Smart tips to toning your arms – Who says biceps curls are only for guys?

Well-shaped and well-defined arms are the perfect accessory for achieving your dream body and not only so they also make tank tops and sleeveless dresses look much better. So, all you girls out there, don’t shy away from curling heavy and hard as your arms are never going to rip out of your sleeves like they sometimes do among men. Women usually don’t produce sufficient testosterone to make quick gains to their body and every guy knows it very well how tough it can be to build muscles. For getting symmetrical figure, it is very important to have shapely biceps and triceps but if you’re a girl shying away from doing your regular arms workout for women, here are few tips that can motivate you.

Smart tips to toning your arms

  • Try to bring a change to your grip: Of all your arm muscles, your biceps are the strongest and they make a nice curve just above the elbow. So, don’t forget to perform bicep curls by performing 3-hand positions, palms down, palms up and thumbs on your side. Continue this by performing 12 continuous repetitions to the front and then again to the side. This will gradually change your grip and tone your muscles.
  • Allow the ball to engage your core: If you have been to the gym, you should be aware of the stability wall which can help in engaging your core and enhancing the results which you can get from your chest exercises. If you wish to tone your arms, it is vital to work out your chest muscles too in order to boost stability of your shoulder joint. How about the single-arm chest fly on the balancing ball? Keep lowering one arm to the side, pause and again return to the center.
  • Tone your arms while resting in traffic: Did you know that you can utilize the time you’re stuck in traffic as well? Just place both of your arms on the steering wheel at 3 and 9 and press your fist inward to strengthen the chest muscles. Once you do this, place your hands within the wheel and try and press outward to tone down your rear delts. Hold on to the position for 20-30 seconds and repeat whenever you’re stuck in traffic.
  • Swimming rigorously tones your arms: Can anyone argue about Dara Torres having the greatest arms? If you can swim the butterfly style or freestyle, these can be great exercises. But in case you’re a non-swimmer or you think that swimming is extremely monotonous, there are few exercises for you too. Deck press is something that you can try at the shallow end of the pool. Place your arms on the deck, bend them and try to lift the whole body and hang along the edge of the pool. If possible, try 15 repetitions.
  • Practice yoga: Yoga is always a great option for increasing flexibility but it even helps toning and shaping your arms. 2 of the best postures are side plank and downward dog. In the downward dog, stand and bend on your waist. Try to take the position when your hips are pretty high and press your heels on the floor, thereby allowing your shoulders to relax. Side plank is another variation of plank which helps a lot.

The best part about training your triceps and biceps is that you don’t require spending millions of hours on them and you don’t require any costly equipment. Follow the above mentioned tips if you wish to tone your arms and flaunt your sleeveless tops with confidence.