7 Easy Indoor Workout Ideas to Try at Home

There are days when it is just impossible to go out for your work out like during winter months, rainy days etc. if you don’t have modern work out equipments and a gym membership, you are going to lose your one day work out. Therefore, it becomes necessary to have a few ideas on indoor work-outs for days like this, when you can be with your family, watching television, listening to music and carry on with easy and innovative work out techniques. Here are a few indoor work-out techniques:-

Jump Rope – If you want a good cardio within a few minutes, there could not be a better exercise than jumping the rope. Jump rope might remind you of your school days and you might also think that it is for small girls, but jump rope is the easiest cardio work-outs you can ever find.

Jump Rope

Stair Stepping – Even if there isn’t a set of stairs in your home, get the biggest book you have (or a sturdy chair), keep it in front of the TV, and step up and down while continuing to watch your favourite show. You may not sweat as much as you would like you would with a jump rope, but your body will be active.

Stair Stepping

The Plank – If you are short of time, but you want to build up your core muscles, this is the best exercise for you. Get into a push-up position, then instead of bending your arms and moving down towards the floor, hold this position with your arms extended. Start off with holding this position for 30 seconds, and add an additional 10 seconds every day. See how long you can go for – it’s definitely not easy! This is a very challenging exercise, but it’s also one of the best.

Dancing – Dancing is an excellent work-out to burn calories and get your heart rate going while you can keep having fun. If you are in the privacy and luxury of your own home, there is no need even to impress anyone, you can just release your body and move in whatever way you like.


Cleaning – Cleaning can be a very physical exercise, especially vacuuming and mopping. If you can’t go out one day to ride your bike or running, clean your house instead. That would be killing two birds with one stone.

Water Bottle Weights – You can make weights by filled up water bottles for doing arm, shoulder, back stretching etc. If water bottles seem too easy to you, try using milk jugs. You can adjust the exercise by filling the jugs to the weight you feel comfortable with. For a greater challenge, keep increasing the water or milk amount by small amounts each time you workout.

High Knees – The people who love running can run places in their home on days when the weather is bad. While it’s great that you can keep your body active, running in home becomes very awkward.

Instead of running in places, you can try high knees. It can really get your heart pumping, especially if you go double time. To do this exercise, march in place or down a hall, and bring your knees as high as they can go.