Workouts

Looking toned and fit is considered important by men and women alike. Like arms, chest, calves, etc., buttocks are also among those parts of body that are especially emphasised in the quest of looking fit and lean. If you are a woman, it might seem more important for you than anyone else. The 5 butt-shaping cardio workouts will help you tone your buttocks without lifting weight or going to the gymnasium.

1. Lunge Left Leg

Lunge Left Leg

This is a very effective butt-shaping cardio workout which also targets abs, hamstrings and quads.


  • Stand on the ground with your feet shoulder-width apart. Lunge back with your left leg and raise your arms frontwards up to your shoulder.
  • Stand up on your right leg keeping your knee slightly bent. Lift your left knee frontwards up to your hip.
  • Stretch your left leg backwards while hinging forward at your hips while bringing your hands to your hips.
  • Acquire the knee-lift position again with arms at your shoulder-height. Step back to lunging position to repeat.
  • Repeat steps 15 to 30 times switching sides alternately.

2. On Your Mark

It is also known to provide drastic improvements to the abs, arms and shoulders.


  • Place your hands and knees on the ground such that your back is flat.
  • Step your left foot forward by left hand while bending your left knee to right angle.
  • Extend left knee backwards as far as possible for you with the toe pointed straight.
  • Quickly return your left foot to the floor by your left hand.
  • Repeat the steps 15 to 30 times depending upon your capability.

3. Saddlebag Slimmer

Saddlebag Slimmer

This is another effective and popular butt-shaping cardio workout that leaves good impact on abs and inner & outer thighs.


  • Lower your right hip on the floor such that ankles, knees and hips are stacked.
  • Bend your elbows to lower your chest towards floor as you bring your left knee towards your chest.
  • Extend your left leg backwards as you straighten left arm.
  • Bend your left elbow as you bring your left knee towards your chest to repeat.
  • Do 15 – 30 repetitions for both sides.

4. Tabletop on Toes

Tabletop on Toes

It is one of the popular exercises which are easy enough and can be done with almost everyone.


  • Sit on the floor with your feet flat on the ground and knees bent. Lean your torso slightly backwards to place your palms on the floor under your shoulder.
  • Lift your hips off the floor so that your body forms tabletop position with your torso parallel to the floor. Raise your heels off the floor.
  • Stretch your right arm towards ceiling.
  • Return your right hand to the ground and repeat 15 – 30 times alternately.

5. Wall Kick

Wall Kick

This butt-shaping workout again targets the abs and inner thighs.


  • Stand facing a wall. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart and knees slightly bent. Place your hands on the wall at your shoulder-height. You can acquire the same position even without assistance of the wall.
  • Hinge forwards at your hips and raise your left leg backwards up to your hips while bending your knees such that your heel is closer to your buttocks.
  • Bring your left knee towards chest and then extend your leg directly backwards.

15 to 30 repetitions on both sides are required.

Easy 10 Minute Metabolism Booster Workouts

With age, the metabolism of your body decreases that affects its overall functioning. However with these 10 minute metabolism booster workouts, it is possible for you to maintain a steady metabolism rate which ensures a healthy and fit body.

Plank Walk Tuck Reach

Plank Walk Tuck Reach

By standing with arms raised overhead and feet apart, you need to hinge at hips so as to bring your hands to floor. The legs should be kept as straight as possible. Then, you need to walk to plank position and jump with feet towards hands so as to land in tucked position. Then, you are required to jump again back to plank before walking hands towards feet to stand up.

Standing Row

Standing Row

You need to stand with some weight in your left hand with the palm facing the body. You are then, required to lean forward and step up your right leg in front with the body bending slightly and right hand on right thigh. The weight should be lifted towards left side of ribs with the elbow close to body and head in spine line. Ten sets should be carried out and repeated on other side also. This is a highly effective metabolism booster workout especially recommended for women.



You need to stand with your legs apart at shoulder distance with a weight in your hands in front of the stomach. You are now required to bend your knees into squat position by pushing out your bottom. Then, again push back to the original stance. This needs to be repeated fifteen times in row.

Bear Crawl Escape

Bear Crawl Escape

You need to get in plank position so that the wrists remain in line with your shoulders. You are then required to bend your knees and bring the knees under hips without lowering the heels. The knees should be kept off the ground and you need to move quickly from one side to the other in this position and even front to back. This metabolism booster workout needs to be repeated for at least thirty seconds in a row.

Pelvic Lift

Pelvic Lift

In this exercise, you need to lie down with your face facing upwards and knees bent. The pelvis needs to be lifted off the ground, while squeezing abs and glutes. You should keep in mind that, the body should remain in straight line. You need to hold your body in this position for at least two seconds and slowly lower your body to the ground. If you wish to get the best results then, this exercise should be repeated ten times with duration of sixty seconds.

These 10 minute metabolism booster workouts ensure that the metabolism rate of your body in increased significantly all the while providing your body with the necessary workouts to keep it fit, healthy and strong for a satisfied and happy living.