How Is High Volume Training Beneficial to You

High volume training is one of the well known fitness programs. As we all know that to maintain proper fitness, we opt for various forms of exercises and various diet charts. A perfect combo of dieting and exercising will help us to maintain a high level of fitness seamlessly. Now, when it comes to high volume program, the exercises get more extensive. If you want a compact physique, flaunting powerful muscles, then this kind of fitness training is suitable for you. High volume programs can be defined as an intensive form of exercising. The method is based on the higher number of sets as well as reps for exercising.

What is high volume exercising?

Before understanding the concept of high volume exercising, we should understand the concept of volume in exercising programs. Typically, volume has been defined as the number of reps or sets that you do while exercising. In other words, the intensity of your exercising schedule can be understood by the volume. This number will tell you whether you are exercising as a pro or as an amateur. In case of high volume exercise mode, a person’s exercising ability increases day by day. For example, you start with a volume of 5, and then you generally achieve 10, 15, etc., respectively.

High Volume Training Beneficial

Understanding reps or sets of volume exercise

So, now it is an obvious question that why should one adopt high volume exercising schedule or program? Well, with the increasing number of volume or reps, your body will acquire different levels of fitness. To sum it up in a simplified manner, you can have a look at the following points.

  • 1-4 reps per set – Building stamina, strength and getting accustomed with several exercising formats
  • 5-8 reps per set – Helps building muscles and increases fitness level
  • 9-12 reps per set – Helps building muscles extensively
  • 15+ reps per set – Vigorous muscle building and it also enhances stamina

It has to be noted that the above chart is just to provide a basic idea to the users. Following the above chart, you will understand how numbers of reps and sets influence your exercise program and why they are so important.

Benefits of high volume exercise

High volume training programs are obtained or adopted by those who want to make their training schedule more extensive. You have worked on your fitness for quite a long time, now you feel that you must go for some muscle building programs. In such case, you need to adopt such training programs. So, one of the biggest benefits of high volume is that it helps in achieving better fitness level. The second benefit is that high volume exercise helps in muscle empowering. It enhances overall body strength, stamina and fitness level. The muscle fiber of the body becomes more prominent and more powerful.

As you go for high volume training, you have to ensure balanced dieting too. Without proper dieting, fruitfulness of high volume exercising would not be obtained.